Best Banggood RC Crawlers for Off-Road Fun

Banggood RC Crawlers. Remote control (RC) crawling is a fun and exciting hobby that allows you to drive scaled-down off-road vehicles over challenging terrain. RC crawlers are designed for slow technical driving and climbing, simulating the experience of driving a full-size rock crawler or scaled-down monster truck. Banggood is a popular online retailer that offers a wide selection of RC crawlers at affordable prices. In this blog post, we will cover the top RC crawling models available on Banggood and provide tips on how to choose the best RC crawler for your needs and budget.

What is RC Crawling?

RC crawling involves driving radio controlled, specially geared vehicles called “crawlers” over rocks, logs, dirt mounds, and other obstacles at low speeds. Crawlers are designed for precise slow driving versus speed, focusing on grip and articulation as they “crawl” along.

RC crawlers are modeled after real off-road vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, and rock buggies. They feature 4WD or 6WD drivetrains, 4-link suspension systems, locking differentials, large tread tires, and low gear ratios to excel at climbing over obstacles. Speed takes a backseat to scale realistic looks and challenging driving courses.

RC crawling requires practice and skill to conquer tricky rock crawling courses. It’s an immersive hobby as you imagine yourself driving a full-size vehicle over boulders and through mud pits. Events and competitions are held where hobbyists challenge their driving abilities on difficult courses.

Benefits of RC Crawling

Here are some of the major benefits that make RC crawling such an enjoyable hobby:

  • Slow technical driving – Crawlers are geared for slow precise driving, allowing you to pick exact lines and throttle control. You have time to plot your path, unlike fast paced R/C racing.
  • Realistic scale looks – Attention to detail with licensed truck bodies, driver figures, lights, and interior details make crawlers look just like the real thing.
  • Driving challenge – Spotting lines through tough sections and making your way over obstacles is an engaging driving challenge. Crawlers test your skills.
  • Customization – From tires to shocks to lexan bodies, there are limitless ways to upgrade and customize your crawler.
  • Community – RC crawling has an active community with clubs, events, forums, and dedicated crawling areas. Share the hobby with others.

If you’re looking for an immersive driving challenge with realistic trucks navigating rocky trails, RC crawling delivers an exciting experience. The feeling of conquering a tough course or climbing a steep rock wall is very rewarding.

Important RC Crawler Features

When choosing an RC crawler, there are a few key features to look for to ensure optimal performance on the rocks:

  • 4WD/6WD Drivetrain – Four or six wheel drive with differential locking allows power to be transmitted evenly across all wheels. This improves traction and grip.
  • Low Gear Ratios – Slow crawl speeds are achieved via high torque, low speed gear ratios. This enhances throttle control for precise lines.
  • Articulating Suspension – Independent suspension on all four wheels with plenty of flex and droop allows the crawler to keep traction even on uneven terrain.
  • Tires – Large, lugged, sticky compound tires provide plenty of grip on rocks. Beadlock rims help secure the tire beads.
  • Chassis – A ladder frame chassis improves torsional rigidity for crawling. The body mounts to the frame instead of the chassis for flex.
  • Waterproof Electronics – Waterproof electronics allow driving through mud, snow, and water. Look for waterproof servos, ESC, and receivers.

Focusing on these performance factors will ensure your crawler can handle just about any obstacles you encounter on the trail. Capable components paired with your driving skills will lead to a great crawling experience.

Top Banggood RC Crawlers

Now let’s take a look at some of the best ready-to-run (RTR) and kit-based radio controlled crawlers available at Banggood App. These models provide excellent performance and value.

Axial SCX10 II RTR

The Axial SCX10 II is a prime example of a highly capable ready-to-run scale crawler. With a realistic Jeep Wrangler body on top of a sturdy ladder frame chassis, it looks just like the real deal but in 1/10 scale.

Features include:

  • 4WD drivetrain with locking differentials
  • 3-link suspension system with coilover shocks
  • All-metal transmission and transfer case
  • Waterproof electronics and servo
  • Excellent crawling tires with foam inserts

This crawler comes completely assembled and ready for the trail straight from the box. It’s capable of climbing tough obstacles thanks to its drivetrain and suspension features. The SCX10 II is a great choice for RC crawling enthusiasts looking for an immersive, ready-to-drive experience.

Redcat Everest 10

The Redcat Everest 10 offers excellent performance and durability at a more budget-friendly price point. It’s a great choice for newcomers to the crawling hobby.

Features include:

  • Realistic Everest bodied Jeep with detailed interior
  • 4WD drivetrain with front and rear gearbox lockers
  • 4-link suspension system with adjustable coilover shocks
  • Waterproof electronics for all-weather driving
  • Metal frame side rails increase chassis rigidity

This RTR crawler comes out of the box ready for action. Its capable components allow you to tackle a variety of obstacles on the trail. At its affordable price point, the Everest 10 provides fantastic value for RC crawling beginners.

Vaterra Ascender K10

The Vaterra Ascender K10 is sold as a scale crawler kit. This allows you to build it yourself or customize its components. The ladder frame chassis, axles, transmission, and realistic Chevrolet Blazer K10 body come ready for assembly.

Features include:

  • Detailed Chevrolet K10 licensed 1986 Blazer body
  • Strengthened c-channel ladder frame
  • Portal axles for extra ground clearance
  • 4WD drivetrain with gear differential locking
  • Leaf spring suspension system with oil filled shocks

As a kit, you can upgrade servos, electronics, and shocks as desired. Building your own kit creates a closer connection with your crawler. The Vaterra Ascender is one of the most capable and scale realistic kits available for technical trail driving.

Element ECTO-1 Crawler

Fans of Ghostbusters will appreciate the Element ECTO-1 crawler, modeled after the iconic movie car. Beyond just looks, it’s a highly capable crawler ready for ghosts and goblins on the trail.

Features include:

  • Officially licensed Ghostbusters ECTO-1 body
  • D110 4WD chassis with portal axles
  • 4-link suspension system with coilover shocks
  • Slipper clutch protected transmission
  • Waterproof electronics

The innovative D110 chassis provides excellent rigidity and portal axles increase ground clearance. Combined with the scale iconic body, this RTR crawler looks and performs great navigating obstacles. It brings Ghostbusters to life in RC form.

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport

Traxxas is known for performance and the TRX-4 Sport delivers speed and capability. Out of the box, it’s ready to drive fast or crawl slow.

Features include:

  • Sport truck style body with replica driver figure
  • High and low gear settings for speed or crawling
  • Portal axles and 3-link suspension system
  • Waterproof TQi 2.4GHz radio system
  • Front and rear locking differentials

This RTR crawler is versatile, capable of racing or crawling. The high clearance design tackles rough terrain with ease. Traxxas quality and power take the TRX-4 to the next level.

Buying Guide when Choosing a Banggood RC Crawler

When selecting your Banggood RC crawler, keep these key factors in mind:

Intended use – Will this primarily be for competition crawling or recreational? Fast paced vs slow technical terrain? This impacts your needs.

Scale realism – Do you want a highly detailed licensed truck body or generic racer style? Scale crawlers replicate real off-roaders.

Budget – Determine how much you want to spend. Crawlers range from $100 entry-level models to $500+ pro builds.

Kit vs RTR – Kits require assembly but allow customization. RTRs are ready to drive out of the box. Consider your build preferences.

Drivetrain features – Look for 4WD/6WD, locking diffs, low gear ratios, high torque servos. This yields optimal crawling performance.

Suspension – Independent suspension with plenty of articulation and shock travel provides grip and stability.

Evaluating these factors will guide you to selecting the RC crawler best suited for your needs and budget. Carefully compare the features of each model under consideration.

Getting Started with RC Crawling

Once you’ve selected your new RC crawler, here are some tips for getting started in the hobby:

Batteries – You’ll need a compatible battery and charger. Look for high capacity, high output batteries to power crawlers.

Electronics – Waterproof the electronics and check servo torque ratings. Upgrade components as desired.

Radio settings – Set throttle and steering limiters to low settings. Slow, precise control is key.

Tires – Upgrade to soft, sticky compound tires designed for rocks for improved grip and traction.

Start slow – Practice on easier trails and small obstacles until you get the hang of accurate throttle and steering inputs to pick your lines.

Play areas – Set up an area at home with rocks, logs, and obstacles to practice your driving skills before hitting the trails.

Maintain – Check screws, shocks, bearings, gears, and chassis for damage. Make repairs and adjustments as necessary.

With practice and experience, you’ll be crawling over larger obstacles like a pro. Take your time to learn control and technique. Soon you’ll be conquering the toughest terrain.

Wrapping Up

RC crawling delivers an immersive driving experience as you precisely navigate tricky obstacles. Banggood offers a nice selection of capable crawlers at reasonable prices for all enthusiasts. Choices range from ready-to-run trucks to customizable kits. Key factors like 4WD, low gearing, articulated suspension, and licensed bodies provide realistic performance. Consider where and how you plan to drive when selecting the perfect model for your needs. Equip yourself with the right RC crawler and accessories from Banggood and enjoy hours of technical driving challenges. Just take it slow on the rocks as you imagine yourself behind the wheel of a full-size Jeep or rock crawler!Copy

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The Best Banggood RC Crawlers for Off-Road Fun

RC crawlers are a thrilling hobby that allows you to take scale model off-road trucks over challenging terrain. Banggood is a popular online retailer that offers a wide selection of RC crawlers at affordable prices. In this post, we will cover the top banggood RC crawlers for every skill level and budget.

What is an RC Crawler?

RC crawlers are radio controlled off-road trucks designed for slow technical driving over rocks, logs, mud and other obstacles. They replicate the experience of driving a real rock crawler or scaled down off-road truck.

Unlike fast RC cars, crawlers are geared for low speed with high torque. Slow speed allows precise driving for navigating obstacles. The powerful motors give them the torque to climb over rocks and steep inclines.

RC crawlers are equipped with 4WD or 6WD drivetrains, 4-link suspension systems, locking differentials, beadlock wheels and quality tires for grip. These features give them incredible articulation and traction for climbing over objects.

Crawlers are fun to drive alone, but competing against friends adds excitement. Crawler courses with obstacles can be set up in backyards or parks.

Benefits of RC Crawlers

Here are some of the benefits that make RC crawlers a rewarding hobby:

  • Technical driving challenge – Navigating obstacles tests your control skills.
  • Customization – Upgrade tires, wheels, shocks and more to improve performance.
  • Scale realism – Many models are highly detailed replicas of real off-road vehicles.
  • Competitions – Run against friends on backyard or park crawler courses.
  • Relaxation – Crawling is low stress compared to racing RC cars.
  • Get outdoors – Crawl at parks, hiking trails or your own backyard.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the top RC crawlers available from Banggood. Models are included for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Best Banggood RC Crawlers

1. WLToys 12428 1/12 4WD Crawler

  • Brushed motor
  • 1/12 scale
  • Independent suspension
  • Sealed gears
  • 7.4V 1500mAh battery included

If you’re new to the hobby, the WLToys 12428 is a great starter crawler from Banggood. It’s small 1/12 scale size makes it easy to transport and find locations to drive.

Despite its small size, it has full 4WD, 3-link suspension and sealed gears to handle rough terrain. A brushed motor provides enough low speed torque for climbing. This affordable model lets beginners experience the fun of RC crawling without a big investment.

2. FTX Carnage 1/10 Scale Crawler

  • Brushed 550 motor
  • 4WD with locked diffs
  • 1/10 scale medium size
  • Independent suspension
  • 11.1V 1800mAh battery included

The FTX Carnage bumps up to 1/10 scale for larger size and more power. It’s suited for intermediate drivers looking for an upgrade from smaller beginner models.

A 550 brushed motor delivers adequate low-speed torque. The 4WD drivetrain with locked differentials optimizes traction. Durable metal gears can handle off-road abuse. Waterproof electronics allow driving through mud and snow.

The Carnage is fully assembled with a 11.1V battery so it’s ready crawl right from the box. It’s one of the best selling banggood crawlers for its performance and value.

3. WPL C14 1/14 2.4GHz 4WD Crawler

  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • 1/14 scale
  • 3-link suspension
  • Front & rear locking diffs
  • Rubber sealed bearings
  • IPX5 waterproof rating

Experienced crawlers love the WPL C14 for its advanced design despite the small 1/14 size. It’s one of the top mini crawlers available today.

A 2.4GHz radio provides precise throttle and steering control. The 4WD drivetrain gives it excellent grip thanks to locking front and rear diffs. 3-link suspension, oil filled shocks, and rubber sealed bearings allow driving over rugged terrain.

An IPX5 waterproof rating lets you bash through mud, snow and puddles without damage. The C14 makes an ideal rig for advanced crawling in tight spaces other larger trucks can’t access.

4. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Scale Crawler

  • 1/10 scale
  • Brushed 35T motor
  • Dig ESC with drag brake
  • Aluminum chassis
  • 3-link suspension
  • 2.4GHz radio system

Redcat Racing is known for performance-driven crawlers at reasonable prices. The Everest-10 has many upgrades making it a smart choice for intermediate and pro drivers.

The waterproof 35T brushed motor provides low speed torque to power through obstacles. An aluminum chassis withstands crashes while keeping weight low. Oil filled shocks and 3-link suspension soak up rugged terrain.

A Dig ESC with drag brake enhances low speed control. The 2.4GHz radio stays connected even when crawling out of line of sight. Overall an impressive package that punches above its price.

5. Flywheel FCX24 1/24 Mini Crawler

  • 1/24 micro size
  • Scale details
  • 4WD proportional steer
  • Multi-link suspension
  • Infrared remote control
  • 7.2V 350mAh battery

The Flywheel FCX24 is one of the smallest, most affordable crawlers from Banggood. At 1/24 scale, it’s suited for desktop crawling or tight outdoor spaces.

Despite its micro size, it has nice scale details like a roll cage, mud tires and aluminum shocks. With 4WD drive and multi-link suspension, it provides decent articulation for a low price.

The infrared remote works adequately at short range. With an extra battery or two, you’ll enjoy 20+ minutes of micro crawling. It makes a neat gift idea for RC beginners.

6. RocHobby Trail Finder 2 Mojave 1/10 4WD Crawler Kit

  • Unassembled kit
  • Detailed Bronco body & interior
  • C-channel metal frame
  • Locked axles with metal gears
  • Coilover shocks
  • Beadlock wheels & tires

Experienced crawlers seeking a scalely trail rig should consider the RocHobby Trail Finder 2 Mojave kit. It requires assembly, but the end result is a highly capable performer.

Details like a Bronco SUV composite body, driver figures, and interior make it look ready for the trail. Underneath, the C-channel metal frame provides a solid foundation. AR44 front and rear axles have all metal gears to survive brutal crawling.

Coilover shocks, realistic wheels with beadlock rings, and aggressive tires come pre-mounted for quick assembly. This kit has the looks, durability, and performance hardcore crawlers demand.

7. Carisma Scale Adventure SCA-1E 1970 Ford Bronco Crawler

  • Detailed scale body & interior
  • CNC machined axles
  • 3-speed transmission
  • Portal axles for clearance
  • Coilover shocks & links
  • LED headlights & taillights

The Carisma SCA-1E perfectly blends scale looks with competition level performance. The officially licensed 1970 Ford Bronco body sits atop a robust ladder frame chassis.

Portal axles increase ground clearance for technical driving. The axles have CNC machined gears for smooth 3-speed transmission operation. Scale accessories like a winch, roof rack, jerry cans and LED lights complete the package.

As one of the most realistic rigs from Banggood, the SCA-1E appeals to serious scale crawling enthusiasts. The incredible detail becomes an immersive part of the crawling experience.

8. Element Enduro Trail Runner 1/10 4WD RTR Crawler

  • Licensed 1984 Chevrolet K10 Body
  • Brushed 35T motor
  • Dig ESC with drag brake
  • 4-link suspension
  • Adjustable coilover shocks
  • 2.4GHz radio system

With its retro Chevy pickup body, the Element Enduro Trail Runner combines scale style and trail performance. The iconic square body truck replica looks right at home crawling over rocks and logs.

Under the hood, a sealed 35T motor powered the 4WD drivetrain. A Dig ESC helps provide precise low speed control. The suspension utilizes adjustable coilover shocks with 4-link mounting for maximum articulation.

Driving is easy thanks to the included 2.4GHz radio system. The Enduro Trail Runner is both a nostalgia inducing scale rig and a smooth crawling machine.

9. Basher 1/10 RockSta-E 4WD Electric Rock Crawler

  • Licensed 1979 Ford Bronco Body
  • Brushed 3650 motor
  • Front & rear gear diffs
  • Realistic solid axles
  • 3-link suspension
  • Aluminum shocks
  • 2.4GHz radio system

The Basher RockSta-E brings another iconic Ford Bronco body to the crawling scene. It pairs nicely with the scale Bronco shell.

Gear differentials front and rear give it smooth drivability from its efficient 3650 motor. The 3-link suspension with adjustable aluminum shocks provides a plush ride over the roughest terrain.

With its tube frame chassis, solid axles, and aggressive tread BF Goodrich tires, the RockSta-E looks like a mini rock racing truck. The vintage Bronco body is a nice finishing touch.

10. Vaterra Ascender K10 1/10th Scale Electric Crawler Kit

  • Unassembled kit
  • K10 style retro pickup body
  • CNC machined steel axles
  • Straight cut super low gearing
  • 3-link suspension
  • Leaf spring suspension
  • Beadlock wheels and tires

The Vaterra Ascender K10 taps into nostalgia with its square body pickup truck styling. The unassembled kit allows building a custom crawler tailored to your preferences.

CNC machined steel axles and straight cut gears provide mechanical reliability for the power system. Leaf springs and 3-link with coilover shocks soak up terrain while optimizing wheel travel.

Beadlock wheels and officially licensed Maxxis Trepador tires come pre-mounted to simplify assembly. This kit has the realistic styling and engineered durability that scale crawler fans desire.

What to Look for in an RC Crawler

When selecting an RC crawler, here are some key features to evaluate:

  • Scale details – Bodies, frames, accessories that replicate real off-road vehicles for realism.
  • 4WD drivetrain – Enhances grip and prevents wheel spin when climbing.
  • Low speed torque – Crawler motors optimize torque over speed for technical driving.
  • Suspension articulation – Allows wheels to flex and grip terrain independently.
  • Chassis & gears – Durable materials like metal withstand crashing and stripping.
  • Tires – Larger lugs and sticky tread compound grip rocks and dirt.
  • Waterproofing – Electronics that resist water allow driving in mud/snow.
  • 2.4GHz radio – Prevents frequency conflicts so multiple rigs can run together.

Consider which features are must-haves versus nice-to-have options. This will help narrow down choices to pick the ideal crawler.

Getting Started with RC Crawling

Once you’ve selected a crawler, here are some tips for getting started:

  • Read the user manual and follow all setup steps.
  • Fully charge the included battery before first use.
  • Check that all screws are tight, but not overtightened.
  • Set the transmitter steering trim and throttle trim to center.
  • Run the crawler on flat ground to get a feel for controls.
  • Start slowly on basic obstacles like small logs or rocks.
  • Increase challenge gradually as skills improve.
  • Perform maintenance like cleaning and lubricating parts.
  • Look for local crawler clubs to meet fellow enthusiasts.
  • Watch crawler videos online for driving techniques.
  • Install scale accessories like light bars and winches for added realism.

Take it slow at first while learning how your crawler handles. Progress to larger obstacles and steep inclines as you gain experience. Proper maintenance and tuning will keep your rig running smoothly for years of off-road enjoyment.

Where to Buy RC Crawlers

Now that you know the basics of RC crawlers and top models available, where are the best places to buy them? Here are some recommended retailers to purchase quality crawlers:

  • Banggood – Wide selection of crawler brands at low prices with worldwide shipping.
  • Amain Hobbies – Large RC online store based in the USA with fast domestic shipping.
  • Horizon Hobby – Carries major brands like Axial, Traxxas and Redcat vehicles and parts.
  • RC Planet – Massive inventory of crawlers, upgrades, parts and accessories.
  • Amazon – Convenient crawler purchases for Prime members; check seller ratings.
  • eBay – Good source for discounted crawlers and parts from individual sellers.
  • Local hobby shops – Support small businesses and see products in person before purchase.

I suggest comparing crawler prices between these options to find the best deals. Consider convenience, shipping speed, availability of parts and customer service when choosing retailers.

Final Thoughts

RC crawling brings the challenges of real off-roading to your own backyard. Controlling a well-built crawler across rocks, mud and logs is deeply satisfying.

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know about getting started with banggood RC crawlers. Selecting the right truck based on budget, features and skill level is key. Take it slow, gain experience, and you’ll be conquering extreme terrain in no time!

Banggood RC Crawlers


What are the best RC crawlers for beginners?

Some top beginner RC crawlers from Banggood include the WLToys 12428 1/12 Crawler, FTX Carnage 1/10 Crawler, and Flywheel FCX24 1/24 Crawler. These models are affordable, easy to use, and great for learning.

How fast do RC crawlers go?

RC crawlers are designed for slow technical driving, not speed. They typically top out at 3-5 mph. The low gear ratios optimize torque over speed, allowing precise throttle control.

Are RC crawlers waterproof?

Many RC crawlers from Banggood advertise varying degrees of waterproofing, signified by an IP rating. Look for ones rated IPX4 or higher to safely run through mud, snow, and shallow water. Waterproofing protects the electronics.

What upgrades should I get for my RC crawler?

Common crawler upgrades include new tires for more grip, metal axle housings for durability, better shocks for suspension articulation, locking differentials for traction, and bearings to reduce friction.

Where are good places to run an RC crawler?

Great places to run crawlers include hiking trails, parks, campsites, your backyard, empty parking lots, and indoor tracks. Look for areas with rocks, logs, dirt mounds, and other obstacles to traverse. Always get permission first.

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