Banggood Drill Guide [2024]

Banggood drill guide 2024 Here we will explore all you need to know about choosing the right Banggood drill as per your needs and usage scenarios.

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Overview of Banggood Drill Offerings

Banggood stocks cordless and corded drills across leading brands like DEKO, Talpex, Einhell and more. The variety covers light duty crafting applications to heavy duty concrete drilling.

Key drill specifications like power source, speed, chuck size, clutch settings etc. vary to suit different work requirements. There are special purpose drills optimized for driving screws or mixing paint as well.

We will decode these technical parameters in simple terms later. First, let’s understand the factors to consider when selecting a drill.

How to Choose the Right Banggood Drill?

Here are some key considerations while picking a drill from Banggood’s catalog:

1. Purpose

What kind of materials do you plan to drill into most frequently? Light jobs like wood/drywall or tougher tasks like concrete drilling? This decides the drill power and settings required.

2. Portability

Do you need to carry the drill regularly to job sites? Corded drills restrict mobility but offer continuous power. Else, prefer a compact cordless drill with enough battery backup.

3. Power Source

Corded electric drills provide sustained power. But cordless models with swappable batteries offer better convenience through mobility.

4. Chuck Size

The chuck holds the drill bit firmly. Standard sizes are 3/8-inch, 1⁄2-inch and 5/8-inch. Larger ones allow bigger drill bits required for hardcore drilling.

5. Speed

Measured in RPM (revolutions per minute), higher drill speeds are better for wood/metal. Low speeds around 450-800 RPM are suitable for masonry jobs.

6. Torque

It indicates drilling power – so higher torque rating allows bigger hole sizes and denser materials. Light tasks need only 600-800 inch pounds while 1500+ is better for concrete.

7. Clutch Settings

These provide precision control over screw driving depth and prevent screw heads or work surface from accidental damage. More settings give better control.

8. Budget

Banggood drills range from $50 to $300+ catering to all budgets. Have a spending limit before searching to avoid going overboard.

9. Brand

Reputed brands assure better reliability and durability. Banggood offers leading cordless drill brands like DEKO, Einhell, Talpex, Welltop.

10. Warranty

Opt for drills with longer warranty of 2 years+. It protects against manufacturing defects. Check coverage terms before buying.

Let’s now explore various types of drills available on Banggood as per usage requirements:

Types of Drills on Banggood

Banggood drills can be categorized based on:

  1. Power Source
  2. Purpose
  3. Chuck Type

Let’s look at key distinguishing aspects across these types:

A. Based on Power Source

1. Corded Electric Drills

As the name suggests, these drills need to be continuously plugged into standard wall outlets through a power cord. So the operating radius is limited by cord length.

Best for:

  • Heavy duty drilling requiring sustained high power
  • Using drill for extended periods continuously
  • Buyers on tight budget


  • Cord tangles are troublesome
  • Mobility is constrained due to cord
  • Finding socket nearby is must

2. Cordless Drills

Cordless drills use rechargeable battery packs that deliver sufficient runtime per charge cycle. Multiple charged battery packs provide flexibility to keep drilling non-stop.

Best for:

  • Portability and ease of movement at job sites
  • Remote locations or mobile applications
  • Quick drilling tasks with intermittent usage


  • Costlier than corded variants
  • Spare batteries add to cost
  • Overheating issues if used continuously for long durations

B. Based on Purpose

We can also categorize drills as per suitability to specific applications:

1. Regular Power Drills

General purpose variable speed drills suitable for DIYers as well as professionals. Use them to drill holes in wood, plastic or light metals. Some variants also allow light masonry drilling.

2. Hammer Drills

Speciality drills using hammering action to pound through tough materials like concrete or stone. Ideal for hardcore drilling applications.

3. Rotary Hammer Drills

Heavy duty hammer drills with higher impact energy to carve holes in concrete. More powerful than standard hammer drills.

4. Impact Drivers

Designed specifically for driving screws and fasteners. Allow better control and minimize screw damage risks. Can also work as regular drill for lighter jobs.

5. Right Angle Drills

Have a 90-degree angled head convenient for drilling in cramped spaces without wrist discomfort. Handy for plumbers or electricians.

6. Mixer/Paddle Drill

Used to blend, mix or stir paint, cement, mortar etc. Can also stir paint. Comes with different mixer paddle attachments.

C. Based on Chuck Type

The chuck is the clamping mechanism holding the drill bit. Based on chuck design, key types are:

1. Keyed Chuck Drills

Require a key to tighten or loosen the chuck for bit change. Provide strongest grip but the separate chuck key may get misplaced.

2. Keyless Chuck Drills

No need for a separate key to tighten the chuck. Just twist chuck by hand to secure bits. Convenient but the hold may loosen slightly over time.

Now that we’ve explored drill types and deciding factors, let’s look at:

Top Banggood Drill Brands

To narrow your choices, sticking to reputed drill brands on Banggood is wise. Top names ranked by customer satisfaction include:

1. Einhell Power X Change (EPXC)

German brand Einhell’s cordless EPXC range offers versatile tools delivering sturdy performance. The 20V 4Ah lineup with brushless motors is a power packed value choice.


This cordless pro-grade range from European brand Dekopro offers advanced brushless motors and battery tech for extended runtimes. Great for intensive drilling over long durations.

3. Talpex

Known for extremely affordable offerings without compromising on essentials, Talpex drills deliver robust functioning for light and medium duty usage. Excellent value.

4. Welltop

For buyers needing basic home/DIY grade drilling on tight budget, Welltop’s corded and cordless variants offer satisfactory durability. Decent quality with very wallet-friendly pricing.

5. Avid Power

This newcomer has surprised many with powerful lithium battery packs and quiet smooth operation competing with pricier brands. Worth considering if you need budget cordless drills.

We’ve covered most of the background information related to drills. Let’s now get into:

Top 5 Banggood Drill Recommendations

We’ve scoured through hundreds of listings to curate the latest and greatest drills on Banggood as of early 2023.

Compiling extensive customer reviews and feedback, here are 5 top-rated drills absolutely worth buying from Banggood website:

Let’s examine each pick in more detail:

1. Talpex 12V Cordless Drill

Priced at just $36, this highly rated Talpex delivers reliable functionality which buyers usually expect from far pricier models.

Key Specs

  • Power: 12V
  • Chuck Size: 10mm
  • 2-speed transmission
  • 15+1 clutch settings
  • Recharge time: 1 hour approx
  • Compact and lightweight

This is an excellent starter pick for home DIYers on tight budget. It can handle light drilling, driving and screwing tasks comfortably around the house without breaking the bank.

2. Einhell Power X-Change (EPXC) 20 V Brushless Cordless Drill

Einhell’s EPXC brushless motor drill delivers smooth reliable performance comparable with tools double the price. Excellent value priced under $100.

Key Specs:

  • Powerful EC brushless motor
  • 20V battery with 4Ah capacity
  • 13mm metal ratcheting chuck
  • Precision control with 20+1 clutch settings and 2-speed settings
  • Full system expandability across 100+ EPXC tools

For those seeking professional grade capability without paying a premium, Einhell EC EPXC hits a sweet spot. Brushless motor also makes operations smoother, faster and efficient.

3. DEKO 20V Cordless Hammer Drill

This heavy duty cordless brushless motor hammer drill from Dekopro costs just under $120 but competes with the best in durability, reliability and drilling performance.

Key Specs:

  • High powered 20V 4000mAh Li-ion battery
  • 3 speed modes with max 1500 RPM
  • Brushless motor technology
  • 16+1 clutch settings
  • Electric hammer function
  • LED light for visibility

If you seek robust fast drilling into concrete and masonry without spending big bucks, DEKO 20V Hammer drill is a formidable choice. Sturdy build quality assures extended usage life.

4. Avid Power 20V Max Cordless Drill Driver Kit

This feature-rich Avid Power cordless drill punches above its weight with impressive torque and runtime. Submitting 20V performance at less than $100 makes it a category disruptor.

Key Specs:

  • 20V Lithium ion 4.0Ah battery
  • Best-in-class 70Nm torque
  • Ultra compact and lightweight body
  • 16+1 clutch settings and variable trigger speed (0-550 & 0-2000 RPM)
  • Built in LED light for visibility in dark areas
  • 45-day money back guarantee

For a wallet-friendly yet powerful cordless solution, Avid Power 20V Max drill is a reliable bet even for daily high workload use. Robust aluminum housing assures long lifespan.

5. Einhell TE-CD 18 Li-Solo Brushless Cordless Drill

This Einhell model sets new standards for premium quality cordless drills at surprisingly affordable pricing below $150. Brushless motor and advanced battery tech justify higher investment.

Key Specs:

  • Brushless EC Power drive motor
  • 18V battery with 4Ah capacity (charges fully in 30-40 minutes)
  • Auto-locking keyless chuck 1.5-13mm
  • 20 clutch settings + drilling/screwdriving modes
  • Extremely lightweight and compact design
  • Vibration damping and soft grip handle

For professional tradespeople seeking light weight yet top notch cordless drill at reasonable budgets, Einhell TE-CD 18 Li-Solo is a worthy premium solution built to last.

We hope these curated recommendations give you a heads up in selecting the ideal Banggood drill as per intended application without going wrong on quality or price-value aspects. Do share your purchase experiences or queries via comments!

Drill Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Model on Banggood?

Buying a drill, be it from Banggood or elsewhere, is no trivial decision. Even after browsing endless product pages, customers often end up confused seeing mind boggling specifications.

To simplify the process, let’s explore the key parameters and terminologies you’re likely to encounter while searching for your perfect drilling partner:

Drill Bit Sizes

Drill sizes indicate maximum potential hole diameter they can drill. Typical drill bit diameters are:

  • 3-10 mm small drilling in wood and plastics
  • 10-15mm general purpose holes in wood/PVC
  • 15-25mm large diameter holes in tougher materials

Larger the chuck size, bigger is the drill bit it can hold. So check your usual drilling needs before deciding chuck capacity.

Power Source

As explained earlier, Banggood drills are available in corded electric and cordless battery variants. Compare pros and cons as per portability needs and budget.

Higher voltage rating indicates more power. Common ratings are 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V etc. Higher is better for heavy duty drilling.


It indicates twisting force and relates directly to drilling capabilities into dense or thick materials. Torque rating is measured in inch-pounds or Nm units.

While lighter 600-800 inch-pound drills work for casual users, DIYers need 1100+ rating and professionals 2000+ torque for concrete drilling etc.

Speed Settings

Determined in RPM (revolutions per minute) the drill speed rating indicates operating spin rate. Two speed settings allow low torque high RPM for lighter tasks and vice versa.

Low 450 RPM speed is good for high resistance materials like masonry using hammer drills. High 1500 RPM suits drilling wood, plastic or light metal.

Chuck Type

As explained earlier, keyless chucks allow twist tightening by hand whereas keyed ones need separate chuck key for tightening drill grip. Most buyers prefer keyless chuck convenience.

Ensure the chuck has strong metal jaws with proper grip, else drill bits may slip during intense functioning.

Clutch Adjustment

This allows presetting drill torque limiting to prevent screw heads or material surface from accidental damage once desired depth is achieved.

More clutch settings give finer control especially when driving multiple screw types. Typically, 16+ settings are preferred.

Hammer Function

Enables masonry drilling into tough concrete and bricks. Uses hammering action in addition to drill rotation for high impact penetration even in dense materials.

Brushless Motor

Smooth efficient and durable drill functioning for professional requirements. Priced higher but work faster, longer and smoother than brushed motors. Becoming the new normal for serious drilling.

Drill Material

Indicates the housing and internal parts quality. Plastic body drills are cheap but break down faster under intense workload. Die cast aluminium or steel drills assure far longer sturdy functioning.

Accessories & Extras

  • Depth stop for consistent depth control
  • LED light for visibility in darker areas
  • Additional attachments like mixer paddles
  • Spare batteries for uninterrupted cordless usage
  • Carry case for safe storage and portability


Better reliability and after sales support assurance. Minimum 2 years warranty is preferred for peace of mind. Leading brands offer up to 3-5 years warranty.

We’ve demystified the major specifications you’re likely to see during drill selection on Banggood. Armed with this knowledge, you can zero down on options suiting your needs confidently.

How Much to Spend on A Drill from Banggood?

Drill prices vary vastly from $50 to $500+ even on Banggood depending on exact variant and capabilities.

Assessing your usage levels accurately is vital for realistic budgeting. Occasional light users can settle for basic variants under $100. Regular hobbyists/DIYers should allocate around $150-200 for decent durability.

Commercial grade heavy duty drills above $250 should be purchased only by professional tradesmen who actually need such firepower. These investment will pay off quickly if you use them to earn daily wages.

Our recommendation is to start small if you’re a new hobbyist. No point splurging top dollars on a ultra powerful drill with features you won’t really utilize often. Master your basic needs with an entry level variant below $100 first.

As your expertise improves over time, you can always upgrade to pricier models for enhanced performance. Tackle each drilling challenge as it emerges rather than over preparing too early. This helps avoid over spending as well.

At the same time, we don’t recommend compromising too much on cost if you end up drilling extensively daily – be it for professional or hobby needs. Cheapest models under $30-40 may fail quickly or lack power/precision for tougher tasks.

Evaluate our experts picks handpicked for best value across cost brackets. Pick the variant matching your workflow to extract maximum mileage without unplanned hassles.


We’ve covered a wide range of aspects related to buying drills on Banggood marketplace. To summarize key discussion points:

  • Banggood offers both corded and cordless drills from reputed brands at very affordable pricing
  • Consider key decision factors like purpose, power source, torque rating, speed etc before choosing the right drill model as per your needs
  • Top recommended brands include Einhell, DEKO, Talpex and more offering premium quality at budget pricing
  • Understand and evaluate important drill specifications like chuck type, power output, accessories etc during your purchase
  • Set a realistic budget based on your expertise level and usage intensity to avoid over or under spending
  • Consider applicable shipping timelines and potential import duties before ordering from Banggood as an international platform

Equipped with this comprehensive Banggood drill buying guide detailing key pointers from product selection to order delivery, you can shop online confidently and maximize returns on investment.


What are the best drills I can buy within $50 budget on Banggood?

Decent options for DIYers under $50 are Talpex 12V Cordless drill, Welltop 800W Corded Drill, Hanmatek 10mm Keyless Chuck Cordless Drill and more. Check detailed specs and compare as per intended application.

Does Banggood sell fake or low quality drill products?

Banggood is an authorized reseller for several top tool brands. They also have stringent quality checks before listing third party sellers on their platform. So instances of fake or substandard drills are quite rare on Banggood. As long as you stick to reputed brands, reliability is assured.

Does Banggood provide international warranty on drills?

Warranty support varies across brands. Some premium ones like Einhell and Bosch do provide international warranty from 1 to 3 years. Cheaper models have more localized warranty support. Banggood also covers return/exchange in case items arrive damaged. Read warranty terms clearly before ordering.

What is a Banggood drill guide?

A Banggood drill guide is a tool designed to assist in drilling precise holes in various materials. It typically consists of a base with guides and clamps to hold the drill securely in place, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of errors.

How does a Banggood drill guide work?

The Banggood drill guide works by providing a stable platform for the drill, allowing users to set precise angles and depths for drilling. The guides help to keep the drill bit aligned, resulting in accurately drilled holes.

Are there different sizes of Banggood drill guides available?

Yes, Banggood offers a range of drill guides in various sizes to accommodate different drilling needs. Whether you require a compact guide for small projects or a larger one for more significant tasks, there’s likely a suitable option available.

What are the advantages of using a Banggood drill guide?

Using a Banggood drill guide offers several advantages, including enhanced precision, reduced drilling errors, improved efficiency, and increased safety. It’s an excellent tool for achieving professional-looking results in woodworking, metalworking, and other DIY projects.

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