Banggood RC Vehicles [2024]

Banggood RC Vehicles. Remote control vehicles provide hours of fun as you drive scaled down cars, trucks, boats and more. Banggood is a top online retailer offering a massive selection of RC vehicles at budget friendly prices. From surface to air and water, this article will explore the varied world of radio controlled models available from Banggood.

Overview of RC Vehicle Types

RC or radio controlled vehicles are powered models that are steered via a handheld transmitter. Here are some of the most common categories:

  • RC Cars – Ground vehicles including on-road, off-road, drift and drag models.
  • RC Trucks – Rugged trucks designed for off-road driving like rock crawlers and monster trucks.
  • RC Boats – Speed boats, yachts, tugboats and more designed for water.
  • RC Tanks – Armored vehicles that replicate military tanks with rotating turrets.
  • RC Planes – Aircraft ranging from gliders to jets which fly via remote control.
  • RC Helicopters – Rotary aircraft that mimic real life helicopters in smaller form.
  • RC Drones – Aerial vehicles that are stabilized via onboard flight controllers.

This article will provide an overview of popular models in each category along with tips for getting started. Let’s explore all the RC vehicle options in land, sea, air and more.

RC Cars

RC cars encompass everything from street legal replicas to lightning fast race cars. Here are some of the most popular types of RC cars:

On-Road RC Cars

On-road RC cars are designed for paved surfaces like roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Popular styles include:

  • Touring cars – Realistically proportioned sports car bodies with front and rear traction for high grip.
  • Formula 1 – Open wheeled racers modeled after F1 cars with intricate aerodynamic details.
  • LeMans prototypes – Sleek endurance racers resembling LeMans competitors meant for flat-out speed.
  • Drift cars – Rear wheel drive models engineered to easily break traction and slide sideways around corners.

These on-road cars reach speeds over 50+ mph thanks to powerful brushless motors and high capacity lithium batteries. Traction control and independent suspension provide precise handling. They make exciting machines for organized racing or casual driving.

Off-Road RC Cars

Banggood App, Off-road RC cars are built rugged to handle driving on loose surfaces like dirt, grass and gravel. Common types include:

  • Short course trucks – Styled after scaled down trophy trucks meant for short course dirt oval racing.
  • Stadium trucks – Lightning quick racers with large tires and long suspension travel for dirt tracks and backyards.
  • Buggies – Quick acceleration and handling makes buggies ideal for closed course off-road racing.
  • Rock racers – With huge tires and suspension suited for rocks, they mimic short course rock racing.

Durability is key for withstanding dirt, mud, jumps and crashes. These off-roaders reach 30+ mph aided by 4WD traction and advanced shocks. Backyard bashing or track racing provides adrenaline pumping action.

Other RC Car Models

Beyond on-road and off-road designs, other RC car options include:

  • Monster trucks – Massive tires on these beasts allow crushing cars and climbing obstacles.
  • Crawlers – Slow technical 4WD vehicles engineered to climb over rocks and challenging terrain.
  • Drag cars – Built for straight line speed runs down dedicated drag strips.

With the variety of car types, there’s an exciting option whether you prefer high speed racing or realistic trail driving.

RC Trucks

For rugged off-road fun, RC trucks provide incredible realism and capabilities. Popular categories include:

Monster Trucks

Towering tires give monster trucks extreme ground clearance to roll over anything in their path. Iconic styles include:

  • Revos – Traxxas Revo trucks offer power, durability and backflipping abilities.
  • Clodbusters – Iconic Tamiya Clodbuster models provide monster truck thrills in smaller 1/10 scale.
  • Yetis – The Arrma Outcast, Kraton, Notorious and other Yetis deliver massive size and power.

With huge power from brushless systems, these beasts churn dirt, pop vertical wheelies, and flip with ease.

Scale Trail Trucks

For realism, scale RC trail trucks accurately recreate popular off-road 4x4s including:

  • Axial SCX – Trucks like the SCX10 mimic the suspension and details of Jeeps and Land Rovers meant for trails.
  • Traxxas TRX-4 – The TRX-4 Sport replicates a classic Bronco ready to crawl over rocks and logs.
  • Vaterra Ascender – Based on the K10, this 1980s styled pickup tackles tough terrain.

Portal axles, locking diffs, scale accessories, and licensed bodies let these trucks mimic the off-road capabilities of real SUVs and trucks. Slow technical driving tests your control.

Hobby Grade RTR Trucks

Ready-to-run hobby grade trucks strike a balance between durability, power and price including:

  • Arrma – The Granite, Senton and others offer fast brushed power in rugged platforms able to take crashes and jumps.
  • Redcat Racing – Affordable platforms like the Lightning, Tornado and others perfect for new hobbyists.
  • Losi – The Losi Mini-T 2.0 offers a smaller stadium truck ideal for indoor or tight outdoor spaces.

These 1/10 scale ready-to-run trucks are quick on 3S LiPo power. You can drive them hard right out of the box.

RC Boats

RC boats provide the fun of powerboats and sailing in a small package that floats. Popular options include:

Power Boats

For speed across the water, RC powerboats modeled after real life boats include:

  • Deep vee – Powerful race boats featuring a V-shaped hull that cuts through water.
  • Catamarans – Twin-hulled designs built for stability at high speeds.
  • Scale boats – Detailed replicas of full size boats like fireboats, police boats and more powered by RC.
  • Jet boats – Using an impeller for propulsion, these boats can accelerate rapidly and turn on a dime.

Brushed motors provide speed while waterproof electronics withstand splashes and waves. Grab your lifejacket and have a blast zipping across ponds and lakes.

Scale Sailboats

Using wind power, RC sailboats gracefully move across water with different styles including:

  • Sloops – Feature a single mast with mainsail and headsail for cruising.
  • Schooners – Equipped with fore and aft sails on two or more masts.
  • Catamarans – Twin hulled designs offer performance and stability.

These sophisticated models include keels, rudders, winches and working sails operated remotely. Scale details include teak decking, rigging and wood trim for an immersive sailing experience.

RC Tanks

Engage in armored ground battles driving military tank replicas including:

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

  • Willys Jeep – Iconic military jeeps with rubber tread tracks maneuver like tanks. Realistic details immerse you in history.
  • German Half Track – Half truck, half tank design with steerable front wheels and rear tracks for traction.
  • M416 – Modern infantry carrier with rotating turret and infrared remote control.

These scaled down armored vehicles feature proportional steering and sound effects like engine revving and cannon fire. Dual stick controls provide precise driving plus turret rotation. Engage in backyard skirmishes recreating battlefield missions.

Main Battle Tanks

For the ultimate in power, RC main battle tanks are incredible feats of engineering including:

  • Abrams – Modern Abrams tanks boast realistic suspension, rotating turrets and cannons that elevate.
  • Tiger – One of the most feared tanks of WWII now in RC form with full sound effects.
  • T-34 – Cold War Russian tank that revolutionized tank design and battle tactics.
  • Leopard 2A6 – Sophisticated modern tank with infrared night vision camera for after dark patrols.

These tanks span eras from WWII to today. Shake the ground while imagining commanding a platoon of these armored beasts into combat.

RC Planes

Replicating the thrill of flight, RC planes range from simple trainers to incredibly realistic jets including:

Beginner RC Planes

Starting with basic RC planes allows you to learn flying skills before advancing to more complex models:

  • HobbyZone Champ – This rugged high wing trainer is easy to assemble and fly with gyro stabilization.
  • E-flite Apprentice – Designed to take abuse while learning, the Apprentice has SAFE technology for beginners.
  • Flyzone Calypso – A 3-channel glider is perfect for learning rudder, elevator and throttle controls.

These planes get new pilots comfortable with takeoffs, landings and controlling an aircraft using a transmitter. Durability is emphasized allowing you to make mistakes and improve.

Intermediate/Advanced Planes

Once your skills progress, move up to more capable and realistic RC planes including:

  • Horizon Hobby Cub – The ultra-realistic Carbon Cub SS+ floats on big tires ready for high grass landings.
  • FMS P-51 Mustang – With its super detailed Mustang body and 950mm wingspan, landings are incredibly scale.
  • E-flite F-18 Hornet – Experience the power of a 70mm ducted fan jet with this military replica Hornet.

These lifelike planes let you experience the feeling of piloting full size aircraft – with much lower costs should you crash. Advanced stabilization systems aid with control.

RC Helicopters

Though challenging to master, flying RC helicopters delivers an amazing sense of accomplishment. Popular models include:

Coaxial Helicopters

Coaxial rotor design has two main rotors stacked for simplified control and stability:

  • Syma S107G – At just $20, this coaxial chopper is cheap to learn with. Replace parts as needed to improve skills.
  • WL Toys V272 – Sturdy enough for beginners yet powerful for stunts like rolls and loops.
  • Blade mCX2 – Durable build quality and gyro stabilization helps new pilots learn orientation.

With two rotors sharing the load, these helicopters avoid difficult torque reactions as you learn to pilot them. Durability is key for surviving repeated crashes.

Collective Pitch Helicopters

For advanced fliers, collective pitch choppers mimic real helicopter controls:

  • Blade 230S – High performance power from a brushless motor and flybarless stability for aerobatics.
  • E-flite Blade 400 – A 667mm rotor span paired with digital servos provides precision capabilities.
  • Walkera Genius CP – At just $150 complete, it’s one of the most affordable ways to try collective pitch.

These advanced models require learning how to control collective and cyclic pitch, adding complexity versus coaxial helicopters. The payoff is more maneuverability once mastered.

RC Drones

Combining elements of planes and helicopters, today’s drones take flight with incredible abilities:

Camera Drones

  • DJI Mini 2 – Weighing less than 250 grams, it captures sweeping 4K aerial views in a tiny, folding package.
  • Potensic Dreamer Pro – Built-in 1080p camera on a stabilized 3-axis gimbal provides live first person view (FPV).
  • Snaptain SP500 – A budget drone with decent 1080p video, optical flow positioning and one key return.

Capture stunning aerial footage and stills. Some models offer VR headset compatibility for fully immersive FPV flight.

Racing Drones

Built for adrenaline pumping speed:

  • iFlight ProTD – At 5-inch size with dual GPS modules, it rips around race courses at 90+ mph.
  • Emax Tinyhawk – A palm sized micro racer that zips through backyard courses and small spaces.
  • BetaFPV Meteor75 – LED light integration and 75mm ducted fan design make it visible and fast on indoor courses.

Donning FPV goggles transports you into the pilot’s seat zipping through gates and around tight corners with razor sharp reflexes.

The world of drones keeps expanding with new abilities and designs coming to market regularly.

Getting Started with Banggood RC

Now that you know the primary options, let’s cover some tips for getting started with RC vehicles from Banggood:

  • Choose category – Select the type that interests you the most: cars, trucks, boats, tanks, planes or helis.
  • Consider scale – Larger 1/5 to 1/4 scale models perform better outdoors but cost more. 1/10 scale makes a good starting point.
  • Browse options – Search the Banggood website or app to see the huge range of models of a certain type.
  • Compare features – Consider the power system, construction materials, speeds, scale details, etc to find the best fit.
  • Read reviews – Check what existing customers have to say about a model’s pros and cons before purchasing.
  • Start with RTR – Beginners should opt for ready to run (RTR) models over kits to simplify the experience.
  • Have fun – Don’t worry about breaking parts as you learn. Repairs and upgrades are part of the journey.

It’s amazing how many high quality RC vehicles Banggood offers at reasonable prices. Use these tips to zero in on the ideal model to get started in your chosen category.

Choosing Radio Control Systems

The radio control (RC) system is how you send steering and throttle signals to your model. Here are some key considerations when choosing an RC system:

Transmitter (Tx) – Look for an ergonomic, comfortable grip with easy access to controls. Features may include programmable settings, dual rates, and model memory.

Receiver (Rx) – The receiver gets installed in the vehicle and pairs with the transmitter. More channels allow controlling more functions.

Frequency – AM and FM frequencies can have interference so 2.4GHz digital systems are preferred for reliability.

Batteries – Rechargeable batteries will be needed for the transmitter and vehicle. Lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries offer light weight and long run times.

Range – More expensive systems may provide longer range of over 1 km while cheaper ones are a few hundred feet. Consider your running space.

When first starting out, ready to run combos include a basic 2-channel transmitter and receiver which is fine for learning. Upgrade to more advanced systems as your experience grows.

Final Thoughts

Part of the fun with RC is constantly improving your vehicle through tuning adjustments and upgraded parts. As skills improve, you can advance to faster and more sophisticated models.

Banggood offers an incredible selection of RC vehicles, parts and accessories. Their prices and selection makes RCaccessible to beginners through advanced hobbyists.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of RC cars, boats, tanks, planes or other vehicles, this guide covered the popular categories and models available. Drive, sail and fly from the comfort of your own home. Just charge up the batteries and let the RC adventures begin!

Banggood RC Vehicles


What is the best RC car for beginners from Banggood?

Some top beginner RC cars from Banggood include the WLToys 12423 1/12 scale brushless RTR, the FTX Vantage 1/10 scale drift RTR, and the Banggood Basher Rocksta Mini-T ready to run mini truck. These are affordable, durable and easy to control.

What RC boats does Banggood sell?

Banggood offers a wide range of RC boats including racing catamarans, scale replicas, high performance deep vee racers, mini RC sailboats, and even budget options under $50. Brands carried include Pro Boat, Dynamite and Double Horse.

Which RC planes are best for beginners?

Great beginner planes from Banggood include the Night Radian 2M glider, Flyzone Sensei trainer, and Aeroscout foam planes. They are made of durable foam, have extra lift generation, and use SAFE stabilization technology to make them easy to fly.

Does Banggood sell drones and FPV gear?

Yes, Banggood has a massive selection of beginner to professional drones including racing quads and camera drones from brands like DJI, Emax, iFlight and more. You can also purchase FPV goggles, antennas, motors, batteries and components for DIY builds.

What types of RC tanks are available on Banggood?

Banggood offers 1/16 to 1/4 scale replicas of real tanks including Abrams, Leopards, Tigers, and WWII era options. You can control turret rotation and sound effects for a realistic experience. Infantry carriers with rubber tracks are also available.

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