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Banggood RC Toys. Remote controlled (RC) toys have enthralled children and adults alike for decades. The sheer excitement of controlling a fast car or cool robotic toy from a distance can bring out the kid in anyone! Banggood is a leading destination for discovering an exciting range of RC toys at hard to beat prices.

In this comprehensive guide, we will check out the amazing variety of RC toys available at Banggood and how to pick the best ones to satisfy your playtime cravings. Get ready to unleash your inner child and have a blast racing, jumping, spinning and dancing with these dynamite remote controlled toys from Banggood!

An Overview of Banggood’s RC Toy Range

Banggood stocks an incredible selection of RC toys covering diverse segments like:

RC Cars

Rev up and race at lightning speeds with RC cars available in various builds like buggies, trucks, drift cars and more. Choose from realistic licensed replicas or fast customized builds.

RC Boats

Zip across water surfaces with RC speed boats and racing jet boats that can even do 360 degree turns! RC submarines also available to dive underwater.

RC Tanks

Roll over the roughest terrain with multi-channel RC tanks that can move in all directions and often shoot pellets or airsoft BBs. Scale models of real tanks available.

RC Planes/Drones

Take to the skies with Lightweight RC planes and feature-packed drones with camera mounting capabilities for photography and recording aerial videos.

RC Robots/Mechs

Programmable RC robots with cool functions like dancing, soccer playing, patrolling and voice control. Construction and transforming robot toys also available.

RC Helicopters

Soar in the skies with light RC coaxial helicopters or more advanced collective pitch remote helicopters capable of acrobatic maneuvers.

This range ensures you can find RC toys for every interest, be it racing, aerobatics, water adventures, ground battles, robotics or any other hobby. With options across budget levels, Banggood makes quality RC toys easily accessible.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RC Toy on Banggood

With the amazing variety of RC toys on Banggood App, it is important to consider a few factors to pick the best one as per your needs and play preferences:

Type of Toy

Cars, tanks, planes, boats – choose as per which kind of RC toy excites you the most. Consider where and how you want to play. Some prefer speed, others enjoy lifelike scale modeling.

Level of Control

Lower end RC toys may have just basic controls while advanced ones have proportional steering and multi-channel remotes for complete maneuverability. Choose as per your skill level.

Speed and Power

Determine how fast you want your RC toys to go. RC cars come in scales ranging from 1:28 to 1:8 with top speeds from 10 to 60+ mph. Bigger models with brushless motors deliver higher performance.


Check out the materials like plastic, metal and rubber used in the RC toy’s construction. RC toys meant for racing and stunts need more durable builds that can withstand crashes and tumbles.

Run Time Per Charge

Runtime ranging from 10 minutes for drones to 30 minutes for ground RC is common. More expensive models may last up to 1 hour on a charge. Extra batteries can help prolong runtimes.

Range of Remote

Basic RC toys work up to 50 meters while advanced ones boast up to 500m+ ranges. Better frequency radios like 2.4Ghz allow greater reach without signal drops.

Extra Features

Consider bonus attributes like headlights, molded driver figures, sound effects, shooting abilities in RC tanks, camera mounting for drones and programmable options in robots.

Skill Level

Beginners can start with easy to operate RC toys while seasoned hobbyists may prefer advanced control capabilities for daring maneuvers and racing.


RC toys are available from under $10 for basic models to $100+ for professional grade variants across Banggood. Set a budget while factoring in key attributes.

By considering these parameters, you can narrow down on the ideal Banggood RC toy as per your preferences, expertise and budget. Checking user reviews also helps make the right choice.

Tips to Fully Enjoy Your Banggood RC Toy

Once you have chosen an exciting RC toy from Banggood’s catalog, here are some tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of playing with it:

Carefully Read Instructions

The manual contains key details on operating the RC toy safely so go through it before use. Follow all precautions.

Charge Fully Before First Use

Make sure to fully charge the RC toy if it’s powered by an included battery. This maximizes initial runtime.

Operate in Suitable Areas

Cars and tanks can be played with outdoors and in gardens. Planes and drones need open spaces. Boats require bodies of water.

Adjust Controls Gradually

Start operating the RC toy slowly and gradually increase speeds. Learn to make precise turns and stops before attempting quick maneuvers.

Maintain Line of Sight

Always keep the RC toy within visible range during operation for safety and avoiding loss of signal.

Fly/Drive Responsibly

Be in control when operating RC toys and avoid recklessly crashing into objects or people.

Keep Spare Parts and Batteries

Have extra batteries, propellers, wheels etc. handy for repairs needed after accidental damage.

Clean and Store Properly

Gently clean RC toys after use and keep them stored away from dust and damage when not playing.

By following these tips, you can revel in hours of non-stop RC toy enjoyment and extend their working life.

Troubleshooting Common RC Toy Issues

While modern RC toys are quite reliable, some occasional issues could crop up. Here is a quick troubleshooting guide for common glitches:

Remote not controlling RC toy

  • Check battery levels – replace/recharge if depleted.
  • Examine for loose wire connections and correct as required.
  • Obstructions could be blocking the remote signal – change location.
  • Reset the transmitter/receiver bind if disrupted. Re-pair as per manual.

Steering/motion is erratic

  • Dirt buildup in motion mechanisms can cause glitches. Clean out debris.
  • Examine wheels/propellers for damage or debris stuck which is causing imbalances.
  • Low battery can manifest as erratic performance. Recharge the battery.

Reduced runtime per charge

  • As batteries age over time, runtime reduces. Replace old battery pack with a new one.
  • Disconnect battery after use to prevent slow self-discharge when stored.

With some basic troubleshooting, you can quickly resolve common issues and resume RC toy playtime fun. Overall, Banggood RC toys deliver reliable performance with just minimal maintenance.

Top Value RC Toy Recommendations on Banggood

Banggood offers hundreds of RC toys, so here is a handpicked selection of some really top value choices for both beginners and expert hobbyists worth considering:

DANIU RC Tracked Tank Challenger – $77

Realistic 1/32 scale RC tank that can traverse all kinds of terrain. Shoots gel beads. Includes sound effects and LED lights. A great entry level RC ground vehicle.

Wltoys A979-B High Speed RC Buggy – $64

Durable and high performing RC car with shockproof design. Speeds up to 50 km/h. Ideal for racing with slick off-road performance.

Emax Tinyhawk3 Micro Brushless RC Drone – $109

Great entry-level FPV racing drone from reputable brand suitable for newbies. 150m range. Goggles sold separately.

DEERC DE35 2.4GHz RC Helicopter – $85

Impressive range and flight times for this easy to fly RC helicopter. Ideal for beginners to learn basics of flying. Fun 360° flips.

SZJJX RC Robot Dog – $49

Futuristic, flexible legged robot dog that can walk, bow, sit, shake hands and more. Fun remote controlled robotic toy for kids.

Browse through the full range of RC toys at Banggood to find the perfect one matching your play preferences and budget. Enjoy big savings by catching the latest promotions and festival sales.

Upgrading and Modding Your Banggood RC Toys

One of the great things about RC toy hobbyists is their knack for upgrading and modding their toys to enhance speed, runtime, appearance and overall performance. Here are some cool upgrade possibilities for your RC toys bought from Banggood:

  • Install higher capacity batteries for extended playing times.
  • Upgrade standard motors to brushless for more power.
  • Change standard tires with wider, gripped variants for better traction.
  • Upgrade plastic shells to aluminum or carbon fiber for increased durability.
  • Install better quality servo motors for more precise steering and control.
  • Add multi-color LED light strips or flame/smoke effects for added realism.
  • Put in metal gear differentials and oil filled shocks to handle hardcore racing.
  • Upgrade the factory radio system to 2.4Ghz and multi-channel for lag-free response.
  • Install a more powerful antenna on the controller for increasing operating range.

RC enthusiasts can really unleash their creativity with upgrades. Check forums and videos for ideas. Just ensure all installed components are compatible.

Maintaining Your RC Toy for Long-Term Use

With some simple maintenance best practices, your prized RC toys from Banggood can enjoy a long life:

  • Frequently clean the body and parts using compressed air, brush and cloth to remove dirt, debris and dust.
  • Inspect parts like chassis, arms and gears after use and look for damage or loose fittings.
  • Check battery terminals and motor connections to ensure they are secure and corrosion-free.
  • Lubricate moving parts and joints periodically with suitable oils/greases to prevent friction.
  • Avoid overusing Li-Po batteries in one go. Partial discharges prolong total recharge cycles.
  • Let batteries cool down before recharging. Use the recommended charger and settings only.
  • Inspect wheels, tires, gears, propellers etc. and replace if excessive wear is seen.
  • Store RC toys away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity to prevent warping or damage.

With proper use, timely cleaning and part replacements, your RC toys can work like new for years of enjoyment.

Final Thoughts on Buying RC Toys from Banggood

In this comprehensive guide, we have explored the exciting world of RC toys available at Banggood. Their vast range, reasonable pricing and frequent discounts make Banggood the go-to destination for RC toy lovers.

The key factors to keep in mind while choosing an RC toy are the type of toy, skill level required, speed and controls needed, durability and runtimes. Setting a budget and going through customer reviews helps narrow down the options further. With a wide selection across hobby grades and price levels, Banggood has something for everyone.

While RC toys work reliably out of the box, some maintenance steps will maximize their working life. Having spare parts like propellers, batteries and tools handy aids timely repairs. RC toys also offer plenty of scope for cool upgrades and mods to make them faster, longer running or just more awesome!

So power up the controller and hit the streets or skies with a dynamite RC toy from Banggood! Immerse yourself into the thrill of commanding these machines from a distance and fulfill your need for speed, stunts or battles. Let your inner child out and race, spin, fly and drive to victory and smiles!

Banggood RC Toys


What is the shipping time for RC toys from Banggood?

Shipping times can range from 10 days to 4 weeks depending on your location and the shipping method chosen. Expedited shipping is faster while free shipping is slower but more affordable.

Do RC toys from Banggood have warranties?

Most RC toys sold on Banggood come with a 30 to 90 day warranty covering manufacturing defects. Extended 1 year warranties can also be purchased for select products.

Are spare parts available for Banggood RC toys?

Yes, Banggood sells a range of spare parts like tires, wheels, motors, batteries, chassis and components for repairing RC toys purchased from their website. Just search for your model to find compatible spares.

What is the best RC car for beginners on Banggood?

Some good beginner friendly RC cars on Banggood include the Wltoys A959, Hosim 9125 and New Bright 1:16 RC Truck. These are durable, easy to control and speed restricted for new drivers.

How do I contact customer support for issues with my order?

You can contact Banggood customer support through their live chat at the bottom right of the website, or via email at It is recommended to contact them from the order details page.

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