Banggood Tracking A Complete Guide [2024]

The Ins and Outs of Banggood Tracking: A Complete Guide 2024 If you’ve ordered from Banggood, you probably wondered about the status of your package at some point. Where is it right now? Why are there no updates? When will it actually get here? We’ll break down the common issues and questions around Banggood tracking so you can better understand the shipping process.

How Does Banggood Shipping Work?

To understand tracking, first it helps to know a bit about how Banggood handles order fulfillment and shipping. Most items ship directly from warehouses and suppliers in China via ePacket, China Post, AliExpress Standard Shipping or other carriers. Transit time varies, but can take 2 weeks to a month or sometimes longer.

This ordering and shipping process from overseas sellers like Banggood differs quite a bit from what we may be used to when buying domestically. But while it does usually take longer for your order to get from Banggood to your doorstep, there are some tracking options and resources to help ease the journey.

Banggood Tracking Options

Banggood provides a few different banggood tracking options customers can use to monitor the progress of an order:

Banggood Track Order Feature

Customers receive a standard Banggood Tracking ID to use on the Banggood website. On your “My Orders” page, find your order and click the “Track Order” button to pull up basic tracking info.

This shows the most recently scanned tracking checkpoint and shipment status through various stages like “order placed”, “packed”, “shipped out” and “delivered”.

While it provides high level visibility into the key progress markers, this tracking doesn’t give visibility into the day-by-day transit details. For that, you need to use the carrier-specific tracking number.

Carrier Tracking Numbers

Banggood provides tracking numbers from the actual shipping carrier used for the order, like China Post, Cainiao, Yanwen and others.

The carrier tracking number gives the most detailed updates as the shipment makes its way to the destination. To access it:

  1. Go to your My Orders page
  2. Find the order and click “Tracking Information”
  3. Scroll down and click the carrier name (e.g. Yanwen, Cainiao, ePacket)
  4. This opens a popup with the carrier tracking ID you can copy and use on the carrier’s website for daily tracking updates Between Banggood generic track order status and the carrier tracking number and sites, you have to tools to monitor your package end-to-end.

Common Banggood Tracking Issues & Questions

However even armed with the order tracking tools, customers often run into confusing tracking situations ordering from Banggood. Here are some of the most common:

Why does the tracking information not update for days or weeks?

Sporadic or inconsistent tracking updates are very common when ordering from Chinese ecommerce sites. You might see regular scans and progress for the first and last legs of a shipment, but large gaps of no updates while in transit or waiting for export/import processing.

Don’t panic if your package seems to disappear for stretches at a time. Logistics infrastructure and visibility processes vary across regions and carriers, so temporary tracking blackouts are expected. Unless you receive a delivery confirmation or other indication, assume the package is still making its way to you even with no updates.

The tracking shows delivered, but I never received my order!

Frustratingly, sometimes Banggood or carrier tracking will prematurely show an order delivered before it actually reaches you. There are a few reasons this “false delivered” status occurs:

  • Language barriers: Mistranslated tracking status due to mixups translating carriers’ non-English tracking updates
  • Improper scans: Items gets scanned as delivered upon reaching country instead of actual delivery to residence
  • Fake scans: In some cases, carriers falsify or prematurely check off delivery confirmation

If your Banggood order tracking shows delivered but your package is nowhere to be found, first wait a few days in case it shows up late. If not, contact Banggood customer support right away to report the issue.

I can’t track my order – invalid number error?

When trying to track your shipment via Banggood or the carrier site, you may encounter an “invalid tracking number” notice even though you are entering the details properly.

This usually occurs because of one of the following factors:

  • Timing: Carriers sometimes take up to 24 hours after an order ships to register new tracking numbers in their system. Try again the next day.
  • Incorrect entry: Double check you entered the long tracking string precisely with no typos. Banggood tracking numbers have both letters and numbers.
  • Wrong carrier: Make sure to track the number using the specific carrier for your shipment like China Post, not just the generic Banggood site.

If a tracking number comes back invalid after triple checking accuracy and trying again the next day, reach out to Banggood support to verify your tracking details.

The delivery date keeps getting pushed back

Sometimes Banggood will provide a delivery estimate or target date range during the checkout process. But then once shipped, the actual delivery date in the tracking details slides back…and back again later.

Due to potential export delays, customs checks, weather, peak season traffic and more, it’s extremely difficult for Banggood to provide accurate delivery ETAs upfront. The target dates are usually optimistic guesses so don’t be surprised if in-transit orders take longer than the initial guidance.

My package has weird routing with customs loops or return trips

Unusual or circuitous shipment routes are not uncommon when ordering from Chinese ecommerce companies. Packages from Banggood frequently route through intermediary stops in places like Singapore, Kenya or elsewhere first before heading to final destinations in Europe, the Americas or beyond.

There are legitimate logistical reasons for the roundabout paths. So unless the tracking specifically shows an order returned-to-sender or seized in customs, don’t worry about odd back-and-forth journeys – that’s often just part of the process of international shipping!

Is There An Easier Way to Track Orders From Banggood?

Trying to track orders by flipping between multiple carrier websites and dealing with sparse, confusing shipment updates can certainly be annoying! But third party tracking services exist to handle the dirty work.

Aftership is a popular shipment tracking platform that integrates with hundreds of couriers globally including all major Banggood carriers. Simply forward your tracking email from Banggood to Aftership, or input your order details manually.

Aftership compiles updates from all carriers in one dashboard so you don’t have to visit sites individually. The Aftership mobile apps also push status notifications directly to your smartphone.

While Banggood tracking can seem chaotic, tools like Aftership bring transparency to your orders in transit. This way you can relax and forget about tracking anxiety until the exciting day your new Banggood package arrives.

Tips for Hassle-Free Shipping from Banggood

Ordering from Chinese ecommerce giants like Banggood, GearBest and AliExpress offers huge product selection and pricing, but delivery complexity too. Here are a few parting tips to streamline your shipping experience:

  • Pick ePacket shipping if available during checkout – it’s faster and provides better tracking updates than other economy carriers
  • Take shipping times estimates with a grain (or spoonful) of salt – add padding to published delivery ranges from the site
  • Use AfterShip for consolidated tracking updates across carriers instead of checking individual sites
  • Know that even with little tracking movement for long periods, your order is likely still coming
  • If a delivery deadline is critical due to an upcoming birthday, holiday or event, order extra early to build in delays buffer
  • Reach out to Banggood customer support with any persistently confusing or alarming tracking issues

I hope this overview gives you confidence to navigate international shipping as you score great deals on electronics, clothing, accessories and more via Banggood. Keep an eye out for your delivery, but try not to drive yourself crazy staring at the tracking updates too much along the journey! The savings are worth the extra wait.


Ordering from Chinese e-commerce sites like Banggood can be an affordable and convenient way to get products not easily available in your region. However, tracking these international shipments can seem confusing and opaque at times compared to domestic parcel tracking.

With lengthy transit times across cargo ships, planes and trucks, inaccurate delivery estimates, and language barriers in tracking updates, it’s no wonder Banggood customers get frustrated with vague shipping statuses. Just remember that while the journey may be circuitous and punctuated by long periods without updates, your order is likely still making its way safely to you in due time.

Arming yourself with resources like carrier tracking sites, Banggood’s track order feature, and parcel monitoring tools like AfterShip will give you the most updated information. Reaching out to customer support promptly for any major tracking issues can also help ensure you receive your items or refunds in case of problems.

With some diligence tracking orders and a lot of patience during those long weeks of shipping from China, you’ll be rewarded with affordable pricing on unique goods often not available in local stores. Bonus tip: throw in a few extra Banggood goodies into your cart to have a steady stream of surprises arriving from your favorite Chinese online retailer!


What are the main Banggood tracking tools I can use?

Banggood provides all customers with a standard tracking number to monitor basic shipment progress markers on your My Orders page. You can also find carrier-specific tracking numbers by clicking “Tracking Information” which gives more detailed transit updates directly from delivery partners like Yanwen, Cainiao and more.

How long does Banggood shipping usually take?

Published estimates on the Banggood site indicate most economy shipping carriers take 20-40 days to North America/Europe on average. However actual delivery times routinely take 1-3 weeks longer than carrier estimates due to export and customs procedures. Plan extra buffer if ordering by a certain deadline.

How can I track my order on Banggood?

Tracking your order on Banggood is easy. Simply log in to your Banggood account, go to “My Orders,” select the order you want to track, and click on the tracking number provided.

Is there a way to track my Banggood order without logging in?

Unfortunately, tracking your Banggood order requires you to log in to your account. This ensures the security of your shipment details and provides you with personalized tracking updates.

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