Banggood Router Lift [2024]

Banggood Router Lift 2024 Routers are essential devices in our modern, connected homes. They allow all of our devices – from computers and phones to smart home gadgets and more – to get online and access the internet. However, most routers sit on the floor or tucked away on a shelf, which can hamper performance. This is where a Banggood router lift comes in handy.

What is a Router Lift?

A router lift is a stand that elevates your router off the floor and closer to your devices. Router lifts are available in different shapes and sizes from various manufacturers, but they all serve the same key functions:

  • Gets the router off the floor and closer to devices
  • Improves WiFi range and coverage
  • Allows better air circulation to prevent overheating
  • Provides a stable, vibration-free platform for optimal operation
  • Gives the router a tidy, organized appearance

Benefits of Using a Banggood Router Lift

There are several specific benefits of using a router lift from Banggood:

Improves WiFi Performance

Getting your router off the floor and closer to where devices are used combats signal degradation from obstacles. With a lift putting it higher up, the broadcast radius is larger, thereby extending and enhancing coverage. Dead zones are reduced, throughput is faster, and connectivity is more reliable.

Prevents Overheating Issues

Routers generate a fair bit of heat, especially when operating at full loads. Flat on the floor or crammed on a shelf, airflow is restricted around routers, causing them to easily overheat. A Banggood lift positions the router in open space with ventilation all around to prevent hot spots.

Flexible Positioning Options

Banggood router lifts come in a wide variety of designs – some are simple stands, others fully articulating arms. This extensive product range lets you pick a lift that positions your router precisely where you need it for optimum WiFi broadcasts to all areas of your home.

Affordable Price Points

While specialty router lifts can cost a substantial amount, Banggood keeps pricing affordable on all its networking accessories. For just a few dollars, you can purchase one of their well-crafted router lifts to elevate your WiFi. It’s an easy upgrade that pays for itself through better wireless performance.

Banggood Router Lifts Product Rundown

Banggood stocks an extensive catalog of router lifts to meet just about any need. Here is an overview of some of their most popular models:

Simple Router Floor Stands

As the name suggests, these are straightforward stands for getting your router off the floor. They come in a range of heights from around 20cm up to over a meter. Prices run just a few dollars per stand.

While basic in design, they still drastically improve airflow and allow you to position the router closer to heavy usage areas. The increased vertical placement also reduces interference from other electronics.

Adjustable-Height Router Lifts

Stepping up in functionality, Banggood has router lifts enabling variable height adjustments. Designs include rugged metal poles with hoops that slide up and down to custom dial in placement from about 50cm up to 2 meters high.

Other versions have articulating arms clamping onto table edges. This style also lets you tweak sideways angles in addition to vertical heights. Positioning flexibility helps locate WiFi dead zones in your home and point the router antenna right at them.

Rotating Router Lifts

Top-of-the-line router lifts add a rotating base platter, giving you complete control over directing your router’s wireless broadcast pattern. Just a turn left or right can fine-tune coverage across one room or between floors.

Rotation control takes a bit more effort to precisely align, but maximizes range and speed. And should you ever redesign your home’s layout, rotating lifts make quick work of readjusting. Banggood’s affordable pricing makes the added functionality worthwhile.

Real Customer Reviews

Wondering how well Banggood’s router lifts work in homes just like yours? Check out some actual customer reviews:

Sarah K.

“We were about ready to give up on decent WiFi in our master bedroom until getting one of the tall pole-style router lifts from Banggood. Now the signal is just as good on the second floor as the first with all our smart home devices working perfectly! The lift was easy to put together too.”

Mark T.

My router kept disconnecting whenever I’d stream movies because it was crammed in an entertainment center shelf. A simple $5 stand from Banggood solved everything – no more lost connections now that it can breathe. I even painted it to match my decor!”

Grace L.

“Their router lifts with all the adjustable arms looked so complicated to me. But I took a chance and bought one and I’m so glad I did. Now I can literally point my router where I need stronger signals. Setup did take me awhile to get just right, so be patient, but worth it in the end.”

Give Your Router a Lift Today!

Don’t put up with subpar WiFi coverage in parts of your home any longer. Get a specially designed router lift from Banggood for just a few dollars and enjoy these benefits:

  • Extend range and fill dead zones
  • Speed up data transfer rates
  • Connect more devices with less buffering
  • Stop router overheating shutdowns
  • Easily reposition as needed
  • Affordable pricing for your budget

Visit today and search “router lifts” to find just the right model for your home network setup needs. Give your router a lift and take your WiFi to the next level!

More router lift options for next-level WiFi

Now that you know the benefits a banggood router lift can provide, what model is right for your home? With so many options, it helps to closely consider the design, size, and usability features to find the one fitting your particular networking needs. We’ll explore more popular lift types to help match you with just the right upgrade.

Lifts for Different Routers

Not all lifts are sized for all router makes and models. Banggood has options tailored for a variety of the most common routers, so measure yours carefully or check manufacturer specs before ordering. watch for these specifics:

Base circumference

Some lifts cradle routers in circular or rectangular bases. Make sure your router isn’t wider than the base’s edges to avoid an unstable fit.

Base depth

The router sits down into the lift’s base platform to keep it positioned securely. Check depth against your router’s height to ensure sufficient stability.

Platform shape

Is your router a common flattened rectangle or more unique cylindrical design? Pick a lift matching the general shape to provide optimal holding stability.

Weight capacity

All that network hardware inside makes some routers heavier than they appear, so verify the lift is rated to safely hold your model’s weight. This prevents tipping accidents.

Carefully comparing basic size and shape characteristics ensures you pick the lift properly fitting your existing router.

Material Construction Quality

Router lifts come in an array of construction materials – everything from hollow plastic to solid steel. The type of material impacts stability, durability, and price. Consider what level meets your household needs:


Very lightweight but also less stable than metal options. Okay for small routers but not recommended for larger models. More susceptible to getting knocked over and breakage over time. However, plastic is weather resistant for garage or patio router placement.


A step up from plastic but still more vulnerable to getting overturned if bumped. Wood lifts often have wider, heavier bases for stability, but extended heights can sway slightly. Cheaper than metal so useful for indoor use on a budget.


A stronger material able to accommodate big, heavy routers without buckling. Steel and aluminum options won’t waver even at maximum adjustable heights. Provides vibration dampening for optimal router performance. Often pricier but provides ultimate stability.

Think about location vulnerabilities when choosing construction material – plastic or wood works fine for safe household areas like offices while busy family rooms benefit from stronger metal models.

Lift Design Styles

In addition to fitting specs and build material, the overall lift design makes a big difference in usability and positioning. Consider these popular styles:

Fixed bases

As the name implies, fixed bases provide a set height, either sitting on the floor or mounting to a wall or ceiling. These afford the simplest option to get a router off the floor quickly.

Pole lifts

Offering more flexibility, pole lifts feature adjustable hoops sliding up and down a central beam. Available in varied heights, these allow quick changes to router positioning as WiFi needs evolve.

Swivel lifts

For precision directionality, swivel lifts provide rotation control. The router sits on a spinning circular platform, allowing users to pivot it left or right as needed.

Articulating arm lifts

This advanced design uses segmented arms bending and twisting in multiple directions. Articulating lifts allow maximum range of motion control for truly custom 3D placement. Locking joints enable precise adjustments.

Backed by customer reviews, all styles clearly enhance WiFi coverage. Think about change frequency, positioning needs, and budget when deciding on fixed, pole, swivel or articulating options.

Keep Your Connection Secure

Boosting router placement via a lift opens up better signals but also increases visibility. Take steps to keep your WiFi protection strong by:

  • Make sure firmware, passwords and encryption are up to date using WPA3 protocols or higher
  • Regularly change admin passwords and WiFi network passwords
  • Limit network access to only recognized registered devices
  • Configure a firewall and other security tools like VPNs
  • Set up a separate guest network for visitors

A lift may improve physical placement, but network security remains dependent on proper software configurations. Use the lift for hardware enhancements and ensure your router interface settings provide equivalent cyber protection.

Before Buying Your Router Lift

Getting the right router lift delivering enhanced WiFi at an affordable price is key. Before placing your Banggood order, double check that:

  • Your specific router make and model matches lift size specifications
  • The lift is constructed from suitable durable material
  • Design and height range meets your desired positioning flexibility
  • Security settings are fully updated to avoid vulnerability

When the lift arrives, don’t just set your router on top and hope for the best. Take time tweaking exact angles, directions, height adjustments and checking signal strength meters further away from the router. Finding the lift’s sweet spot for each room’s needs ensures you maximize all the benefits of lifting your router higher.

Enjoy Stronger Signals with a Lift

Don’t tolerate WiFi dead zones or overloaded disconnected devices any longer. Invest just a small amount in an innovative, customizable router lift solution from Banggood. In no time at all, you can:

  • blankets multiple floors in strong, reliable signals
  • connects more devices for smooth video conferencing, streaming & gaming
  • keeps all smart home tech like doorbell cameras functioning flawlessly
  • safeguards against summer overheating shutdowns
  • adjusts positions as needed for seasonal changes or layout shifts

Visit Banggood and search “router lifts” to find just the right match!


Having unreliable, struggling WiFi quickly dampens modern household convenience and enjoyment. But before shelling out for an expensive new router or mesh system, first consider simply relocating your existing one.

The easiest and most affordable way to maximize what your router can deliver is by elevating it off the floor with a specially-designed lift from Banggood. For just a small investment, a lift neatly boosts range, speed, connection capacity and more.

With so many lift types and designs to pick from, finding the one tailor-made to pair with your router takes a little research. Measure dimensions, check construction quality specifications, and evaluate adjustment flexibility. Ordering the properly matching lift prevents headaches down the road.

Once installed, take time tweaking with precise directionality and location mapping for optimum coverage. A lift puts control over your WiFi’s reach and reliability directly in your hands – adjust to resolve any dead zones cropping up from rearranged furnishings or new construction.


What if my router changes – will the lift still work?

Banggood sells 5-packs of universal lifts sized for fitting nearly all router models. Having spares on hand allows swapping if you upgrade your router.

Do I need special tools to assemble the lift?

Installation is designed to be tool-free and easy thanks to twist-lock poles, clamp joints, or self-adhesive padding. Simply piece together segments by hand in a few minutes without hassle.

My router has external antennas – will they cause issues?

Look for lifts with cutouts specifically made to accommodate routers with antennas or reposition the antennas parallel to the base. Extra lift height helps keep antennas clear of obstacles.

Can I mount lifts on walls or ceilings?

Many pole-style lifts work perfectly wall mounted, with the adjustable hoops providing needed height flexibility. Ceiling mounts are trickier for access so best to position on walls when possible.

Will a lift work outside for my patio WiFi?

Banggood sells weather-resistant lifts made of wood composites or sturdy plastics ideal for getting routers up off wet, cold ground. Ensure your router itself is rated for outdoor exposure before placing on exterior lift locations.

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