Is Banggood Legitimate? [2024]

Is Banggood Legitimate? Banggood is an ecommerce website that sells products directly from China to customers worldwide. The site offers low prices on a huge range of products including electronics, tools, home & garden items, toys, clothing, and more. With rock-bottom prices that seem almost too good to be true, some people naturally wonder – is Banggood legitimate?

In this in-depth article, we’ll take a close look at Banggood to help you decide if it’s a scam or a worthwhile place to shop online. We’ll cover topics like:

  • An overview of Banggood and its business model
  • Banggood’s product selection and quality
  • Shipping costs, options and timeframes
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Reputation and reviews from customers
  • Problems and complaints
  • Customer service response
  • Refund policy and disputes
  • Security and privacy protections
  • Contact information

After reviewing all of these factors, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons and provide a final verdict on whether Banggood is legitimate and can be trusted for online shopping.

Overview of Banggood

Banggood App was launched in 2006 by a team of people with experience working in ecommerce and the wholesale industry. The website is owned and operated by Banggood Technology Ltd which is based in Hong Kong.

Banggood operates as a marketplace, connecting individual wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China with international buyers. They have a network of over 10,000 Chinese suppliers who manufacture products or provide dropshipping services to fulfil orders.

Some key facts about Banggood:

The platform aims to enable buyers worldwide to access wholesale prices direct from low-cost Chinese suppliers. Customers can browse their website in different languages, pay in various currencies, and have items shipped directly to them.

Banggood’s low pricing is achieved in a few key ways:

  • Direct bulk wholesale rates from Chinese factories who can manufacture efficiently at scale
  • Lower labour costs and operating expenses in China compared to Western companies
  • Minimal branding and marketing expenses – they invest more on delivering savings to customers
  • Platform automates a lot of supply chain steps to reduce overheads

The tradeoff is that interfaces are less polished than premium brands, and customer service can be hit-or-miss. But for buyers happy to trade some convenience for huge savings, Banggood aims to deliver.

Product Selection

Banggood stocks and sells just about every type of gadget, gizmo, tool or general merchandise you can imagine. Some key categories include:


  • Cell phones & accessories
  • Tablets & laptops
  • Home audio equipment
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Smart wearable devices
  • Drones & RC toys

Home & Garden

  • Smart home technology
  • Solar & security products
  • Tools & DIY equipment
  • Furniture & household items

Sports & Outdoors

  • Camping & hiking gear
  • Hunting & fishing equipment
  • Biking accessories
  • Health & fitness devices

Toys & Hobbies

  • RC vehicles & parts
  • STEM toys & robot kits
  • Musical instruments
  • Diecast & model vehicles

Clothing & Jewelry

  • Women’s, men’s, children’s fashion
  • Underwear & sleepwear
  • Jewelry & watches
  • Shoes & bags

The long list continues covering automotive, beauty, pet supplies, office equipment, gaming accessories and more. Specialist niche items abound too – think night vision goggles, Bitcoin mining rigs and industrial laser cutters.

Within each category you’ll find brand name goods and generics sourced directly from the manufacturer. Product selection gives a good mix of familiar brands and unusual items you won’t find elsewhere.

Reviewing customer feedback indicates the product quality can be hit or miss. Some items are reported as excellent value for money with decent build quality. Others note the items feel cheaply made or don’t work properly.

Checking individual reviews helps ascertain if a product is up to scratch or likely to break after a few uses. Pay close attention to product specifications and info too – sometimes the sizing, features or compatibility differs from your expectations.

Shipping Costs, Options and Timeframes

Banggood offers a wide range of shipping options to cater to different needs and budgets:

  • Free Shipping -Certain products can get free delivery if they exceed a minimum order value. This uses basic China Post shipping which takes 2-6 weeks.
  • Expedited Shipping – Faster delivery in 5-15 business days will cost extra depending on location. Options include DHL, UPS, FedEx as well as AliExpress Standard Shipping.
  • Local Delivery – In some countries, Banggood provide a local delivery option which is faster than international service.
  • Express Shipping – For urgent deliveries, Banggood has express shipping with tracking that takes 7-15 days for most locations. Costs more but faster than standard shipping.

The checkout process will display the available delivery options and costs for your order destination. Estimated delivery timeframes are shown, but these should be taken as a guide only. International delivery times can vary significantly.

Customers report the majority of orders arrive within the timeframe quoted at checkout. But delays of 1-2 weeks beyond the estimate are not uncommon too. If your order is time critical, pay extra for expedited shipping.

Payment Methods

Banggood accepts payments through all major credit cards, plus alternative online payment platforms like PayPal.

They support worldwide payment methods through partnerships with local payment providers across different regions. This includes options like bank transfers and cash on delivery in some countries.

Purchases can be made in numerous worldwide currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, AUD etc. Banggood displays product prices in your local currency by default.

One note of caution is to avoid paying by Western Union or direct bank transfer if possible. These methods offer less fraud protection and refund options compared to credit cards in case of problems.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Banggood has something of a mixed reputation amongst online shoppers. While some customers rave about the incredible deals on offer, others complain of delayed orders, faulty items and poor service when issues arise.

A few key indicators on Banggood’s reputation:

  • Google Reviews – 3.2 stars from over 145,000 reviews. Mix of praise for low prices and complaints about item quality and customer service.
  • SiteJabber – 2.5 stars from over 6,300 reviews. Again a very mixed bag with some happy buyers but many dissatisfied due to delayed or incorrect orders.
  • Trustpilot – 2.5 stars from almost 5,000 ratings. Repeated themes of excessively long delivery times and unusable products.
  • Facebook Reviews – 2.4 stars from 13,000+ ratings. Very polarized feedback between 5 star and 1 star ratings.
  • Reddit Opinions – General distrust of Banggood due to poor support and frequent shipping delays. Some redditors share positive experiences too.

The massive volume of orders Banggood handles means some problems are inevitable. But the overall pattern from buyers is that you have to be prepared for potential issues when placing orders.

Satisfaction seems to depend heavily on the specific products ordered and making sure your expectations match the budget nature of the website. Certain product categories have higher instances of defects or counterfeits.

Reading individual customer reviews before purchase is absolutely essential. This helps give advance warning of items that consistently underdeliver or have known issues to watch out for.

Common Problems and Complaints

While many Banggood orders go smoothly from end to end, there’s no shortage of customer complaints and negative reviews targeting frustrating experiences with this platform. Some of the most common issues reported include:

  • Excessively long delivery times – Late orders are one of the most frequent complaints. Products can take weeks or months over the estimated delivery timeframe.
  • Wrong or faulty items sent – Some customers receive entirely different products from their order. Others report items arrived damaged or stopped working within days or weeks of arrival.
  • Poor quality merchandise – There are abundant reviews complaining of flimsy construction and products breaking after using them briefly.
  • Bait and switch tactics – A dishonest sales tactic where the product pages show one thing but an inferior item is shipped instead. This issue comes up often in reviews.
  • Counterfeit branding – While some branded items are legitimate, there are certainly fakes sold on Banggood too judging by customer accounts.
  • Poor return and refund policies – Difficulty getting refunds or initiating returns even when the item is clearly faulty or incorrect.
  • Lack of seller response to issues – Numerous reports of sales reps ghosting customers after problems arise.
  • Unexpected customs fees – Some destinations require import duties and taxes on delivery which buyers hadn’t accounted for.

The majority of grievances seem to stem from the hit and miss quality control common on Chinese commerce sites. For every flawless transaction, there are disappointed customers who received dud products. Reviews suggest using common sense precautions like:

  • Avoiding unrealistic deals that seem too cheap to be true
  • Checking reviews specific to each item before purchase
  • Only buying from top rated sellers where possible
  • Recording unboxings in case the item needs returning
  • Paying extra for tracked shipping on high value orders

Customer Service Response

One area where Banggood seems to falter is customer support. Response times for queries are slow. Resolutions when things go wrong can be hard to come by based on buyer complaints.

There are a few ways to contact Banggood if issues arise:

  • Email – The main contact channel. Typical replies take 1-2 business days.
  • Live chat – Available 24/7 but queues can mean long waits. Agents offer limited English support. Chat transcripts help if disputes arise.
  • Message centre – Submit and track tickets for problems but expect delays.
  • Online form – Tedious process requiring separate forms for orders, returns, disputes etc.
  • Facebook – Quicker response than email but agents seem to lack authority to resolve issues.
  • Phone – Region specific numbers available but language barriers pose challenges.

Reddit threads and reviews often describe unhelpful copy-paste responses when customers complain. Language barriers mean exchanges frequently get lost in translation.

Seeking redress requires patience and persistence. Having order numbers, screenshots, video evidence etc helps back up your position in disputes.

For straightforward pre-sale product questions, Banggood’s customer service channels seem reasonably responsive. They falter once your money is paid and problems require resolution. Be prepared to advocate for yourself when issues inevitably arise.

Refund and Dispute Policies

Banggood outlines refund and return policies on their website which appear fair at first glance:

  • Unwanted products can be returned within 15 days of delivery for a refund.
  • Damaged or incorrectly shipped items have a one year window for refunds upon proof.
  • Quality issues allow refunds within 60 days or longer based on specific product warranties.

However, reviewers frequently accuse Banggood of dragging their feet or outright refusing refunds when brought to their attention. Drawing out dispute processes seems to be a common tactic.

Persistent follow up while citing their policies is key to success. Evidence like photos, video and chat transcripts will strengthen your case.

If disputes cannot be resolved directly with Banggood, requesting chargebacks via your payment provider is an option. This allows your credit card company to reverse the transaction and recover your money.

Be aware Banggood is known to ban accounts and IP addresses tied to chargebacks. But when all other avenues fail, chargebacks may be the only way to claw back your money. File claims sooner rather than later.

Security and Privacy Protections

On paper Banggood ticks the right boxes for secure shopping and privacy:

  • SSL encryption – The site uses HTTPS across all pages to encrypt connections.
  • No account required – You can checkout as a guest without creating an account.
  • PCI compliance – They claim to follow strict data security standards when handling payments.
  • No selling of data – Their privacy policy states that customer data including email addresses are not sold or rented to third parties.

However, some customers have reported account security issues:

  • Complaints about accounts being hacked and loyalty points stolen.
  • Password reset emails apparently being intercepted and changed.
  • Fraudulent purchases reported on cards after shopping with Banggood.

They claim to enforce account security through measures like password encryption and requiring ID verification to change account details.

But their reach is limited over third parties handling delivery and payments who could be potential weak links. As a precaution, avoid reusing passwords and consider virtual credit cards with trading limits when ordering.

Banggood Contact Information

Banggood are cagey about providing a phone number upfront. Their primary contact channels are through email and online forms.

  • Email – (response within 1-2 days)
  • Live Chat – Available 24/7 through website chat widget.
  • Ticket System – Submit support tickets via Banggood Message Center.
  • Facebook – Publicly post on their Facebook page or private message @Banggood for support.
  • WhatsApp – Selected regional numbers provided for chat support.
  • Snapchat – @banggood is their official account.
  • YouTube – They have an official Banggood channel.
  • TikTok – @banggood is their official profile.
  • Instagram – @banggood is their official page.
  • Twitter – @Banggood is their official Twitter handle for support.
  • Skype – Sales enquiries can be directed to bg.skype1
  • Phone – Limited region specific numbers available on their contact us page. English support is unlikely.
  • Address – No head office address provided. Registered in Hong Kong.

Getting in touch requires patience but starting with email, Facebook and live chat provide the most direct channels. For speedy responses, try contacting during China office hours.

The Verdict – Is Banggood Legitimate?

Evaluating all the evidence, here is an overview of the pros and cons of buying from Banggood:

Potential Pros of Shopping at Banggood

  • Massive selection of ultra cheap products direct from Chinese suppliers
  • Convenience of shopping many niche categories and brands in one place
  • Globally accessible for anyone to buy Chinese goods with few location restrictions
  • Intuitive website interface with worldwide language & currency support
  • Flexible shipping and payment options to suit different needs
  • Smooth ordering process and checkout for transaction simplicity

Potential Cons of Shopping at Banggood

  • Knockoff imitation goods sold alongside legitimate products
  • High chance of excessive shipping delays based on complaints
  • Defective, broken or incorrectly shipped items issues are common
  • Many low quality products with poor durability and longevity
  • After-sales support and returns process very hit and miss
  • Opaque company ownership structure and contact information
  • Security risks like data breaches and fraudulent purchases

The reality is that Banggood encapsulates the best and worst elements of buying direct from Chinese ecommerce sites.

On one hand, the pricing is unmatched for accessing ultra cheap deals. The range of unusual products you can buy is incredible too.

But poor quality control and potential hassles down the track are par for the course. For every ecstatic customer singing Banggood’s praises, you’ll find others left outraged by awful experiences.

Buying from Banggood ultimately requires managing your expectations. Their low costs enable prices simply not possible for reputable retailers. But this comes at the expense of quality and service at times.

If you know what to watch for and take steps to protect yourself, genuine bargains can certainly be found. But if your standards are higher or you want reliable customer support, other online stores are less of a gamble.

Banggood Legitimate


Is Banggood legit or a scam?

Banggood is a legitimate company, but some products may be knockoffs or counterfeits. Verify reviews carefully before purchasing.

How long does Banggood shipping take?

Delivery times vary greatly. Some orders arrive within 2 weeks, while others take 4-8 weeks. Pay extra for expedited shipping if timing is important.

What payment methods does Banggood accept?

Major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and alternate payment platforms through partners are accepted. Avoid Western Union due to less protection.

Does Banggood have an app?

Yes, Banggood has mobile apps for both iOS and Android to access the store and track orders. Reviews note occasional glitches.

Is Banggood safe to buy from?

It can be reasonably safe if you take precautions. Use strong unique passwords, pay by credit card, record unboxings, and scrutinize item reviews. Chargebacks offer a last resort if issues arise.

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