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Banggood RC Car. Remote control (RC) cars are a classic toy that has brought joy to children and adults alike for decades. In recent years, advancements in technology have taken RC vehicles to the next level with faster speeds, better controls, and more durability. Banggood is one of the leading online retailers providing high-quality RC cars at affordable prices. This guide will explore everything you need to know about Banggood and their wide selection of RC cars.

Overview of Banggood

Founded in 2004, Banggood is a Chinese-based company that sells products directly to consumers worldwide through their user-friendly website and mobile apps. Their extensive catalog covers over 1 million unique items across home goods, electronics, toys and hobbies, sports and outdoors, apparel, and more.

Banggood has become hugely popular among RC enthusiasts for their vast array of RC vehicles. They carry all types of RC cars from basic entry-level models to high-performance professional racers. top brands like Hosim, WLToys, and Rastar can be found at Banggood often at prices far below traditional hobby stores. Their direct-from-factory shipping combined with wholesale pricing provides significant value to shoppers.

Banggood also operates enormous warehouses in the US and Europe to provide quick delivery times and save on expensive international shipping costs. Customers consistently rave about their low prices, wide selection, and surprisingly fast shipping given their China origin. Banggood has carved out a niche supplying RC hobbyists with everything they need for their passion.

Types of RC Cars Available on Banggood

The options for RC vehicles today are endless, ranging from miniature models small enough to fit in your hand all the way up to gas powered monsters over 3 feet long. Banggood carries the most popular categories of RC cars to satisfy both beginners and experts.

Entry-level RC Cars

Entry-level RC cars are designed for first-time hobbyists and younger children getting started. They have simple controls and are very easy to operate. Most run on 4 AA batteries so they are inexpensive to power. Entry-level models typically max out at 15-20 mph.

Banggood App has a phenomenal selection of affordable entry-level RC cars in all kinds of styles including off-road buggies, on-road racers, monster trucks and novelty shapes like construction equipment or animal designs. Top brands for beginners are Hosim, Eachine andWltoys.

These starter RC cars allow you to get a feel for the hobby without a huge investment. Easy enough for kids but still fun for adults. Prices start as low as $20 for basic models up to $100 for larger-scale versions with better performance. Entry-level RC cars sold on Banggood are a perfect initiation into the hobby.

Hobby Grade RC Cars

Step up from entry-level models and you get to mid-range hobby grade RC cars. These feature more proportional steering and throttle for better control compared to the basic on/off speeds of entry models.

Hobby grade RC cars use stronger plastics, have oil filled shocks, removable batteries and faster brushless motors pushing 30+ mph. They can handle rough terrain and even small jumps. Hobby models require a bit more maintenance and care compared to entry-level beater cars but provide a much more realistic experience.

Popular hobby brands at Banggood include WL Toys, Rastar and Exceed. Prices range from $100 to $300+ for large scale, gas powered models capable of 50+ mph. Banggood has an endless selection of quality hobby grade RC cars perfect for intermediate users looking to advance their skills.

Professional RC Cars

Experienced RC enthusiasts seeking maximum performance will want to checkout the professional grade models available at Banggood. These use the highest quality components and advanced technology yielding blazing speed over 60 mph.

Professional RC cars feature strong metal parts rather than plastic, oil filled shocks, precision bearings and powerful brushless motors. High-end radio systems allow advanced tuning and adjustments. These pro-spec machines need proper maintenance and experience to handle their extreme capabilities.

Leading professional brands include Traxxas, Arrma, Redcat Racing and many more. Large scale models with gas engines retail for $500+ while pre-built racers can cost over $1000. While expensive, professional RC cars provide an unparalleled experience with mind-blowing speed and handling. They are an investment for serious hobbyists to enjoy RC capabilities at the highest level.

Key Considerations When Buying an RC Car from Banggood

With the overwhelming selection available, it can be tough deciding which RC car to buy from Banggood. Keep these factors in mind while browsing options:

Skill level – Match the RC car performance and complexity to your current ability. Avoid advanced professional grade cars as a beginner.

Type of car – Consider if you want an off-road basher for backyard fun or an on-road racer for organized events. Stadium trucks are a versatile middle option.

Electric vs Gas – Electric RC cars are faster, cleaner and easier to use but may have slower runtimes. Gas provides longer operation but needs more maintenance.

Scale – Larger 1/5 or 1/6 scale models handle rough terrain better while 1/10 models are lighter and quicker but more fragile.

Brand – Stick with known hobby brands like Traxxas and Horizon Hobby rather than generic toy brands. Better construction, parts support and resale value.

Budget – Prices can range from $20 to $2000+. Set realistic expectations based on your budget and experience level. Add-ons also increase costs.

By identifying how you plan to use your RC car and which features are most important before making a purchase, you can select the perfect model from the options at Banggood.

5 Best RC Cars Available on Banggood

With so many choices, where is the best place to start? Here are 5 top-rated RC cars currently available on Banggood to consider across various skill levels and budgets.

1. Hosim 1:10 Scale RC Car

Perfect entry-level RC car with 4WD, high grip tires, and simple controls. Durable design reaches 18 mph and runs 20+ minutes per charge. Excellent value at under $70.

2. WL Toys A979B Off Road RC Car

Hobby grade basher with 30+ mph speeds. Handles all terrain with oil shocks, four wheel independent suspension and powerful brushless motor. Just over $200 for a high-end RC car.

3. Eachine EAT14 1:14 Scale RC Car

Palm-sized micro racer comes fully assembled and ready to drive out of the box. Amazing performance and up to 30 minutes runtime from a tiny, affordable car.

4. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric RC Truck

Durable, waterproof design rated for ages 14+. Trophy truck styling provides stability at high speeds off-road. A quality hobby-grade RC car under $300.

5. Traxxas X-Maxx 8S RTR RC Monster Truck

Top of the line RC beast equipped with a 550XL 8S-compatible motor, massive tires and ultra-plush suspension. $900 out the door gets you this 60+ mph ready-to-run monster truck.

As you can see, Banggood stocks an incredible lineup of RC cars for all ages and skill levels. From cheap starters under $100 to professional-grade machines over $1000, you are sure to find models that fit both your experience and budget constraints.

Shipping and Customer Service

Banggood built their reputation on affordable pricing, wide selection and surprisingly reasonable shipping times direct from China warehouses. Most customers in the US receive orders within 10-20 days with standard free shipping. Expedited DHL options are available for faster delivery in 3-5 days if needed.

European customers also benefit from direct shipping from Poland, UK and Spain warehouses which slashes delivery times and import fees buying direct from China.

Banggood customer service is generally responsive and helpful for any issues with orders. They provide 24/7 live chat, email and phone support across their 20+ language options. Negative reviews are relatively low at under 2% of all orders.

When purchasing expensive RC cars, inspect shipments immediately for damage and contact support if any problems. But the vast majority of orders arrive quickly and safely thanks to their streamlined logistics operation.

Are Banggood RC Cars Worth It?

For RC enthusiasts around the world, Banggood has become the go-to hub for finding high performing vehicles at bargain prices compared to local hobby stores. Direct shipping cuts out middlemen allowing Banggood to pass huge savings down to the customer.

Their wide selection covers all types of RC cars across every skill level and budget. From toy grade starters under $50 to professional racers over $1000, Banggood caters to the full spectrum of RC enthusiasts. Quick delivery times and responsive customer service also ease any concerns buying direct overseas.

While America and Europe still lead in cutting edge RC technology and development, China manufactures the vast majority of ready-to-run vehicles found in local hobby shops. Shopping directly from the source at Banggood provides RC car lovers access to the entire global catalog of vehicles at import prices.

For these reasons, Banggood remains a top online destination for researching, discovering and buying innovative RC cars at affordable prices. Take time to browse their huge selection and you are certain to find the ideal RC vehicle whether starting the hobby or advancing your RC passion.

Banggood has clearly established themselves as the premier online retailer for RC enthusiasts seeking high quality vehicles at unbeatable prices. Their catalog of cars, trucks, boats, planes and helicopters is unmatched. However with so many options available, it can become overwhelming deciding which RC vehicle is right for you. Here is an expanded guide exploring additional categories of RC cars and key factors to consider when making your Banggood purchase.

Off-Road RC Cars

Off-road cars, trucks and buggies are the most popular style of RC vehicle for bashing around backyards, trails and skate parks. Banggood offers a huge range of off-road options perfect for navigating rough terrain. Sturdy construction combined with superior suspension and ground clearance allows them to absorb big jumps and handle rocks, grass, dirt or gravel.

Common types of off-road RC cars include:

Short Course Trucks – Modeled after scaled-down trophy trucks with reinforced bumpers and roll cages. Great all-around bashers.

Stadium Trucks – Offer stability at high speed with enclosed wheels and chassis below the axles.

Rock Crawlers – Optimized for picking precise lines up rocky inclines with high torque 4WD and low gearing.

Monster Trucks – Signature oversized tires provide ground clearance to traverse any obstacle.

Buggies – Designed for racing with lightweight bodies, huge tires and wings for stability and traction at speed.

This segment of the RC hobby is hugely popular for the adventurous, off-road spirit it inspires bombing around off the beaten path. Banggood stocks famous brands like Redcat, Arrma, ECX and many more to satisfy your craving for off-road excitement.

On-Road RC Cars

Prefer the smooth handling and grip of pavement? Check out the selection of on-road RC cars optimized for racedays or just high-speed drifting around parking lots. Common types of on-road RC cars include:

Touring Cars – Closely mimic the appearance of real sports cars with low profile bodies. Built for performance and control.

Drift Cars – Will let the rear wheels slide and swing around turns with slick rear tires and lots of power.

Dragsters – Accelerate instantly off the line but are less agile maneuvering around courses. Better in straight lines.

For organized on-road racing, you’ll want a competition-ready touring car from top brands like Tamiya, Yokomo or Team Associated. Or live out your Fast & Furious dreams drifting around in a AWD sports coupe from Redcat or Exceed. Banggood has all driving styles covered.

Scale RC Cars

For hobbyists who want their RC cars to mimic full-size vehicles down to the smallest detail, consider a scale model. These range from officially licensed replicas of actual production cars to realistic looking construction equipment, emergency vehicles and other trucks.

Scale RC cars focus heavily on appearance featuring true to life decoration, logos and paintwork. But they also incorporate performance upgrades like brushless motors, metal parts and high end radio systems so they function as good as they look.

Officially licensed models from household automakers like Chevrolet, Ford and Jeep are always popular. As are detailed replicas of exotic supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Construction enthusiasts will love detailed dumptrucks, excavators and bulldozers that look and drive like the real deal.

Banggood stocks famous scale brands such as Maisto, Traxxas and HPI Racing to satisfy any scale modeling needs. The realistic looks combined with RC excitement make scale models a great choice.

Electric vs Gas RC Cars

One of the biggest decisions buying an RC car is whether to choose an electric or gas/nitro powered model. Both options have their pros and cons.

Electric RC cars use onboard rechargeable battery packs to power brushless motors. They provide instant torque for faster acceleration. But battery life limits overall runtime before recharging. Easy to use with no exhaust.

Gas/Nitro models use internal combustion engines running on nitro fuel or gasoline. This allows for longer run times and easier refueling. But gas models require more maintenance and tuning. They also produce loud exhaust.

For most hobbyists, electric models are the way to go for their clean operation, low maintenance and quick recharge times. High performance brushless motors also rival gas speeds. Gas provides extended runtimes but requires more handling of messy fuel.

Banggood stocks both varieties but most modern RC enthusiasts prefer the technology and convenience of electric power for their speed and handling.

RC Car Scale and Size

RC cars come in a wide range of scales and sizes. The most common scales are 1/10, 1/8, and 1/5 ranging from cars small enough to fit in your palm up to 3 feet long.

1/10 scale – The most popular RC size, around 12 inches long. Balances portability and stability. Rulers for backyard and track driving.

1/8 scale – Larger footprint around 15 inches long for better terrain handling. Fun scale models. Require more space to operate.

1/5 scale – Huge RC cars approaching 2 feet long. Ultimate for scaling obstacles but need large areas to enjoy fully. More expensive.

While giant 1/5 scale models look impressive, they are costly and require expansive open spaces to run properly. Intermediate 1/8 scales strike a nice balance but still need room to roam safely. Compact 1/10 scales remain the best for typical residential use.

When space is limited, also consider micro 1/24 or 1/28 scale models under 6 inches long. You can drive mini RC cars anywhere and take them along easily. Just know their small size also makes them more fragile.

Consider where and how much space you have available when choosing what RC car size is appropriate. Banggood has a huge range across all scales. Larger is always more eye catching, but make sure you have room to fully enjoy it.

RC Car Features and Capabilities

Beyond size and power system, there are many other factors that go into RC car designs. Evaluate these features and capabilities when selecting your vehicle.

Suspension – Multiple oil filled shocks, springs and linkages allow models to flex absorbing big jumps. Essential off-road.

Ground Clearance – Chassis height, big tires and shock travel determine how high terrain your RC car can traverse.

4WD vs 2WD – 4WD improves traction and control in dirt. Not always necessary for paved racing.

Waterproofing – Electronics sealed against moisture allow driving through puddles, mud and wet grass.

Speed – Entry models reach 20 mph, hobby grade 30-40 mph, professional 60+ mph. Match top speed to your skills.

Run Time – Electric models drive 15-30 mins per charge. Gas models extend to 30-45 mins per tank. Backup batteries extend electric run times.

Durability – Alloy parts rather than plastic add resilience but increase cost. Expect hobby-grade models to be more durable than entry level.

Evaluate the specs like motor type, shocks, drivetrain, ground clearance and electronics to determine whether that RC car is best for speed, off-roading, racing, long battery life or durable bashing. This ensures you select a vehicle properly suited to how you will be using it most.

Common RC Car Upgrades and Accessories

One great benefit of RC cars as a hobby is the ability to customize and upgrade your vehicle over time. Hop-up parts improve aesthetics and performance. Common upgrades include:

  • Better tires for more traction and handling
  • Metal bumpers, gears and chassis parts for added durability
  • Tuned shocks and springs to optimize suspension response
  • Higher output batteries and chargers for longer run times
  • Improved motor and ESC for faster top speeds
  • Stronger driveline parts like drive shafts to handle more power
  • Lighting kits – headlights, brake lights, interior lighting for realism
  • Custom paint, decals and bodies for unique styling
  • Wheelie bars, wings and spoilers for style and performance gains

Don’t be afraid to make your RC car your own with aftermarket parts and accessories. Just use caution not to overspend upgrading low-end models. Save customizations for higher-end vehicles that will benefit most from performance gains.

Banggood stocks upgrade parts and hop-ups for most popular vehicle brands. Browse their RC car parts section to trick out your machine. Common accessories like extra batteries, chargers, specialty tools and replacement parts are also available.

RC Car Maintenance and Repairs

Part of the hobby includes learning how to properly care for and maintain your RC vehicle. Basic upkeep goes a long way towards ensuring a long lifetime of enjoyment from your car. Here are some best practice maintenance tips:

  • Clean chassis after every run removing dirt, dust and grime
  • Oil shocks and lubricate moving parts to prevent binding
  • Check for loose screws or fasteners, tighten if needed
  • Inspect tire treads and replace when too worn
  • Monitor battery charge cycles and replace aging packs
  • Check wheel alignment and adjust if slipping or pulling
  • Test radio controls and receiver connections to ensure response
  • Clean or replace dirty air filters on gas models

Learn to diagnose issues and fix common problems like loose wiring or stripped gears. Have basic spare parts like tires, belts and gears on hand for timely repairs. Take care of your RC car properly and it will deliver years of high-speed fun.

For major damage from big crashes, you may need professional diagnosis and repair from your local hobby store. But with basic care, most RC cars can handle normal backyard use with few big issues. Get to know your vehicle and keep it race ready.

Using Banggood to Grow Your RC Passion

From your very first RC car to developing a full fledged garage of custom machines, Banggood provides access to vehicles, parts and accessories for every stage of the hobby. Take advantage of their unrivaled selection and pricing as you advance your skills and interests.

Start with an affordable beginner model like the popular WLToys series of off-road trucks to learn the ropes. As your experience improves, upgrade to a hobby grade basher boasting brushless power and 30+ mph speeds.

Finally graduate to professional race-ready machines from Traxxas, Arrma and Redcat. Customize their performance and styling with hop-up upgrades available right on Banggood. The RC hobby can grow with you over time.

No local store can match the depth of inventory available direct through Banggood. Enjoy discounted pricing impossible for middlemen retailers to match. From starter RC toy to fully customized race machine, Banggood has you covered.

Remember to factor in shipping times when ordering. Allow 2-4 weeks for standard delivery direct from their China warehouses. Or pay a small premium for expedited DHL delivery in as little as 3 days if you need a new RC car quickly.

Happily browse Banggood’s inventory knowing you are getting the widest selection of RC cars in the world complete with real user reviews and detailed specs to make choosing easy. Let Banggood unlock the full potential of your RC passion at every stage with their incredible inventory.

Banggood RC Car


1. Are Banggood RC cars high quality?

Yes, Banggood sells high quality hobby-grade RC cars from leading brands like WL Toys, Redcat Racing and Traxxas. They are not cheap toys. Models range from entry level to professional grade race cars.

2. How long does Banggood take to ship RC cars?

Standard free shipping takes 2-4 weeks. Upgraded DHL delivery gets your car in 3-5 days. Warehouse locations in the US and Europe provide faster shipping to those regions.

3. What are the best brands of RC cars sold on Banggood?

Top brands include Traxxas for racing, Redcat and Arrma for bashing, and WLToys and Eachine for beginners. HPI, Tamiya, and Maisto for scale models. All major hobby brands.

4. Can I get spare parts for RC cars purchased on Banggood?

Yes, they stock a full range of parts and upgrades to customize or repair popular RC car models from all the major brands they sell.

5. Is there an option for faster shipping when ordering from Banggood?

Yes, upgrade to expedited DHL shipping to cut delivery times down to as little as 3-5 days. This does come with a higher shipping fee over standard free shipping.

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