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Banggood Woodworking Tools is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that allows you to create beautiful and functional items for your home and loved ones. From furniture and decor to toys and kitchenware, the possibilities are endless with the right woodworking tools. While premium brands can be quite expensive, Banggood offers high quality woodworking tools at affordable prices for DIYers and hobbyists on any budget.

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An Introduction to Woodworking and Its Most Essential Tools

Before diving into the specific tools available on Banggood, it helps to understand some woodworking basics. At its core, woodworking simply requires material (wood), tools to shape the wood, and a design plan. With just these three components, you can create stunning works of art and woodcraft.

While advanced techniques exist, most woodworking projects rely on just a handful of essential tools:

  • Saws – For cutting wood to size
  • Drills – For boring holes and driving screws
  • Sanders – For smoothing and finishing surfaces
  • Clamps – For holding wood securely as you work
  • Chisels – For detailed whittling and carving
  • Hammers – For nailing pieces together
  • Handsaws – For precise and intricate cuts

Understanding these core tools provides a foundation for equipping any workshop on a budget. Let’s look at some of the best options available on Banggood for every DIYer’s toolkit.

Banggood Hand Tools for Precision and Control

When starting out in woodworking, hand tools provide the control and tactile feedback needed to master fundamental skills. Banggood offers great deals on hand saws, chisels, planes, clamps, and more essentials.

Japanese Pull Saws for Precise and Effortless Cuts

Japanese pull saws are a must-have for every workshop. Unlike traditional Western push saws, pull saws cut on the pull stroke. This gives you much more control over the cut and reduces the force needed to slice through wood. Banggood provides pull saws at a fraction of the cost of premium brands.

Some top options include:

  • SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki Dovetail Pull Saw – Perfect for fine joinery work starting around $10
  • IRWIN Tools Pro Touch Jab Saw – Features an ergonomic handle and smaller blade for scrolling cuts about $6
  • Wingoneer Mini Hobby Pull Saw 6″ – A budget choice at just over $4

Smooth Planing with Portable Hand Planers

Planing by hand takes practice but yields a smooth wood surface that’s hard to achieve with sanding alone. Banggood has both standard bench planes and compact portable planers.

The Y00189 Mini Hand Plane, starting around $9, is an affordable introduction for surface smoothing. For flattening edges and boards, a standard No. 4 plane like the Weleidy No.4 Smoothing Plane, about $49, is ideal.

Carving Chisels for Detailed Designs

Carving chisels allow you to shape designs, decorative edges, joints, and recesses. Banggood has individual chisels and full sets available.

For just a few basic chisels, consider:

  • Weleidy 1/4-Inch Chisel, about $9 each
  • Y00120 2pc Firmer Chisel Set, just over $12

For a complete set of bevel-edge chisels try the Y00500 11Pc Set, about $40. It includes sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Clamps to Secure Your Work

Proper clamping is crucial for cutting, assembling, gluing, and finishing projects. Banggood provides C-clamps, bar clamps, corner clamps, and more to suit every securing need.

For versatility, take a look at sets like the Weleidy 8 pc Big Clamp Set for around $40. It has spring clamps, C-clamps, and right-angle clamps. Individual heavy-duty clamps like the IRWIN Tools 6″ Screw-Grip Clamp are also great for under $5 each.

Hammers for Assembly and Adjustments

Both claw and mallet hammers have a place in every shop. The IRWIN Tools 16 oz. Claw Hammer, about $7, is ideal for nailing together projects. For tapping joints into place or hitting chisels, choose a mallet style like the Y00120 12oz Rubber Mallet, just over $5.

Hobby Saws for Scroll Work and Intricate Jobs

In addition to pull saws, Banggood has affordable options for detail blades, coping saws, fret saws and more specialty saws. The Wingoneer 6″ Mini Hobby Pull Saw mentioned previously doubles as a scroll saw for under $5. For slightly larger jobs, the Y00500 13″ Coping Saw cuts precise curves and interior cutouts for around $6.

Power Tools for Faster Material Removal and Sanding

While hand tools teach vital skills, power tools speed up stock removal and repetitive tasks. Banggood delivers discount prices on drills, sanders, routers, and saws from leading brands.

Drills for Driving Screws and Drilling Clean Holes

A quality power drill simplifies installing screws and drilling holes through wood and other materials. Cordless battery-powered drills provide portability, while corded models offer continuous runtime.

Top options under $50 include:

  • BLACK+DECKER 5.2A Corded Drill – A budget-friendly basic corded drill
  • BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Drill – Long battery life and ample torque
  • Einhell TE-CD 18 Li Cordless Drill – Compact German brand with average 18V battery life

Key features to compare are torque, speed settings, chuck size, and battery quality for cordless models. Most standard home projects don’t require advanced professional-grade engineering. Aim for at least 350 in-lbs of torque and a 1/2″ chuck size.

Random Orbital Sanders for Smoothing and Finishing

Sanding by hand takes a ton of time and effort compared to power sanders. Random orbital sanders are versatile for both smoothing rough wood and final finish sanding.

On Banggood, the Einhell TE-OS 18 Li Cordless Sander is a top choice at around $60. It has variable speed and an efficient dust extraction system. For lighter sanding, the TE-RS 18 Li 1/4 Sheet Sander is also great at about $55.

Other quality brands to look for are SKIL and Tacklife. Consider sander size, orbital diameter, speed settings and dust collection when comparing.

Compact Routers for Decorative Edges and Joints

While full-size routers excel at cutting joints like mortise and tenons, compact “trim” routers add decorative edges, inlays, and detailed profiles. Banggood App has Palm, Bosch, and Einhell compact routers ranging from 600W to over 1000W of power.

The Einhell TE-CR 12 E Router, around $75, is very capable for the price. Key specs to evaluate are horsepower, variable speed, collet size, and included accessory bits.

Circular Saws and Jigsaws for Curves and Straight Cuts

Circular saws make straight cuts through thick wood with speed and efficiency. For curved cuts and interior cutouts, jigsaws are ideal.

Banggood offers a massive selection from brands like Makita, Bosch, and Worx. The Worx WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw, around $85, is lightweight yet powerful for the cost. For jigsaws, the Bosch EasyCut 12V model, about $100, provides great control and accuracy.

Shop Tool Accessories for Safety and Precision

In addition to core tools, accessories like clamps, blades, jigs, and guides maximize both safety and precision. Banggood stocks accessories for all your power tools and workshop needs.

Clamps and Vices to Secure Material

Workholding tools prevent slippage and misalignment while cutting or machining wood stock. Corner clamps, bench vices, and fence clamps maintain proper alignment.

For versitility, the YUETU 8pc Corner Clamp Set, just over $20, quickly secures pieces at any angle. Classic cast iron vices like the Y00208 6″ Bench Vise, around $55, provide a rock-solid mount for about $55.

Jigs and Guides for Consistent Cuts

Jigs act as templates to ensure straight, angled, and shaped cuts time after time. Banggood has miter, circular, router, and table saw jigs for every major power tool.

This Y00500 Universal Table Saw Jig, just under $20, has interchangeable templates for common angles and joints. For routers, adjustable hinge jigs like the Yuanjuyuan Door Hinge Jig make quick work of recessing hinges consistently.

Replacement Saw Blades for Sharper Cuts

Staying stocked with replacement blades keeps all your saws cutting cleanly and efficiently. Banggood stocks all the common tpi, diameter, kerf, and tooth configurations.

Some examples are the LAUMANS 50Pcs Jigsaw Blades, a variety pack for under $10. Or the 10-pack of Bosch T118BF Wood and Plastic Jigsaw Blades for around $20.

Push Sticks and Featherboards to Protect Fingers

When making narrow rip cuts on a table saw or routing small parts, jigs help keep hands safely away from the blades. Banggood has adjustable featherboards like the JesEmSlide that conform to any workpiece. Low-profile push sticks like the JesCraft Oval Push Stick improve control and stability.

Banggood Brand and Product Considerations

In addition to individual woodworking tools, here are some overarching factors to keep in mind when browsing Banggood.

Balancing Cost and Quality

Backed by a large supplier network, Banggood provides access to brands like Stanley, Makita, SKIL, Bosch, and DeWalt at discounted prices. However, extreme budget options can lack durability under heavy use.

Aiming for the middle-tier tools offers the best blend of value, performance, and lifespan. Pay attention to specifications, reviews, motors, and materials to gauge overall quality. Consider stretching the budget for frequently used power tools.

Product Specifications and Sizing

Woodworking relies on precision and consistency. Double check tool dimensions, capacities, and included accessories match the types of projects you want to take on.

For example, a compact 6 1/2″ circular saw won’t cut 4×4 lumber. Or a 1/4 sheet orbital sander lacks the surface area for finishing large tabletops efficiently. Take into account your skill level and project goals when selecting tools.

Warranties and Return Policies

While Banggood offers savings, imported tools often have shorter or non-existent warranties compared to buying domestically. Be mindful of return policies and parts availability.

Higher cost brands like DEWALT and Bosch typically have better authorized service centers and longer warranty periods. This matters more for items like miter saws or jointers that experience continual wear.

Checking Company Reputation

Banggood works with over 500 manufacturers, but not all brands have the same track record of performance and support. Checking seller ratings and online reviews provides additional insight into expected longevity and service issues.

Higher cost doesn’t always indicate better quality either. Do a bit of research before purchasing any brands or tools you aren’t already familiar with.

Recommended Banggood Tool Sets to Equip Your Workshop

To recap, here are 5 great tool package options available on Banggood for outfitting a complete woodworking workshop:

Beginner Set

  • 16 Pc Wood Chisel Set
  • Wood Mallet and Filing Tools
  • Pull Saw and Coping Saw Set
  • Safety Goggles and Ear Protection
  • 10″ Table Saw with Stand

**Intermediate Set **

  • 10” Miter Saw with Laser Guide
  • 16 oz Claw Hammer and Nail Set
  • 18V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
  • Orbital Sander with Dust Bag
  • 6” Bench Vise with Anvil

Advanced Set

  • 10” Table Saw with Rolling Stand
  • 12V Cordless Router Combo Kit
  • Oscillating Spindle Sander
  • 16pc Forstner Bit Set
  • Jointer Plane and Smoothing Plane

Stationary Tool Set

  • 8” Benchtop Drill Press
  • Benchtop Belt and Disc Sander
  • 15 Amp Corded Circular Saw
  • 12” Variable Speed Bandsaw
  • Mini Metal Lathe for Turning and Spinning

Mobile Tool Chest

  • 3-Drawer Rolling Cabinet
  • 20V Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Set
  • Assorted Clamps and Pliers
  • Safety Glasses, Ear Protection, and Respirator
  • LED Magnetic Worklights with Battery Pack

This covers the core stationary and portable workshop tools available on Banggood. Equipped with quality tools, your imagination is the only limit to building whatever projects you dream up. Let the sawdust fly!

Essential Measuring and Marking Tools

Before making any cuts or joining wood, precise measuring and marking ensures components fit together accurately and edges align cleanly. Banggood provides all the measuring essentials you need.

Tape Measures for Quick Linear Measurement

A basic retractable tape measure becomes one of the most used tools. Consider key factors like blade length, metric/imperial units, and rubber bumpers to prevent tag end damage.

Top options under $5 include the 5m/16ft Stanley FatMax Tape Measure and the Milwaukee 3m/10ft Magnetic Tape Measure. The magnetic end grabs onto metal surfaces to prevent slipping.

For larger scale measurements, a long tape like the Fisco 30m/100ft Open Reel Tape, about $10, makes quick work of longer stock and distances.

Steel Rules for Combining Precise Marks

Steel rules provide finer measurement increments and better precision than tapes which can bend and creep. The 150 mm Stainless Steel Rule, around $2, delivers durability and 1mm gradations perfect for projects and patterns requiring repeatability.

Look for engraved markings that won’t wear off with heavy use. Stainless steel offers corrosion resistance if exposed to moisture while titanium-coated provides a super durable finish.

Calipers for Interior and Exterior Dimensions

Calipers excel at transferring dimensions, measuring diameters, and marking arcs. Banggood carries digital, dial, and vernier calipers covering sizes from 150mm up to 600mm.

The stainless steel SINGKE Digital Caliper, about $20, provides accuracy down to 0.02mm for fine woodworking and machining applications. Large 300mm Vernier Calipers, around $16, work well for transferring and measuring widths and lengths.

Levels for Squaring-Up Boards and Surfaces

A quality straight edge and level ensures table tops, shelving, and other surfaces start flat and square before additional joinery and assembly.

The Stanley Adjustable Stainless Steel Level, around $15, combines a durable straight edge with vial levels to check for horizontal and vertical orientation. The longer the level, the easier it is to find imperfections over long boards and surfaces.

###Squares and Bevels for Cutting Precise Angles

Combination squares with integrated protractor heads allow you to accurately mark 45 and 90 degree cutting lines. Adjustable bevel gauges are handy for other less common angles.

The Swanson Tool 12″ Speed Square, about $10, combines common framing and roofing angles with a ruled blade for general layout. Or for more versatility, the EDU Tourism 7″ Double Square Set, under $25, combines multiple removable heads for every marking need.

Marking Knives and Pencils for Clean Marks

Marking knives make fine lines for joinery and assembly that pencils can’t match. Pencils still serve a purpose for rough cut marks where perfection isn’t essential. Having both options ensures you use the right tool for each marking situation.

The WoodRiver Marking Knife, around $12, holds its edge and cuts finely into wood grain for long-lasting marks. Alternatives like the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge, about $30, cut sharp tangential lines from both sides of the blade. On the less expensive side, standard pencils like the Staedtler Mars Lumograph provide smear-resistant graphite marks easily removable with sanding.

Clamping Solutions for Every Gluing and Assembly Need

We’ve already covered the basic C-clamps, bar clamps, and corner clamps useful for woodworking. But Banggood has even more options when you need to apply clamping pressure in unique positions and directions.

Edge Clamps for Keeping Joints Closed

Long boards like table tops and doors require even clamping force across their width to avoid twisting and warping. Edge clamps distribute pressure across both faces with adjustable padded bars.

The YUETU 10″ Edge Clamp, around $8, provides a budget-friendly option useful for smaller projects. For premium strength, the Bessey KPH-613 Edge Clamp, about $140, exerts over 2,000 lbs of force. Consider working length, thickness capacity, and load weight ratings when selecting edge clamps.

Web Clamps to Apply Even Pressure on Wide Boards

Web clamps provide an alternative to edge clamps using flexible straps that conform to curves and uneven surfaces. The YUETU Web Clamp Set, around $20 for 4 clamps, makes gluing complex chair parts and round shapes much easier.

For serious clamping strength, Bessey’s SCM-6 Combo Strap Clamp, about $30, handles up to 1,000 lbs per clamp. Just take care not to overtighten and dent softer woods.

Band Clamps for Assembling Box and Drawer Components

Band clamps consist of a steel band that tightens using a screw or ratcheting mechanism. This allows them to hold assembled box and drawer parts from all directions. Jorgensen Cabinet Master Clamps and Pony band clamps are top choices starting around $10.

Carefully position the steel band to avoid marring wood surfaces and damaging glue joints under excess localized pressure. Consider using corner clamping blocks or rubber pads to better distribute the clamping force.

Parallel Clamps for Large Panel Gluing with Even Pressure

Parallel bar clamps excel at gluing up wide panels like table tops using two adjustable bars for consistent pressure across the entire width. Parallel clamps range from 250-900mm on Banggood from brands like Yost and Jorgensen.

Around $20, the Yost 750 mm F-Style Parallel Clamp balances cost and quality. Remember longer clamps allow taking on bigger projects but require more space. Shorter clamps like the Yost 250 mm offer better leverage if working solo.

Right Angle Clamps for Keeping Corners Aligned

Nothing’s more frustrating than spending time perfectly aligning joints only to have corners move out of square when gluing up boxes. Right angle corner clamps hold components at 90 degrees for error-proof assembly.

For flexibility, check out the Kreg Right Angle Clamp, about $20, with adjustable arms and reversible orientation. The Aviditi Right Angle Clamp, around $14, also gets the job done on a budget. Apply wax paper to the clamping faces to prevent marring softer woods.

Advanced Power Tools for the Serious Workshop

Once you’ve mastered the basics, step up to the power tools that unlock even more complex woodworking capabilities. While premium brands cost a pretty penny, Banggood provides more affordable alternatives to equip an advanced workshop.

Table Saws for Rip Cuts and Precision Cross Cuts

A table saw opens a whole new world of milling lumber to width quickly. While lacking the raw power of a standalone circular saw, the precision and adjustments of a table saw enable accuracy that handheld tools simply can’t match.

On Banggood, the Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw, around $350, packs impressive capability into a compact tabletop footprint. Step up to the SHOP FOX W1837 10″ Table Saw with Riving Knife, around $650, for more torque and table space. Must-have accessories are a crosscut sled, miter gauge, and featherboards.

Band Saws for Contour and Radius Cuts

Nothing beats a band saw for cutting smooth curves or organic shapes in wood. Their long cutting bands allow for tighter turn radii compared to the circular blades of scroll saws. Band saws excel at cutting thin stock and veneers.

For smaller hobby work, the WEN 3959 Benchtop Band Saw, around $340, delivers 9 inch throat capacity in a compact 120V corded package. Or the SHOP FOX Deep Throat Horizontal Vertical Band Saw, about $1,550, offers a mammoth 21 inch cutting depth. Look for blade width, cutting height, table size, and motor power to match your needs.

Benchtop Jointers for Milling Lumber Flat and Square

The first step to perfect joinery is machining raw lumber into flat, straight boards with square edges. A quality jointer plane starts the process before planing and finishing.

While large floorstanding jointers run thousands, Banggood has benchtop options like the Wahuda 8″ Bench Jointer for around $500. Compact yet capable, it handles boards up to 6 inches wide and features adjustable depth knobs and bevel stops. A helical cutting head improves finish over straight blades.

Thickness Planers for Consistent Board Thickness

Once jointed, running boards through a thickness planer brings them to consistent thickness and parallel faces. Smoother than any hand plane, mechanical planers produce professional finish results.

The WEN Thickness Planer 6530, around $400, provides portable planing with individual feed rollers that prevent snipe. At 15 amps, it planes boards up to 12 inches wide and cuts 1/8″ per pass. Other options like the Makita 2012NB avoid tearout with helical planing heads.

Oscillating Spindle Sanders for Contour Sanding and Shaping

Spindle or drum sanders smooth curves and irregular shapes much quicker than manual sanding. Oscillating vertically, the sanding drums conform todetailed profiles with a smooth finish. Great for sanding guitar bodies, rockers, carvings, and other organic forms.

The WEN Oscillating Spindle Sander 4310, under $170, provides 80 grits across 3 seperate spindles. For the ultimate shaping versatility, the SHOP FOX Oscillating Vertical Edge Sander combines oscillating, edge, and stationary modes powered by a 1-1/2HP motor. Pricey around $975 but able to handle serious demand.

CNC Routers for Automated Woodworking

Once limited to industrial applications, desktop CNC routers bring automated cutting capabilities into any hobbyist workshop. Controlled via computer, CNC routers mill, drill, carve and shape projects based on digital design files.

Open-source options like the Shapeoko Nomad 883 XXL DIY Kit, starting around $2,500, can easily mill furniture components with its 8″x8.3″x3″ travels. Larger Shop Sabre CNC routers from Avid even handle full 4’x8′ sheets for cabinetry and architectural millwork. While expensive, nothing beats the speed, consistency, complexity, and capabilities of CNC automation.

Beyond Power Tools: Expanding Your Capabilities

While staple power tools expand your core capabilities, specialty workshop machines unlock new levels of projects to take on:

Lathes for Turning Legs, Dowels, and Decorative Elements

Lathes rotate wood as you cut against it with chisels and abrasives. Perfect for turned legs, solid dowels, discs, bowls, candlesticks, and other cylindrical or symmetric items. Mini lathes from Jet, Rikon, and Central Machinery start around $300.

Scroll Saws for Intricate Fretwork and Marquetry

Ideal for precise interior cutouts, scroll saws make controlled and intricate cuts following lines and patterns. Great for making jigsaw puzzles, segmented bowls, marquetry inlays, fretwork, and jewelry. Top choices are the Shop Fox and DeWalt offerings starting around $150+ for variable speed control and quiet operation.

Drill Press for Perpendicular Drilling Accuracy

Drill press machines prevent bit wandering and wobbling which compromises hole accuracy. The adjustable table also allows drilling perfectly perpendicular holes and dowel joinery. WEN and Jet floorstanding drill presses start around $200 for 15″ capacity.

Belt Disc Sanders for Shaping and Contouring Edges

Combination belt and disc sanders use a narrow belt ideal for smoothing edges on boards and panels. The abrasive disc handles sanding inside curves and contours. Shop Fox and RIKON sell combo sanders from 400-1000 watts for $150-$250.

Air Compressors for Pneumatic Power Tools

Air compressors allow using nail guns, brad nailers, staplers, die grinders, and other pneumatic tools. Hitting fastener heads into wood without the pounding of hammers prevents surface marring. Options from Porter-Cable, Rolair, and California Air Tools start around $150.

Garage/Shop Vacuums for Dust Collection

A wet/dry vac provides the suction needed to connect power tools like sanders, routing tables, band saws, jointers and planers to dust collection systems. They keep fine dust under control and the shop cleaner. Look for horsepower, tank size, hose diameter, and filtration levels when selecting.

Key Considerations When Buying Through Banggood

While Banggood opens the door to huge savings, keep the following factors in mind when purchasing:

Import Duties, Taxes, and Clearance Times

Tools ship from Banggood’s overseas warehouses, so international shipping times average 2-4 weeks for airmail. Be aware that import taxes, brokerage fees, duty charges from customs may apply for your country. These aren’t included Banggood checkout pricing.

Power Tool Voltage and Plug Compatibility

Verify tools match the outlet voltage and plug style for your region. While some tools include various plug adapters, transformer voltage converters add cost and complexity for 220V compatibility. Sticking with native voltage when available prevents headaches down the road.

Review Return Policies Before Purchase

Understand the return windows in case tools arrive damaged or defective. For used/open box items, check if returns are allowed and who pays for return shipping. Confirm warranty details in case repairs are needed down the road.

Compare Specifications and Capacities

Tool performance relies heavily on motor power, speeds, capacities and supported material sizes. Don’t assume tools of the same type and brand perform identically across global market variations. Double check specifications match your needs and expectations before purchase.

Be Wary of Unknown Brands with Limited Information

Banggood consolidates tools across many manufacturers and suppliers. When details and specifications are unclear or unavailable, it raises potential quality concerns. Stick to recognizable brands with established reputations whenever possible, especially for large power tool purchases.

Plan for Assembly and Calibration Requirements

Some tools ship fully assembled while others require installation of tables, motors, rails, handles, guards etc. Make sure you factor in the assembly time and have suitable tools on hand. Follow instructions closely during assembly and initial calibration/setup for best results.

Ready for Precision Woodworking with Banggood’s Amazing Selection

The massive Banggood catalog provides everything a DIY woodworker needs to equip their ideal workshop on a budget. While researching tools, be sure to evaluate factors like:

  • Power and Speed Ratings
  • Supported Material Thickness and Width
  • Included Accessories and Attachments
  • Overall Durability and Components
  • Seller Ratings and Brand Reputation
  • Ease of Use and Assembly Complexity

With Banggood’s low prices, you can afford to step up to those powerful stationary tools that really elevate your woodworking capabilities over basic hand tools. Just measure carefully, take your time, and make safety the number one priority regardless of tool sophistication.

Banggood Woodworking Tools


What types of woodworking tools does Banggood offer?

Banggood offers a wide range of woodworking tools, including hand tools such as chisels, saws, and planes, power tools such as drills, sanders, and routers, as well as accessories like clamps, measuring tools, and safety gear.

Are Banggood woodworking tools of good quality?

Banggood offers a range of woodworking tools, and the quality can vary depending on the specific product. It’s a good idea to read reviews from other customers and check the product specifications to ensure you’re getting a tool that meets your quality expectations.

Does Banggood offer shipping for woodworking tools?

Yes, Banggood offers shipping for woodworking tools to many countries around the world. Shipping times and costs can vary depending on your location and the shipping method selected at checkout.

Can I return woodworking tools purchased from Banggood?

Banggood has a return policy that allows customers to return items within a certain period after receiving them. However, the specifics of the return policy can vary depending on the product and the reason for the return, so it’s best to check the return policy on the Banggood website for the most up-to-date information.

Does Banggood offer customer support for woodworking tools?

Yes, Banggood offers customer support for woodworking tools and other products. You can contact their customer support team through their website or by email if you have any questions or issues with your purchase.

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