Banggood Keycaps [2024]

Banggood Keycaps 2024 In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about buying awesome custom mechanical keyboard keycaps on Banggood, including:

  • Overview of Why Banggood is Great for Keycaps
  • How to Browse Banggood’s Massive Keycaps Inventory
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Keycaps
  • Best Materials for Different Keycap Styles
  • Price vs Quality Analysis of Banggood Keycaps
  • Finding the Best Keycap Deals on Banggood
  • Keycap Compatibility and Sizing Guide
  • Top Profile Styles of Keycaps to Shop on Banggood
  • Sweetest Banggood Keycap Sets and Collections Right Now
  • How to Care for and Maintain New Keycaps Long Term

Let’s dive in to explore the expansive world of epically designed keycaps waiting on Banggood!

Why Shop Banggood for Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps?

Most keyboard enthusiasts are familiar with Banggood as the top destination for discovering all sorts of tech gadgets and electronics accessories imported direct from China at wholesale rates.

Given factories all over China, Taiwan and Hong Kong manufacture keycaps and switches, Banggood has direct supply partnerships granting access to the latest keyboard parts for pennies on the dollar compared to small American vendors reselling similar goods.

By consolidating hundreds of smaller Asian keycap artisans and mass manufacturers into one searchable platform, you get the benefits of:

  • Massive Variety: 1000s of unique individual and full key sets
  • New Styles Always Emerging: Constant influx of creative key shapes and themes
  • Group Buys and Custom Runs: Special joint productions creating limited keycaps
  • Unbeatable Bulk Pricing: Cheaper costs passed direct from Asian factories
  • Vetted Top OEMs: Reputable producers with thousands of reviews
  • Easy International Shipping: Smooth delivery logistics worldwide

Whether wanting to splurge on a premium sculpted keyset made of thick PBT plastic or grab a bunch of creative printed WASD clusters on a budget, Banggood delivers both breadth plus value shopping for keyboard focal points.

Beyond raw diversity though, discovering hidden gems or limited group buy sets not resold elsewhere remains a highlight digging through Banggood’s virtual keycap treasure chests.

Next let’s explore navigation tactics to uncover all the keycap awesomeness Banggood stocks from charming to dazzling…

How to Browse Banggood’s Massive Keycaps Inventory

Banggood doesn’t keep all keyboard enhancement parts neatly categorized together. So hunting the expansive keycap inventories takes some search sleuthing skills and navigation tricks.

Here are the best ways to uncover the greatest selection of individual keycaps, sets, and accessories:

Search Broad Keywords

Using very broad 2-3 word keyword searches helps surface the widest range of related listings from all wrong angles. Good search phrase examples:

  • “mechanical keyboard keys”
  • “replacement keycaps”
  • “custom keycap set”
  • “backlit keycaps”
  • “PBT plastic keys”
  • “shine through keys”

Avoid ultra specific descriptive phrases that might exclude relevant search results. Broad terms showcase maximum diversity.

Navigate “Computer Gear” Categories

Banggood categorizes some keyboard accessories like O-rings or switch testers logically under “Computer Gear Accessories”. But oddly enough many of the standout artistic custom key sets end up miscategorized under:

  • Computer Gear > Headphone Accessories
  • Computer Gear > Microphone Parts

It takes some deep category diving across peripherally related niches to uncover these hidden gem listings.

Peruse All “Game Improvement” Tags

Customizing keyboards aesthetically does help enhance the PC gaming experience. So occasionally choice finds get tagged by Banggood under:

  • Game Improvement > Gaming Keyboards
  • Game Improvement > DIY Keyboard Customization
  • Game Improvement > Other Keyboard Accessories

While less keyboard focused, scoping anything gaming enhanced can surface pleasant key surprises.

Follow these search and navigation techniques to unlock Banggood’s full keycap possibilities!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Keycaps

With so many stunning keyboard customization options to analyze on Banggood, deciding the optimal keycaps for your needs requires weighing a few key factors:

Keycap Material

Keycaps primarily come constructed from either thick PBT plastic or thinner ABS plastic. PBT plastic keycaps have textured finishes providing better grip and resist wearing down over many years of use unlike smooth ABS keycaps. However, some special printing techniques like double shot molding only work for ABS plastic keycaps currently.

Height Profiles

The height and contour profiles of keycaps like OEM, Cherry, SA, and DSA profiles change how they feel when typing. Some slimmer profiles allow faster stroking while higher profiles promote gentler inputs.

Printing Methods

Many artistic keycap sets utilize special printing methods like dye sublimation or double shot molding to embed symbols cleanly onto the plastic. Printing durability determines how crisp legends stay overtime.

Backlighting Needs

If owning an RGB illuminated keyboard, you’ll want shine through, translucent keycaps allowing the LED colors to brighten key symbols for extra visibility when gaming or working in darker environments.

Prioritizing materials quality, height ergonomics, legend print longevity and illumination transmission helps narrow choices catering to exact keyboard goals.

Best Keycap Materials for Different Uses

When deciding which keycap material to invest in, consider how the keyboard gets utilized to determine if durable PBT or vibrant ABS plastic makes most sense.

PBT Plastic Keycaps

Made from thick PolyButylene Terephthalate, PBT plastic keycaps are regarded as the premium choice for mechanical keyboards.

Best for:

  • Work or Office Keyboards
  • Minimalist Typists
  • Daily All Purpose Use

PBT plastic advantages:

  • Textured Matte Finish – Provides extra grip and finger traction
  • Thick Walls – Structural integrity avoids warping or wobbliness over years of use
  • Fade Resistant Dyes – Legends don’t wear away even after extensive long term use
  • Durable Construction – PBT plastic stands up better to oils from skin and frequent strikes
  • Easy to Clean – Spills and grime wipe away without sinking into porous plastic

The resilient construction can literally last decades if cared for properly. So PBT keycaps make fantastic investments for keyboards subjected to lots of daily typing. The cost per use over their lifespan pays dividends.

However, most colorful gradient style keycap sets utilize thinner ABS plastic for increased translucency and custom coloring depth. But for durable base alphanumeric sets, committed typists should seek quality PBT plastic keycaps when possible for extreme long term reliability.

ABS Plastic Keycaps

The thinner Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic comprises most basic keyboard’s original keycaps. They allow bright, deeply saturated custom colors and printing patterns.

Best for:

  • Gamers
  • RGB Backlit Setups
  • Vibrant Graphic Sets

ABS plastic benefits:

  • Wider Range of Colors – Supports nearly any color tint or hue evenly
  • Color Consistency – No blotching or color diffusion unevenness
  • High Translucency – Enables brighter shine through illumination
  • Smoother Texture than PBT – Some prefer slicker key presses
  • Cheaper Production Costs – Lower pricing for the most vibrant graphic keycaps

However, smooth ABS plastic suffers quicker erosion from skin oils and juice spills. Legends also slowly fade away with constant abrasions. Lifespan expectations measure 5-10 years for heavily utilized ABS keycaps before degradation.

But vibrant and wildly creative graphic keycap sets utilize specialized ABS plastic printing techniques producing stunning finished products that PBT plastic can’t replicate – yet at least!

So decide based on balancing practical longevity desires with personalized style ambitions when debating ABS vs PBT keycaps for your ideal board.

Banggood Keycap Price vs Quality Analysis

Sourcing direct from Asian keyboard factories unlocks considerably cheaper costs for keycaps – but does lower pricing affect quality?

Comparing Banggood prices against small American artisan vendors, you’ll routinely save 60-70% for similar quality craftsmanship products. However, a few pricing tier observations stand out:

Under $25 Base Key Sets

Banggood’s cheapest full 104-key + accent sets selling between $15-25 predictably cut more corners with thin pad printed legends prone to quicker fading and cheaper plastic blends attracting oil grime faster.

But sub-$25 key replacement sets still work reliably for a year or two before degradation issues. So they function fine as short term facelifts adding flair on a tight budget. Just set realistic expectations around longevity.

$25-$45 Mid-Range Sets

The best balance of quality vs affordability concentrates from $25-$45 for full key sets on Banggood. Here you’ll find nice dye sublimated PBT plastic sets with 1.5mm+ thickness enduring years of use while showcasing charming color schemes and fonts.

Prioritizing mid-range sets gets you 75% of premium quality expectations for half the price. Often mid-range sets emulate high end GMK styles for mass market appeal too!

$50+ Premium Collections

Past $50 per set on Banggood ventures into true enthusiast space with the highest grade PBT substrates, specialty CNC aluminum materials for elevated foundation, precisely sculpted profiles and heavily textured finishes adding tactile comfort.

These luxury sets made in collaboration with recognizable keyboard artists command appropriate premiums delivering bespoke, limited production keycaps rivaling artisan brands.

Realize very cheap Banggood deals under $20 likely imply quality tradeoffs. But mid-range and high end sets compete head-on for meticulous manufacturing. Identify pricing tiers catering best to quality standards and budget.

Finding the Best Keycap Deals on Banggood

Given the already low prices sourcing direct from Asian suppliers, is it possible to save even more on Banggood’s keyboard aesthetic upgrades?

Definitely! Here are pro shopping tips for maximizing keycap deal hunting:

Banggood VIP Member Discounts

Signing up for Banggood’s free VIP Member loyalty program grants access to exclusive coupon codes and additional discounts for all categories site wide.

Occasional keycap flash deals offer 5-10% off or bigger seasonal sales like 11/11 discounts let you stack coupon codes on already wholesale rates for extra low pricing.

VIP Members also earn Banggood Coins redeemable as credit towards future purchases. So buying keycaps routinely earns you money off next set grabs automatically!

Watch Best Selling Lists

Sort any Banggood keycap search results by “Orders” to surface already popular selling sets likely discounted further trying to goose more demand.

Chinese factories incentivize higher volume production runs with bigger buyer audiences. Checking best seller rankings clues you into existing sets others already validated for quality too.

Browser Extension Cashback

Install browser extensions like Rakuten to automatically test promo codes at checkout plus get cashback on all Banggood buys. As high as 25% real cashback routinely shows up accelerating keycap savings even faster.

Buy in Bulk Bundles

Some basic soft OEM profile key sets allow purchasing higher quantities like 5+ sets bundled together at a deep bulk rate.

Great for keyboard fanatics gardening a grapevine of mechanical boards! Spread cost savings splitting packs across collector communities.

Follow these pro saving strategies for unlocking max value on Banggood keycaps shopping sprees!

Keycap Compatibility Guide by Keyboard Size

Ensuring keycap fitment compatibility with your specific keyboard requires knowing a few quick sizing reference terms:

Full Size vs Tenkeyless vs 60% Size

Keys come packaged together catering to standard keyboard sizes:

  • 104 Keys – Full Size with Number Pad
  • 87 Keys – Tenkeyless without Number Pad
  • 61 Keys – 60% Compact Size

ISO vs ANSI Enter Keys

The shape of the Enter key differs slightly between ISO and ANSI layouts. Most key sets include both ISO and ANSI sized enter keys for flexibility.

Unit Sizing

The width of bottom keycap rows also come in standard unit measurements like 1×1, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, etc denoting how many keyboard switch cutouts they fit within various compact keyboard sizes.

As long as you know your specific keyboard model number, or at least size format and physical layout, searchingBanggood listings with matching compatibility ensureskeycap set fits perfect out the boxwithout needing spacing adjustments.

Top Profiles of Keycaps Sold on Banggood

Banggood stocks all popular keycap profiles appealing to different ergonomic preferences:

OEM Profile

The most common profile keeping similar height and shape as original molded keycaps from keyboard manufacturers. Great default upgrade sticking with standard key contours.

Cherry Profile

Slightly shorter profile than OEM with wider gaps between rows to avoid bottoming out strokes too deeply. Sculpted for fast touch typing response.

DSA Profile

Uniform flat top keycap profile with most keys exactly the same height/shape just arranged tightly together.

SA Profile

Extra tall keycaps with deeper dish sculpting promoting natural finger positions. Comfortable for slower, heavier handed typists.

Browse all main profiles to decide ideal keycap physique enhancing typing prowess or hand cushion!

Sweetest Keycap Sets on Banggood Right Now

Tons of novel choices emerge daily. But reviewing recent months of inventory uploads, here are some trending beautiful key sets absolutely glowing with style:

Pink Marble PBT Keycaps

Balancing semi-translucence with dreamlike purple/pink swirls, this paste marble pattern please aesthetically and practically with quality 1.5mm thick dye sub PBT plastic shining through.

Link to Pink Marble Keycaps

Magic Girl Gradient Keycaps

Vaporwave pastel mint greens and pinks embed delicate anime magic girl illustrations between alphas with accented MODs to complete a stunningly cute keyboard overhaul.

Link to Magic Girl Keycaps

Cartesian Green Blue Keycaps

Gradient crosshatched mint and deep ocean blue keycaps bring soothing natural tones. Fade resistant dye sub PBT plastic.

Link to Cartesian Keycaps

Purple Korean Custom Keycaps

Cherry profile thick PBT plastic construction with Hangul sub-legends peppering the purple on grey alphas plus icon MOD packs.

Link to Purple Korean Keycaps

Caring for and Maintaining Keycaps

Extending precious keycap lifespan requires some simple maintenance habits:

  • Regular Dusting – Use soft brushes to wipe away accumulated finger oils, skin cells and dust clinging to textures.
  • Occasional Wiping – Every few months, clean key surfaces and edges with microfiber cloths to refresh faded printing.
  • Watch Spills Closely – Immediately wipe any liquid drops on keycap tops to prevent staining or leakage bleeding printing ink deeper.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight – Constant UV ray exposure accelerates fading over time.
  • Store keycaps inside cases when not actively typing for maximum longevity keeping dirt off! With some basic cleaning care, even basic quality ABS plastic keycaps last comfortably over 5 years. Investing a few minutes into maintenance saves money replacing quality keycap sets frequently.


Banggood offers mechanical keyboard enthusiasts access to an incredible range of customizable keycaps sourced direct from manufacturers at wholesale pricing. From durable PBT plastic materials to stunning ABS graphic prints, all the latest keycap set designs get consolidated into one global marketplace full of deals.

Make sure to assess your specific keyboard compatibility needs and personal style preferences when evaluating the thousands of quality keycap options Banggood stocks. Utilize the various search filters and navigation tricks outlined to uncover both standalone accent keys as well as full 104-key sets revamping devices with fresh looks.

Don’t forget to use the keycap discount hunting tips to maximize savings opportunities too! By signing up for Banggood’s VIP program and monitoring daily deals sections, significant extra value gets unlocked on already affordable keyboard part imports.


What is the shipping time for keycaps ordered on Banggood?

Banggood keycaps ship domestically fast from China in 10-20 days on average worldwide using ePacket global mail services. Delays can occur during peak sales seasons.

What are some tips for getting keycaps to properly fit my specific keyboard?

Always check size format (60% vs full size etc) and physical layout compatibility. Most keysets now include multiple spacebar sizes and layout enter keys to support different keyboard configurations too.

How do I clean greasy fingerprint smudges off shiny keycap surfaces?

Use microfiber cloths dampened slightly by water or eyeglass wipes to gently wipe away stubborn oils without damaging the keycap printing. Then dry fully afterwards.

Will thicker PBT plastic keycaps work with my mechanical keyboard?

Yes, virtually all mechanical keyboards support MX style switches which properly balance thicker keycaps. Just double check switch style first.

What are Banggood keycaps?

Banggood keycaps are keyboard keycaps sold by the online retailer Banggood. These keycaps come in various styles, materials, and colors to customize and enhance the appearance and functionality of your mechanical keyboard.

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