Banggood Login [2024]

Banggood Login 2024 This detailed guide will simplify the Banggood login process for new users. We will also explore account registration methods, profile settings, order management and other membership perks accessible post login.

Overview of Banggood Login Process

Banggood allows login using multiple platforms:

  • Banggood’s native login
  • Third party social logins like Google, Facebook or VK
  • Scanning QR code on Banggood mobile app

Upon first login, users need to fill a basic profile including name, contact information and delivery address. Post account creation, the credentials can be used to login directly on subsequent visits.

Now let’s examine the step-by-step process to login or register on Banggood platform:

How to Login or Sign Up on Banggood?

Follow these instructions to access your Banggood account:

Login Using Registered Account

  • Visit website
  • Click on ‘Sign In’ button on top right corner
  • Enter your registered email ID
  • Type password
  • Click ‘Sign In’ button
  • Upon successful authentication, you will enter Banggood account

Sign Up for New Banggood Account

  • Navigate to
  • Click ‘Join’ button to access registration form
  • Enter email address and choose password
  • Fill in personal details like name, contact number, gender etc.
  • Enter delivery address
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ button to complete registration
  • Confirm email by clicking on verification link sent to your inbox
  • You can now login using the registered credentials

Note that you can edit personal information, manage address book for shipping and configure notification preferences post login.

Login Using Social Accounts

Banggood also allows quick account creation and login by linking social media profiles like Gmail, Facebook or VK.

On the login/register popup, click the icons related to the preferred social media platform you wish to link. The site will redirect you to grant access permissions to Banggood. Upon confirmation, your social media profile gets linked to create a Banggood account automatically or sign you in if already linked previously.

Login via Banggood Mobile App

Users who have installed the Banggood shopping app on their smartphones can follow these steps for quick login:

  • Launch Banggood shopping app
  • Tap profile icon on bottom right
  • The app will automatically open camera and scan QR code appearing on screen
  • Use rear camera to align the on-screen QR code within the scanner frame
  • Once successfully scanned, app will instantly log you into Banggood account

This QR code login functionality makes accessing account on-the-go super convenient.

Why Login or Register on Banggood? Benefits of Banggood Account

Creating a user account unlocks exclusive perks not available to guests or unregistered users. Let’s look at key membership benefits:

1. Price Tracking and Notifications

Logged in users can mark interesting products as favorites and get automatic alerts whenever price drops for those items. This allows grabbing best deals at lowest cost.

2. Exclusive Discounts

Registered buyers get additional discount offers, coupon codes for first purchase and special clearance sales not accessible to guests.

3. Faster Checkout

Your account has saved billing/shipping profiles. So repeat purchases can be completed in few clicks without re-entering details everytime.

4. Order History and Status

The account dashboard stores full order history with status updates and tracking information accessible 24×7. Guests lose order details once session gets closed.

5. Loyalty Rewards Points

Every dollar spent gets converted to loyalty points that can be redeemed to offset future purchases. In short, more savings as purchase frequency increases.

6. Personalized Recommendations

Based on your browsing patterns and past purchases, Banggood displays customized product suggestions on login. Higher relevance means enhanced discovery of matching items.

7. Wishlists for Planning

Registered users can shortlist liked products across visits and purchase later at convenience. Ideal for budgeting or buying over time.

8. Post-Purchase Support

Account holders get higher priority in after-sales support through dedicated account manager. Any order issues can be resolved faster.

Convinced about the advantages? Then let’s get into details of managing your Banggood account.

How to Edit Banggood Account Profile?

Your Banggood account hosts key personal information like name, registered email, contact number, delivery address etc. Updating these details from time to time is important. Follow these steps:

  • Login to Banggood account
  • Mouseover on your display picture on top right corner
  • Select ‘My Account’ option from the dropdown menu
  • This will open account settings and profile information page
  • Click ‘Edit Profile’ button to modify personal information
  • Make relevant changes to name, email ID, phone number as required
  • Edit delivery address under ‘Address Book’ tab
  • Enter additional addresses like office or home for future use while checking out
  • Click ‘Save’ button to persist profile changes

That’s it! The updated user information will reflect across Banggood platform. Pro tip: Ensure profile has accurate email address and mobile number to keep receiving Banggood alerts and notifications seamlessly.

How to Check Banggood Order History?

Every order you place gets added systematically to My Orders section post login. You can check real-time status and tracking information for all your purchases in one place through order history. Follow these quick steps:

  • Login to your Banggood account using credentials
  • Move mouse over your display pic on top right side
  • Click on ‘My Orders’ option
  • This page lists all your Banggood orders chronologically
  • See parameters like order number, date, items purchased, quantity, billing amount and tracked delivery status
  • Click individual order number to see product details and tracking information from logistics partner
  • Use search bar to filter orders by date, product name etc.

We recommend bookmarking the My Orders page for quick access to order tracking updates 24×7.

How to Track Shipping Status of Banggood Orders?

Banggood offers free standard shipping without minimum order value, which can take 10-20 business days. If you need urgent delivery, value-added shipping modes are available:

  • Expedited Shipping – 7 to 14 days delivery
  • Express Shipping – 3 to 7 days delivery
  • Priority Direct Mail – 5 to 9 days delivery

To enable customers track parcel movement from warehouse to destination doorstep, Banggood has integrated with multiple logistics partners as per shipping routes including:

  • Cainiao Post
  • YunExpress
  • Chronopost
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

The tracking steps are common across couriers:

  • Login to your Banggood account
  • Visit ‘My Orders’ section
  • Identify the required order and click on order number link
  • This will open detailed page with product, billing and tracking information
  • Locate the tracking ID under shipping details
  • Copy this tracking ID and paste on logistics partner’s website to see live tracking
  • Alternatively visit site like to trace order covering all carriers globally

Pro Tip: For fastest delivery, check logistics partner for your location and choose same carrier during checkout. This avoids extra transit hub hops between shipping handovers.

How to Cancel or Modify Banggood Order?

With over a million daily shipments, occasional order modification or cancellation requests are inevitable on Banggood marketplace. The platform has robust mechanisms to accept such requests depending on current order status:

1. Orders Yet to Dispatch from Warehouse

If order is confirmed but yet to ship out from sellers warehouse, cancellation request can be initiated from your Banggood account:

  • Login and visit ‘My Orders’ section
  • Locate the order and click ‘Cancel’ button
  • Select appropriate cancellation reason code
  • Click OK to confirm cancelation

Post successful request processing, order will change status to ‘To Be Refunded’ from ‘Awaiting Shipment’. The billing amount will be credited back to your account wallet or original payment method within 3-7 working days.

2. Orders Already Dispatched

If seller has already shipped the order after processing payment, cancelling in transit is not possible. However, few options exist:

  • If order has shipped very recently, raise cancellation request firmly before it leaves domestic origin country
  • For items shipped using Cainiao Super Economy Global, cancellation chance is higher within 5-7 days of parcel leaving origin country
  • Else return request has to be placed once order is delivered

3. Modifying Delivered Orders

For orders already delivered, cancellations are not applicable. But certain changes are allowed:

  • Raise return request as per return policy terms like damaged/faulty item, logistics delays etc
  • Can’t split to multiple addresses or modify shipping information
  • Payment method or quantity amendments not possible

So in summary – earlier you initiate cancellations, higher the chances of modification or refund. Avoid delays once order ships out internationally!

How to Return Items and Refunds on Banggood?

Banggood offers flexible return policy and guarantees refunds in most cases subject to certain terms. Follow these steps for raising returns:

  • Login to Banggood account on website or mobile app
  • Navigate to ‘My Orders’ and select problematic items already delivered
  • Click Return/Refund tab and choose relevant return reason
  • Describe issue details in comments and upload supporting photos/videos
  • Submit return request
  • Print attached return shipping label for courier dispatch
  • Pack item securely and paste label on parcel exterior
  • Ship back to listed warehouse address
  • Once tracking shows delivered to Banggood, wait up to 7 days for refund initiation to account wallet or original payment mode

Key Notes

  • Inform intent to return within 3 days of receiving shipment
  • Complete return dispatch within 5 working days of informing intent via ticket
  • Returned products should be unused, undamaged and in resellable condition
  • Refunds only cover paid product amount excluding shipping fees
  • For refunds to original payment method, transaction charges may apply

Exercise due diligence while raising accurate and timely returns to avoid rejections as per standard policy terms. Items discounted significantly beyond usual retail prices may also attract extra restocking fees.

How to Contact Banggood Support?

As an international marketplace operating from China across language barriers, Banggood requires multiple contact options to address customer issues timely and effectively:

1. Email Support

The easiest way to get in touch with Banggood agents. Send order related queries or product questions with adequate background and details to:

  • for general issues
  • for customer service
  • for returns/refunds

Email turnaround is usually 1 business day but can stretch depending on seasonal order volumes.

2. Live Chat

The real-time online chat option lets you interact directly with support executives onsite. Available during China working hours generally. Offline messages also allowed.

3. Call Support

Choose as per geographic location:

North America
+1(800)6035151 toll free; 9AM-9PM EST

South America
+558007602348 toll free; 9AM-9PM EST

United Kingdom & Ireland
+448082389731 toll free; 9AM-9PM GMT

Russia & CIS
8(800)5508971 toll free; 9AM-9PM GMT+3

+61283104664 toll charges apply; 9AM-9PM AEST

Germany, France, Spain, Portugal
+34688008629 toll charges apply; 9AM-9PM CET

Wait times can range from few minutes during lean season to 15-20 minutes during peak sales. So factor delays and plan calls accordingly if inquiries are urgent.

4. Social Media Support

Raise concerns or track updates from Banggood’s official presence across leading platforms:

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Profile
  • Twitter Handle: @Banggood
  • YouTube Channel

Response times are usually within next working day depending on traffic volumes. Light inquiries get answered faster than complicated claims or refunds.

Banggood Account Security Best Practices

With rising instances of online shopping frauds and data theft risks, adopting sound account security hygiene is vital across ecommerce platforms including Banggood.

Follow these crucial precautions to minimize chances of compromise:

  • Construct complex password using upper case, lower case, special characters and minimum 8 digits
  • Enable two factor authentication(2FA) for account login process
  • Ensure your primary email ID and mobile number linked to account are active and accessed only by you
  • Change passwords periodically every quarter
  • Avoid using same password across multiple online logins
  • Never share one-time-passwords(OTP) received with anyone
  • Check profile settings to see devices logged in to account; Revoke unauthorized sessions
  • Run antivirus scans on phone/laptop used to access account
  • Monitor account activity for unauthorized transactions; Report concerns promptly

Additionally, check privacy settings to limit account data sharing with third parties. Avoid public internet connections while accessing account.

Following these simple practices eliminates majority vulnerabilities exploited by cyber attackers to compromise user accounts. Stay vigilant!

Additional Tips for Banggood Members

Here are some additional pointers worth remembering during your shopping journey with Banggood marketplace:

  • Complete profile accurately for smooth order processing by sellers
  • Update old email IDs or phone numbers if access issues arise
  • Add multiple addresses like home, office etc for faster future checkout
  • Bookmark My Orders page to review tracking status conveniently
  • Prepay duties for select countries on checkout page itself
  • Disable ad blockers temporarily else payment issues may arise
  • Prefer same logistics partner for domestic shipping
  • Raise returns within allowed time window as per policy
  • Diversify password across sites and enable two factor authentication
  • Join Banggood Facebook group for direct support from other customers
  • Check size charts properly while buying apparel
  • Take advantage of seasonal festive sales for biggest discounts

Stay tuned for more guides covering specific Banggood product categories, how to’s and breaking updates!


We have simplified the entire Banggood login process for first timers detailing various access methods, profile settings and account management workflows. Upgrading from guest user to registered member unlocks the full Banggood shopping experience through exclusive perks.

Seamless order tracking, customized recommendations, special sales, seamless returns and higher support priority make account creation worthwhile. Responsible password habits and monitoring account activity regularly eliminates security concerns.

Equipped with this A-to-Z Banggood account management manual covering every possible query, shopping on Banggood platform should no longer feel intimidating even for beginners. Leverage all membership features for cheapest pricing on gadgets, electronics and home goods accessed reliably at your doorstep!


How do I login to my Banggood account?

To login to your Banggood account, visit the Banggood website and locate the “Sign In” option. Click on it, and then enter your registered email address and password. Finally, click on the “Sign In” button to access your account.

What should I do if I forgot my Banggood login password?

    If you forgot your Banggood password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link on the login page. Enter your registered email address, and Banggood will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

    Can I use my social media accounts to log in to Banggood?

    Yes, Banggood offers the option to log in using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Simply click on the respective social media icon on the login page, and follow the prompts to log in with your social media credentials.

    Is it possible to change my Banggood login email address?

    Yes, you can change your Banggood login email address by accessing your account settings. Look for the option to update your email address, then follow the provided instructions to make the change. Keep in mind that you may need to verify the new email address for security purposes.

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