How can I check my Banggood coupon code balance? [2024]

How can I check my Banggood coupon code balance? Banggood is one of the most popular online shopping sites for buying products directly from China. The site is known for having incredibly low prices on a huge range of products including electronics, home goods, clothing, tools and more.

One of the best ways to save even more money on Banggood is to use coupon codes. Banggood provides coupon codes through various promotional events and partnerships throughout the year. The coupons provide percentage discounts off your total order value.

However, with so many codes floating around, it can be tricky to keep track of how much value is left on each code you have. Fortunately, Banggood does provide a way for customers to check the remaining balance on their coupon codes.

Why Check Your Coupon Code Balance

Here are some key reasons why you’ll want to check your Banggood coupon code balance periodically:

  • See how much value is remaining – This allows you to use your codes strategically to maximize savings on current or future orders. You don’t want to “waste” a code by using it when there’s little value left.
  • Avoid errors at checkout – Trying to use a fully depleted code will result in errors during checkout. Checking your balance helps avoid these errors.
  • Manage code expiration dates – Banggood codes do expire, so checking your balance lets you use codes before they expire.
  • Plan future orders – Knowing your balance allows you to plan the right time to use a code for upcoming purchases.
  • Focus on codes with higher values – Seeing your balances helps identify codes with the most savings left so you can focus on using those first.

No matter what your motivation, keeping tabs on your Banggood coupon code balances is a smart move for any savvy shopper.

How to Check Your Banggood Coupon Balance

Banggood provides a simple way to check your coupon code balances right from your account dashboard. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Access Your Banggood Account Dashboard

  • On any page on Banggood, click the “My Account” link at the top of the page. This will bring you to your account dashboard.
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to the dashboard login page at
  • If you aren’t already logged in, enter your Banggood username and password and click Login. This will log you into your account dashboard.

Step 2: Locate the Coupon Code Box

  • In your Banggood App account dashboard, look on the left side column for the “Coupon” box. This box shows all of your available coupon codes.
  • Any coupon codes you currently have will be listed here along with their affiliated store, value, start date, and expiration date.

Step 3: Identify the Coupon Balance Column

  • For each coupon code, look for the “Balance” column on the right side. This shows how much monetary value is remaining for that particular code.
  • The balance will be shown in the currency you have set for your Banggood account.
  • Make note of which codes have the highest remaining balances. These are the ones you’ll want to use first on your next orders.

Step 4: Check Expiration Dates

  • While checking your balances, also look at the expiration date shown for each code.
  • Coupon codes on Banggood typically expire 30-90 days after acquisition if unused.
  • Try to use codes with looming expiration dates first while there is still a balance remaining. Letting a code expire is essentially wasting free savings!

And that’s it! Following these simple steps allows you to log into your Banggood account and check the remaining balance on all your available coupon codes. Getting in the habit of periodically checking helps you maximize savings and avoid any surprises at checkout.

Tips for Maximizing Your Banggood Coupon Codes

Now that you know how to monitor your Banggood coupon code balances, here are some bonus tips for making the most of your codes:

Use codes strategically – Use higher value codes for bigger purchases and smaller value codes for filling smaller gaps on orders.

Combine codes carefully – You can sometimes combine Banggood codes, but be sure to check terms first to avoid issues.

Don’t let codes expire – Set reminders to use codes before they expire and lose the remaining balance.

Participate in events – Activities like games, contests, and surveys can earn you new coupon codes.

Check for new codes often – Banggood introduces new codes regularly so check back frequently.

Share codes carefully – Only share affiliate or referral codes with those who will use your link to make purchases.

Read terms & conditions – Certain product categories may be ineligible – be sure to read the T&C for each code.

Contact support if issues – If a code doesn’t seem to be applying properly, contact Banggood’s customer support for assistance.

Monitoring and maximizing your available Banggood coupon codes takes a bit of effort but is well worth it. The savings codes provide essentially equals free money towards future purchases. Just a little proactive balance checking and strategic usage will help stretch your savings a long way on Banggood!

Banggood is one of the top ecommerce sites to buy cheap, unique products directly from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. The prices found on Banggood are highly affordable to begin with, but savvy shoppers can save even more through the use of promotional coupon codes.

Banggood provides coupon codes regularly through various special promotions, games, affiliate programs and more. The codes offer percent discounts that provide huge savings, especially on bulk and higher-priced orders.

However, with multiple codes available from various sources, it can be hard to keep track of each code’s remaining balance and expiration date. Fortunately, Banggood allows customers to easily check the balance remaining on all their available coupon codes right from the account dashboard.

Monitoring coupon code balances is crucial to maximizing your savings on future purchases. This article has explained exactly how to check your Banggood coupon code balances, provided tips for making the most of your codes, and answered frequently asked questions. To summarize:

  • Check your code balances to see remaining savings value, avoid errors, manage expirations, and strategically plan orders
  • Access your account dashboard from Banggood’s website and find the Coupon Code box
  • Locate the “Balance” column to see remaining value on each code
  • Note expirations too since codes eventually expire if unused
  • Use higher value codes for bigger purchases, and smaller ones to fill gaps
  • Combine codes carefully by checking terms, and don’t let codes expire
  • Acquire more codes through games, surveys, referrals, affiliate links and more
  • Carefully share codes to ensure proper usage through your affiliate links
  • Read all terms & conditions thoroughly for any product restrictions
  • Contact support if any codes don’t apply properly to your order

Following these guidelines will help you maximize savings and avoid headaches at checkout when using your Banggood coupon codes. Keeping a close eye on your balances and strategically using codes is well worth the effort.

Now let’s dive into more depth on various aspects of maximizing savings with Banggood promo codes:

Different Types of Banggood Coupon Codes

Banggood offers various types of coupon codes that provide discounts for customers:

Storewide Codes

  • Apply to your entire order, no product restrictions
  • Offer 5-20% off discounts generally
  • Given for promotions, games, new user invites

Category Codes

  • For specific product categories like phones, tools, clothing
  • Discounts vary based on promotion
  • Help clear inventory of certain categories

Single Product Codes

  • Discount one specific product SKU
  • Values from $5 to $100+ off
  • Used to promote new product launches

Free Shipping Codes

  • Waive the shipping fees on your order
  • Minimum order values often required
  • Reduce final costs on bulk orders

Returning User Codes

  • Reward loyalty by discounts for returning shoppers
  • May have minimum purchase requirements
  • Encourage repeat business with existing users

Referral Codes

  • Shared codes that provide mutual discounts
  • Advantageous for both referrer and new user
  • Incentivize sharing and organic marketing

There are a few key strategies for maximizing savings across these different code types:

  • Stack coupons when possible to compound savings
  • Use higher value coupons for bigger ticket items
  • Save storewide coupons for higher total orders
  • Mix and match codes across categories if allowed
  • Share referral codes wisely to benefit both parties

Being strategic about which codes you apply to what items and orders will help optimize the discounts you earn. Check terms closely when stacking to avoid invalidating any coupons.

Steps to Use a Coupon Code on Banggood

Once you’ve identified the right code to use for your purchase, here is how to actually apply it during checkout:

  1. Add desired item(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. On the checkout page, look for the “Enter coupon code” box.
  3. Enter your coupon code into this box and click “Apply Coupon”.
  4. The discount will be calculated and applied to your total order value.
  5. Complete checkout process and payment as normal.
  6. Discount will display on your final order confirmation.

Be sure your total order value meets any minimum requirements for the code to be valid. Also take note of any limit to uses if applying a single-use promo code.

Strategies for Finding Banggood Coupon Codes

Beyond just monitoring balances, you also need to acquire new Banggood coupon codes frequently. Here are top sources:

  • Check Banggood’s own coupon code page regularly
  • Take surveys and play games on Banggood to earn codes
  • Check deals websites like DealsSGS that aggregate codes
  • Install browser extensions like Honey that automatically find codes
  • Participate in affiliate programs that provide customer codes
  • Follow Banggood on social media for announcements of promotions
  • Take advantage of refer-a-friend and invite offers to get new codes
  • Look out around major holidays for special discount code offers
  • Sign up for Banggood’s email list which may include coupon offers

Diligently checking all these sources regularly will ensure you always have fresh coupon codes to take advantage of. Combining multiple coupons at once is key to maximize savings.

Helpful Browser Extensions for Banggood Discounts

Special browser extensions provide another great source for discovering applicable Banggood coupon codes easily:


  • Searches and tests codes automatically at checkout
  • Provides exclusive promo code offers for Banggood
  • Helps track price drops on wishlisted items


  • Aggregates available codes for Banggood across the web
  • Provides price comparison across other sellers
  • Adds lucrative cashback bonuses to purchases


  • Provides big cash back rewards on Banggood purchases
  • Offers generous sign-up bonuses
  • Integrates promo codes at checkout


  • Curates and tests valid Banggood coupon codes
  • Provides reminders when your tracked codes are expiring
  • Easy access right in your browser for promos

Using one or more of these handy extensions provides another simple option for effortlessly accessing current discount codes for even more savings on every order.

Code Optimization Strategies for Maximum Savings

Once you’ve gotten adept at collecting codes, use these pro strategies to truly maximize your savings:

  • Maintain a spreadsheet to easily track code balances and expiration dates
  • Set calendar reminders for expiring codes and plan orders accordingly
  • Start a wishlist for desired purchases and wait for the right code combo
  • Calculate total savings from stacked coupons against single code use
  • Don’t waste high value codes on inexpensive filler items
  • Pay attention to daily flash sales which may offer new codes
  • Time bigger purchases around major holiday promotional periods
  • Follow Banggood on social media for real-time coupon announcements
  • Ensure your shipping address is optimized for any location-based coupons
  • Share referral codes strategically only with serious buyers
  • Provide feedback to Banggood on your coupon experience so they improve
  • Check coupon sites daily for new promotional codes to maximize potential per order

Developing these optimization habits will allow you to stretch every dollar on Banggood exponentially further.

Getting Support for Coupon Issues

For the most part, applying codes on Banggood is straightforward. But if you ever run into an issue using a coupon, be sure to contact Banggood customer support for assistance:

  • Open a support ticket describing your coupon issue in detail
  • Specify the exact code having problems, your order, and the error received
  • Provide screenshots of the code application failure if possible
  • Double check the coupon code entered matches the exact code provided
  • Ensure your order meets any minimum requirements for the code
  • Review the complete terms & conditions for restrictions or exclusions
  • Confirm the code has not expired already
  • Try applying the code in a new incognito browser window

Providing as much detail as possible to Banggood’s support team will help them quickly troubleshoot and identify any issues with the coupon code. They will work hard to credit your account properly if a valid code is not working as intended. Their support specialists can also assist with redeeming expired codes in certain situations if you reach out for help.


Banggood coupons codes provide excellent opportunities to save on already low-priced products. By monitoring your available coupon code balances in your Banggood account and using them strategically, you can maximize the savings you earn on every order. Just be sure to read all terms carefully, watch expiration dates, and combine codes wisely. Follow the tips above and you’ll unlock huge savings on your next Banggood haul!

Banggood coupon code


How do I get Banggood coupon codes?

Some ways to acquire Banggood coupon codes include:
1. Checking the latest Banggood coupons page
2. Participating in affiliate programs with sites like Honey that provide codes
3. Completing surveys, contests, games and other promotions on Banggood
4. Referring or inviting new members which provides invitee codes
5. Subscribing to Banggood emails which sometimes include coupon codes
6. Checking deals sites like DealsSGS that aggregate the latest codes

Can I use multiple Banggood coupon codes?

Banggood allows using multiple coupon codes on the same order as long as the codes are from different promotion channels. You cannot apply two codes from the same promo. Read terms carefully when combining codes.

How long do Banggood coupon codes last?

Expiration periods vary, but most Banggood coupon codes expire within 30-90 days if unused. Be sure to apply them within this validity period.

Can I get expired Banggood coupons extended?

Unfortunately, Banggood does not extend expired coupon codes. You must use the codes before they expire to gain the savings. Set reminders so you don’t forget!

Can I get refunds on coupon code discounts?

Refunds will not include any value discounted by a coupon code. You are only refunded the actual final purchase amount paid.

Are there limitations on Banggood coupon codes?

Some product categories like cell phones may be restricted. Some codes have minimum order values. Read all terms & conditions carefully before applying a code.

Do I need an account to use Banggood coupon codes?

You can apply coupon codes during checkout as a guest, but having an account allows you to easily track your available coupon balances and values.

What do I do if a Banggood coupon code isn’t working?

If a Banggood code fails, first double check the expiration date has not passed. If still valid, contact Banggood customer service for assistance in applying the code.

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