How do I find reviews for products on Banggood? [2024]

How do I find reviews for products on Banggood? Banggood is a popular Chinese ecommerce platform that sells goods directly to consumers worldwide. With its massive product catalog of over 1 million items across hundreds of categories, it can be hard to know which items are truly worthwhile purchases. Reading Banggood product reviews is the best way to get unbiased opinions to help you make informed buying decisions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to find reviews for any item sold on Banggood.

Search for Reviews on the Product Page

The easiest way to find reviews for a Banggood product is to simply go to that item’s official page on the Banggood website. Scroll down below the product photos and details, and you’ll see tabs for “Reviews” and “Q&A”.

The Reviews Tab

This section displays customer-submitted reviews for that particular product. Reviews are shown in order from newest to oldest. For each review, you can see:

  • The reviewer’s username
  • A star rating out of 5
  • The date the review was written
  • The color option purchased
  • The full text review detailing their thoughts on the product
  • Any photos/videos uploaded showing the product

Reviews span positive, negative, and neutral opinions. By reading multiple reviews, you can get a balanced perspective on an item’s real-world performance, quality, size/fit, etc. before purchasing.

The Q&A Tab

The Q&A section shows questions asked by previous customers and answers from either other buyers or the seller. This can provide additional insight from existing owners on questions like usage tips, technical issues, compatibility, and more for a product.

Check Video Reviews on YouTube

Beyond reviews on Banggood itself, you can also find reviews on YouTube. Search for the product name + “review” or “Banggood review”. Filter the results by most recent or most viewed.

YouTube reviews will often go more in-depth through unboxings, demonstrations, and detailed assessments on using a product. Video reviews allow you to better visualize a product in real life. Seeing how well an item is made and works will provide a lot more helpful information than just reading a text review.

For example, toy reviews on YouTube will show children playing with the toy. Tech product reviews will showcase all features and software. Clothing reviews display fit, style, and fabric. YouTube is a great place to find visual reviews for all kinds of Banggood products.

Join Facebook Groups Related to the Product Category

Facebook groups dedicated to certain product types like vapes, fidget toys, or phone accessories will often discuss the quality of items from sellers like Banggood. Search for relevant groups and join them to read through existing posts. You can also ask the community for their recommendations on which Banggood products they’d suggest in that category.

Group members who have already purchased and used Banggood items can provide opinions on particular models to buy or avoid. Niche Facebook groups have knowledgeable members who can give advice on the best Banggood products for your specific needs and interests within that topic.

Check Product Ratings on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a trusted consumer review website where customers can leave ratings and reviews for thousands of brands and online stores, including Banggood. Go to the Banggood Trustpilot page to filter by product category and read detailed feedback on specific items ordered from their site.

Reviews on Trustpilot tend to be more critical than on the Banggood site itself. This is because Trustpilot acts as a neutral third-party platform. The ratings and reviews help uncover potential quality issues, shipping problems, or poor customer service for various Banggood products. Checking the Trustpilot ratings can alert you to products you may want to avoid.

Research Reseller Reviews on Amazon

While Banggood sells its products directly to consumers, many items are also resold by third-party sellers on Amazon. You can find reviews for the same Banggood products by searching on Amazon. Look for listings where the seller name includes “Banggood” or check the product description for confirmation it’s the same item.

Amazon reviews can provide an additional data point on product performance, since these customers bought from Amazon but still received an item shipped directly from the Banggood warehouses. Pay attention to any feedback on shipping times, packaging, and condition on arrival when purchasing through Amazon resellers.

Ask in Forum Communities

There are many online communities and forums where you can ask for recommendations on solid Banggood App products to buy. For example, on Reddit you can post in subreddits related to the item type, like r/electronic_cigarette, r/FidgetToys, r/drones, etc.

Introduce yourself as a new Banggood customer looking for opinions on the best merchandise available. Forum members who frequently purchase from Banggood can point you towards products they’ve had success with and advise against poor quality items.

Compare with Review Aggregator Sites

Review aggregator sites like compile Banggood reviews from multiple sources into one place. This allows you to cross-reference opinions from both customers and external reviewers on one product page.

Review aggregators summarize the highlights from reviews around the web and use algorithms to provide overall scores for aspects like features, value, and ease of use. Seeing all the reviews together can help identify consistent feedback, both good and bad.

Join Banggood Customer Community

Banggood has its own online customer community you can join for free. Introduce yourself and explain you are researching products to buy on Banggood and are interested in feedback. Current customers will chime in with suggestions on bestsellers and hidden gems across different categories that they personally stand behind based on experience.

Since this community consists exclusively of Banggood shoppers, they can provide detailed responses comparing products they’ve purchased directly from the platform. The Banggood customer community is a great insider resource to aid your buying decisions.

Look for Blog Reviews in Your Niche

Bloggers focused on technology, gadgets, vaping, drones, and other niches often write reviews of products sourced from Chinese sites like Banggood. Use Google to find blog reviews for any item you are considering.

Bloggers give in-depth assessments and comparisons of products often using hands-on testing and examining the quality first-hand. Their reviews are aimed at fellow enthusiasts, so the details go well beyond basic feedback a regular customer would leave. Niche blog reviews provide valuable perspectives as experienced product users.

Check Seller Ratings on the Site

Before purchasing a particular item, look up the seller’s profile page on Banggood. This will show their overall customer rating, number of reviews, response rate, and other details. Only buy from sellers with a high rating of 95% or more positive feedback.

A low rating can indicate problems with product quality, shipping,return policies, or poor communication. Check that the seller has helped customers resolve any issues based on their responses. Thoroughly vetting sellers will help avoid headaches when purchasing an item.

Electronics Reviews

For any electronic device like phones, laptops, LED lights, dash cams, home security systems, or gaming accessories, you’ll want reviews focused on performance, features, and durability.

Search for in-depth video reviews on YouTube where the reviewer demonstrates the setup process, tests all the features, evaluates the interface, and pushes the product to its limits to assess overall quality. Electronics can have issues like batteries not holding charge, buttons malfunctioning, or glitchy firmware. Video reviews will uncover any manufacturing defects or weaknesses.

Trusted tech review sites like CNET, Tom’s Guide, and PCMag may have written professional reviews evaluating the same rebranded electronics sold on Banggood. Their exhaustive testing procedures will provide expert opinions on factors like display resolution, battery life, speed, and more.

Forums on sites like Reddit, Quora, and specialized hobby forums will also have discussions comparing product models and brands. This can give additional owner perspectives on real-world use and longevity. They can advise if an item stands up well or has problems over time.

When buying any electronic device from Banggood, only purchase from sellers with a 95% positive feedback score and above to avoid defective or fraudulent items. Confirm reviews stating items were authentic and functioned as described before ordering.

Smartwatch Reviews

For smartwatches, you’ll want to understand how accurate and reliable the activity tracking features are for steps, distance, heart rate, sleep, etc. Apps and notifications, display readability in sunlight, battery life, and water resistance also need proper testing.

YouTube reviewers will demonstrate fitness tracking and waterproofing thoroughly by wearing the watch during workouts, sleep, swimming, etc. to evaluate its performance versus claims. They’ll also showcase the app interface and tools in action on the watch screen.

Amazon will have insightful reviews on how smartwatches hold up over months of daily use, as small issues like unresponsive buttons, foggy displays, or clunky software will be reported after extended wear.

Forums like Reddit’s r/smartwatch will compare Banggood models to name brands on capabilities and accuracy. They’ll determine if the specs like Bluetooth version, processor, and sensors translate into responsive real-world activity tracking compared to more expensive alternatives.

Make sure to assess seller ratings and return policies carefully when purchasing more delicate electronics like a smartwatch where flaws are likely to appear over time. Opt for sellers with long warranties and positive feedback resolving issues.

Vape and e-Cig Reviews

For vape devices like pod systems, mods, tanks, and accessories plus e-juice, the most important reviews will focus on flavor, cloud production, and coil lifespan. These factors determine the vaping experience quality.

YouTube has an endless supply of vape reviews showing close-ups of clouds at different wattages, tester inhales evaluating flavor, coil installation, filling, and longevity through multiple refills. This provides visual proof of performance versus marketing claims.

Reddit communities like r/electronic_cigarette have extensive discussions around the top devices and e-juices available from various manufacturers. Users will weigh in Banggood models that provide the best flavor and vapor production versus cheaper flawed options.

Specialty vape and e-cig blogs also provide expert technical review and comparisons. They dig into details like battery amp limits, chipset quality, material grades, e-juice sourcing, and more. These niche reviewers identify issues the average user may not notice.

Shop Banggood vape sellers with at least a 95% rating and long warranties, as defects like leaky tanks, burnt coils, non-functional batteries, and more are relatively common. Only purchase models with reviews confirming reliable quality.

Apparel and Shoe Reviews

For clothing and footwear, sizing consistency and fit reviews are absolutely crucial, since the right measurements and adjustability are imperative for both comfort and expected appearance when wearing.

Video reviews and photos of apparel on actual customers are vital to demonstrate how the garments fit on bodies of different heights and sizes. Reviews measuring and showing how the item fits provides a reference for whether sizing runs true to chart.

Written reviews will also note any fit quirks like sleeves being too long, pants running small in waist, or issues with adjustability in areas like bra straps and shoe laces. This helps identify which items have flexible or awkward fits.

Fabric quality, stitching, and dye issues will also arise in reviews over time. Comments on whether materials are comfortable, breathable, and durable provides insight into daily wear and tear.

Research Banggood apparel seller return rates in case you need to exchange for a different size. Purchase brands with a track record of sufficient sizing consistency in reviews.

Phone Case Reviews

For phone cases, the most important review factors are accurate sizing/fit for your specific phone model, protection features like bumpers and raised edges, grip, port access, raised bezels to protect screens, and overall durability.

Video and photo reviews confirm a case fits your phone properly and show off any protective design elements versus the product images. Written reviews evaluate grip and port access from repeated everyday use. And durability test reviews reveal how well cases hold up over months of accumulated drops.

Measurements are critical for phone cases, so reviews detailing the interior case dimensions compared to your phone model’s size will clarify which case variations fit accurately. Reviews for cases of the same model but different colors will mention any sizing inconsistencies.

Be sure to review seller ratings for phone case listings, as higher quality materials like shock-absorbing TPU versus cheaper silicone and plastic make a big difference in protection and longevity.

Drone Reviews

For drones, in-depth video reviews testing all flight modes and intelligent tracking features are essential to evaluate stability, control, camera quality, and general maneuverability.

YouTube testers will fly drones through their paces in different environments and conditions to assess wind resistance and positioning accuracy when filming video or photos. Technical issues like connectivity, geo-fencing problems, or motor failures will be uncovered.

Specialized drone forums and subreddits like r/drones will compare the real-world flight times, camera capabilities, and range versus marketing specifications under rigorous testing. Responsiveness and intuitive controls will also be analyzed.

Pay close attention to reviewer comments around replacing defective parts and batteries. Complex electronics like drones often have manufacturer defects. Review seller return policies before purchasing.

Makeup and Beauty Reviews

For makeup, skin care, hair products, and beauty tools, video reviews showcasing and testing products on actual faces are incredibly helpful to demonstrate performance claims like hydration, pigment intensity, absorption rate, coverage levels, effects on various skin types, and more.

Reviewer skin tones, complexions, hair types, etc. will represent a diversity of customers to help identify which products work well for different people based on their unique beauty needs and desired results.

Written reviews also provide helpful feedback on wear time, multiple uses, drying time, blending, pigmentation consistency across batches, and other characteristics that emerge over ongoing use. Photos show application examples and effects.

Research seller ratings thoroughly when ordering beauty items, as expired, diluted, or defective products with altered formulas are common without proper quality control and oversight. Only purchase top-rated sellers.

Toy Reviews

For toys, quality control is crucial, so finding reviewers who provide assessments on toy assembly, durability under rough children’s play, and safety is key. Video reviews that demonstrate the toy in action also show off features and display animation quality, sounds, and more.

Written reviews mention flaws like pieces not fitting together properly, fragility of components, choking hazards from small parts, and other manufacturing defects that may not be obvious until a toy is played with extensively. Photos also showcase issues not visible in product listings.

Reviews commenting on child age appropriateness, play value, and comparisons to name brands help determine if the toy will actually appeal to and sufficiently engage kids. Feedback on things like toy materials, motor noises, and battery life provides fuller awareness before purchase.

As always, toy seller ratings and return policies need careful checking, since there are many potential product hazards like detachable magnets, lead in paint, and overall flimsiness you want to avoid.

Jewelry Reviews

For jewelry, detailed video reviews and high resolution photos allow you to inspect the quality of materials and craftsmansiveness up close. You can look for reviews scrutinizing details like gem cuts, metal finishes, enamel work, engravings, clasps, bead uniformity, and more.

Written reviews also evaluate weight, durability over long term wear, tarnishing, gem secureness in settings, comfort, and overall styling compared to product images and descriptions. This helps set realistic expectations on appearance and longevity.

Reviews noting measurements like necklace lengths, ring sizes, bracelet diameters, and gem carat weights help identify which variations fit best. Also pay attention to any comments on discoloration or skin reactions indicating lower quality metals.

Jewelry poses many risks around skin reactions, damage from plating wearing off, and high prices for pieces made with counterfeit stones and metals. Scrutinize seller ratings even more closely for jewelry quality assurances and refund policies.

Kitchen and Dining Product Reviews

For kitchen and dining products like appliances, cookware, tableware, and utensils, video reviews putting items to work are exceptionally beneficial. You can observe performance and functionality first-hand during food preparation tasks, cooking, baking, storage, cleaning, etc.

Written reviews also evaluate durability after months of kitchen use, providing feedback on damage resistance, food stain removal, grips wearing down, blades dulling, mechanical operation, heat tolerance, and general wear and tear from washing.

Important considerations like cooking surface hardness, handle heat resistance, knife balance and sharpness, drop durability, leak resistance, and ingredient reactivity will all be revealed during extensive real customer use. This identifies overlooked design and quality issues.

Pay particular attention to reviews indicating damage from high heat, chipping, food stains, dents, scratching, and other flaws appearing under normal use conditions. Assess seller product life span policies prior to any kitchenware purchase.

Automotive Product Reviews

For automotive products like dash cams, diagnostic tools, maintenance tools, interior accessories, and electronics, video reviews are absolutely essential to showcase and evaluate functionality in real in-car testing conditions.

YouTube reviewers will demonstrate dash cam video and audio quality during day, night, and varied weather driving footage samples. They test diagnostic tool scope readings, maintenance tool performance, electronics charging functions, interior accessory durability, and everything else in actual on-road usage.

Forum communities dedicated to specific vehicle makes and models will compare options for compatibility with your particular car. They’ll recommend specific tools and accessories tailored for your vehicle’s unique technical specifications, connectors, design, dashboard, and other variables.

Written reviews also evaluate ease of installation according to vehicle type. Pay attention to feedback on magnetic mounts, cord positioning, suction cup adhesion, wiring, and other practical usage factors during driving.

Carefully assessing seller ratings helps avoid poor quality items with misleading marketing images that ultimately don’t deliver promised performance results in real automotive settings.

Camping and Hiking Gear Reviews

For camping and hiking gear, reviewers will put items to the test by actually using tents, sleeping bags, coolers, headlamps, tools, clothing, packs, and other gear out on trails and campsites. Their assessments reflect true performance under harsh environmental conditions.

Video reviews show gear being used in real camping and hiking scenarios. They provide visual confirmation of durability, water resistance, temperature insulation, storage capacity, sizing, and functionality claims that manufacturers assert through product images and descriptions.

Written reviews evaluate wear and tear effects like broken zippers, material deterioration, strap robustness, and more that become evident over extensive outdoor use trips across changing conditions and elevation. Photos also document issues noticed over time.

Product testing in authentic camping and hiking settings reveals flaws and limitations which aren’t obvious from standard product images. Carefully weigh these first-hand reviews before any gear purchase intended for serious outdoor use.

3D Printer Reviews

For 3D printers, in-depth video reviews focused on print results, software, leveling and calibration, filament quality, temperature regulation, mechanical operation, and general ease of use are highly advisable to consult.

Reviewers print test models showcasing details like resolution, accuracy, overhang performance, speed, surface quality, filament adhesion, minimum wall thickness, and other metrics used to assess overall print quality. These results help set expectations when comparing different printers and filaments.

Written reviews also evaluate hardware factors like frame sturdiness, axis alignment, belt tension, motors, guided rods, heated bed leveling, noise, and other mechanical facets during prints. Technical specifications on paper don’t necessarily translate into real-world performance.

Reviews play a crucial guidance role given the many adjustments and tweaks required in 3D printing. Research thoroughly before purchasing printers and filament from Banggood to weed out lower grade machines and materials prone to issues.

RC Vehicle Reviews

For remote control vehicles, road tests evaluating handling, suspension, grip, power, speed control precision, reception range, runtime, and crash endurance are essential performance metrics to research through video reviews.

Dynamic testing examines factors like climb angle, stability at high speeds, maneuverability on various terrain types, and video transmission distance. Waterproofing and robustness against damage are also assessed under controlled crash tests and environmental exposure.

Written reviews highlight issues noticed over time like short battery life, poorly secured components that loosen, low quality plastic and metal parts more prone to breaking, inadequate ground clearance, weak suspension, stripped gears, and multiple other flaws only revealed under rigorous use.

With the complexity of RC vehicles, confirm seller guarantee warranties, spare part availability, and refund policies in case repairs or replacements become necessary down the road. Thorough reviews help minimize unpleasant surprises from cheap materials and components.

Baby and Toddler Product Reviews

For baby and toddler items like clothes, toys, blankets, feeding products, health and safety products, strollers, and furniture, video and photo reviews help carefully inspect materials, assembly, fit, sizing, and overall quality.

Written reviews identify safety concerns like loose parts and pieces, sharp edges, choking hazards, chemical smells, flimsy construction, and other defects and risks only noticeable upon close examination and actual everyday use.

Feedback around factors like material softness, stitching, stretchiness, ease of cleaning, durability under toddler use/abuse, adjustability as babies grow, and other practical considerations provides helpful guidance around which products live up to marketing claims.

Properly vetting items intended for infants and young children using detailed reviews is absolutely essential given new parents’ anxieties around product hazards. Thoroughly assessing seller reputation and return policies provides further peace of mind.

Musical Instrument Reviews

For musical instruments like guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, violins, microphones, and PA equipment, video and audio reviews evaluating sound quality are extremely helpful for comparing items based on tone, resonance, range, tuning stability, and general playability.

Written reviews also assess hardware factors like fret work, string tension, knob durability, pedal and key sensitivity, tuning peg tightness, and other facets affecting ongoing performance through daily musical use cases. Photos document issues.

Specialty forum communities dedicated to instruments have extensive discussions comparing budget-friendly Banggood models versus premium alternatives. They’ll recommend best value options for each skill level from beginner to professional based on actual experience.

Musical instruments involve many intricate components where small deficiencies can greatly influence sound and playability. Carefully weigh reviews to identify instruments and gear with good quality control before purchasing.

Pet Supply Reviews

For pet items, video reviews showing products in use with actual pets are invaluable for seeing how well accessories fit, containment systems contain, feeding tools dispense, cleaning tools remove fur, training tools work, and other products deliver on functional promises.

Written feedback identifies problems noticed over time like chipped bowls, torn beds, leaky dispensers, loose straps, sagging materials, locking mechanism failures, and other flaws not evident from product images but revealed under real pet use.

Pet owner reviews look at safety considerations like choking hazards, chewing and digestive risks of toys, maximum pet size limits for crates and carriers, and other concerns specific to pets’ wellbeing. This identifies overlooked hazards in pet products.

Specialized pet forums, dog and cat subreddits, and niche blogs compare options suited for particular breeds based on size, activity level, and other factors. These communities provide personalized guidance to select optimal gear for your own pets before ordering.

With pets relying on products for health and happiness, properly vetting sellers, warranties, and satisfaction guarantees through reviews provides necessary confidence in safety across Banggood pet supplies.

Home and Garden Reviews

For home and garden tools, appliances, outdoor structures, decor, lighting, and furniture, video reviews demonstrate functionality in simulated real-world scenarios and tests. You can assess performance in uses like cutting, digging, lifting, cleaning, assembly, power, lighting output, and more.

Written feedback evaluates durability across weather, exposure to lawn chemicals, everyday mowing, cleaning, movement, storage, and the natural wear and tear of extended home and garden use. Photos reveal issues like rust, stains, dents, and other damage over time.

Reviews gauge key factors like weight, ease of transport, adjustability, output, power cord/hose length, water protection, and other practical elements that influence ease of use doing home and garden work. This identifies products with frustrating limitations.

Specialty landscaping, cleaning, storage, and decor blogs compare options suited for certain home layouts and outdoor property types. These narrow down optimal tools and furniture tailored for your own unique needs based on expert use.

Carefully weighing reviews helps avoid low-grade home and garden items with misleading marketing that fail to deliver on claims for real homeowners and gardeners. Focus only on proven products from reputable sellers.

Sports and Outdoors Gear Reviews

For sports and outdoors equipment, reviewers test items in simulated conditions matching real athletic activity. They assess performance metrics like speed, power, accuracy, responsiveness, grip, traction, impact absorption, and more using sports-specific techniques and calculated benchmarks.

Video reviews capture factors like kickboxing glove padding rebound, tennis racquet ball spin and control, yoga mat grip, exercise bike stability, treadmill belt noise, and other product qualities best demonstrated visually through dynamic action.

Written reviews also evaluate products over the long term, looking at durability during intense and frequent athletic use. They reveal shortcomings like bicycle chains wearing out prematurely, dumbbell corrosion from sweat, running shoe sole separation, and other


Finding authentic and detailed reviews is crucial when buying products from any online marketplace like Banggood. Follow the tips outlined in this guide, and you’ll be able to make well-informed purchasing decisions that maximize your chances of being satisfied with your orders. Taking the time to properly research products using these review sources will lead to the best Banggood shopping experience.

Banggood sells a massive variety of products, so the type of reviews you need will depend on the specific item you are interested in purchasing.

How do I find reviews for products on Banggood


Where can I find reviews for products on Banggood?

You can find reviews for products on Banggood by visiting the product page of the item you’re interested in and scrolling down to the “Customer Reviews” section.

How do I know if the reviews on Banggood are reliable?

While Banggood strives to ensure the authenticity of reviews, it’s always a good idea to read multiple reviews and consider the overall consensus to gauge reliability.

Can I filter reviews on Banggood by rating or relevance?

Yes, on the Banggood website, you can often filter reviews by rating (such as 5 stars, 4 stars, etc.) and relevance to help you find the most useful reviews.

Are there reviews with photos on Banggood?

Yes, many reviews on Banggood include photos uploaded by customers, providing visual feedback on the product.

Can I leave a review on Banggood if I haven’t purchased the product from their site?

No, Banggood requires that you have purchased the product from their site in order to leave a review. This helps ensure that reviews are from verified buyers.

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