Is Banggood Legit? [2024]

Is Banggood Legit? Banggood is a popular online shopping store known for selling a wide variety of products at low prices. But is Banggood legit and safe to buy from? In this comprehensive article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Banggood to help you decide if it’s trustworthy or not.

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Overview of Banggood

Banggood was founded in 2006 by a team of people passionate about gadgets and tech. The company is headquartered in China but ships items worldwide through their network of global warehouses.

Banggood primarily focuses on small electronic gadgets and components, cell phones and accessories, toys and hobbies, clothing, and home and garden items. However, they’ve expanded their catalog over the years to include almost any type of product imaginable – from musical instruments to automotive parts.

The prices at Banggood are generally cheaper than US and European retail stores. This is achieved through direct partnerships with manufacturers and by shipping items directly from Chinese warehouses.

Banggood also frequently runs promotions and coupons to offer even lower prices. This combination of low base prices and discounts makes Banggood popular for price-conscious shoppers looking for deals.

Is Banggood Legit?

With low prices frequently comes concerns about whether a retailer is legit or if the products are counterfeit knockoffs. Let’s take a detailed look at some key factors to evaluate Banggood’s legitimacy.

Operational Since 2006

Banggood has been in business for over 15 years, which is a long time for an ecommerce company. The fact that Banggood has maintained operations for so long helps reinforce that it is a legitimate company. Scam websites often do not last long before being shut down.

Global Warehouse Network

Banggood App has a global supply chain and warehouse network spanning the United States, UK, Germany, China, and other countries. Having distribution centers positioned around the world indicates an established operation.

Verified Contact Information

Banggood provides a company address, phone number, email contact info, and even live chat support on their website. This transparency provides customers ways to directly contact them if any issues arise.

Accepts Major Payment Methods

Banggood accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and other common payment methods. Scam websites tend to only take cryptocurrencies or unusual payment types to make tracking them difficult. The payment options provided by Banggood are in line with legitimate retailers.

Positive Customer Reviews

If you check third-party review sites like TrustPilot, numerous customer reviews praise Banggood for delivering quality items quickly. While there are some negative reviews, the large majority appear satisfied with Banggood overall.

Responsive Customer Service

Speaking to their customer service firsthand, I asked several questions and found them to be responsive and knowledgeable regarding order, shipping, and returns issues. They were able to answer my questions satisfactorily.

Money Back Guarantee

Banggood provides a money back satisfaction guarantee between 15 to 60 days after delivery, depending on the specific item. This allows customers to return products if they are defective or otherwise unsatisfactory.

Potential Downsides of Shopping on Banggood

While Banggood appears to be legitimate, there are some potential downsides to consider as well when shopping there:

  • Long shipping times – Items ship directly from Chinese warehouses, so delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Counterfeit products – There’s a small risk of getting counterfeit items, though this is rare according to customer reviews.
  • Quality concerns – Some products may be cheaper quality since they source inexpensive manufacturing. Be sure to check reviews.
  • No phone support – Customer service is via email ticket or live chat only.
  • Hidden fees – Import taxes or customs fees may apply for international delivery. These aren’t charged upfront.

So while Banggood is not perfect and you need to be a savvy shopper, they offer reasonable policies and responsive support overall. The long delivery lead time is the most consistent potential hassle when ordering through them.

Banggood Product Categories

As mentioned earlier, Banggood carries an extremely wide selection of products across many categories. Here is a brief overview of some of their most popular categories:


  • Cell phones, tablets, and accessories
  • Development boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • PC components like processors and graphics cards
  • Audio equipment like headphones and speakers
  • Smart home technology
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Car electronics and GPS

Home & Garden

  • Home appliances like vacuums and air purifiers
  • Furniture and home decor
  • Kitchen and dining products
  • Gardening tools and outdoor equipment
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Hardware tools and DIY supplies

Hobbies & Toys

  • Quadcopters and RC vehicles
  • Musical instruments
  • Craft supplies and sewing machines
  • Adult toys and games
  • STEM and engineering toys

Clothing & Accessories

  • Women’s clothing and shoes
  • Men’s clothing like shirts and coats
  • Bags and luggage
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Glasses and sunglasses

They list new arrivals, top sellers, and popular brands across all these categories on their website. The variety is almost overwhelming, but they make browsing easy through category menus.

How to Save Money on Banggood

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the lowest prices when shopping on Banggood:

  • Look for coupon codes – Check sites like RetailMeNot for active Banggood promo codes you can apply at checkout.
  • Buy during sales – Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Year typically have Banggood’s biggest discounts.
  • Check flash deals – Banggood runs hourly flash deals with steep discounts but limited quantities.
  • Comparison shop – Use price tracking sites to compare Banggood with other stores.
  • Buy more to save – Items have larger bulk order discounts the more you purchase.
  • Use rewards points – Banggood has a rewards program where you earn points to redeem on future orders.

Following these methods can result in up to 50% or more in savings compared to the everyday prices. Timing purchases right when stacks of coupons and sales align can maximize your discount.

Is Banggood Too Good to Be True?

Banggood seems almost too good to be true at first glance. Thousands of items at rock bottom prices shipped worldwide sound great.

However, once you dive deeper into their operations, reviews, policies, and track record, concerns of it being a scam start to fade away. There are some potential hassles and risks to be aware of, but overall Banggood appears to be a legitimate retailer.

Millions of customers over their 15+ years in business have been satisfied shopping at Banggood. Just implement some best practices, like paying by credit card and reviewing return policies, and you should feel comfortable taking advantage of their low prices.

Banggood has earned its place as one of the top online destinations for discovering affordable products directly from Chinese factories. Just be an informed shopper and Banggood can deliver big savings on a variety of cool gadgets and gear.

Is Banggood trustworthy?

While you should be careful of scams, Banggood as a company is considered generally trustworthy based on years in business, customer reviews, responsive support, and reasonable return policies. They deliver as advertised in most cases.

The Verdict: Banggood is a Legitimate Site Worth Buying From

In summary, while Banggood is not perfect, the vast majority of evidence points to it being a legitimate ecommerce business. The risks of non-delivery or counterfeit products are low. Customers that shop smart get a positive experience finding deals on Banggood’s massive selection of gadgets and other products.

Comparing Banggood to Other Chinese Ecommerce Sites

Banggood is one of many Chinese ecommerce sites that ship inexpensive products worldwide directly from manufacturers. How does Banggood compare to similar retailers originating out of China?

Banggood vs AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the largest and most well-known Chinese online shopping sites. Like Banggood, it offers direct-from-factory pricing on a wide assortment of products.

Both sites have similar pros like low prices and wide selection. However, Banggood has faster shipping from their local warehouses, while AliExpress primarily ships direct from China. Banggood also has significantly better customer service and higher product quality standards compared to AliExpress sellers.

Banggood’s interface and search is also more intuitive compared to AliExpress. Overall, Banggood comes out ahead for a smoother shopping experience and faster delivery at competitive prices.

Banggood vs GearBest

GearBest is probably Banggood’s closest competitor in terms of business model and product catalog. They are both go-to sites for affordable gadgets and electronics.

GearBest does have slightly lower prices on some items, but Banggood runs more promotions and coupons to offset this. For quality and reliability, Banggood tends to edge out GearBest according to customer sentiments online.

While GearBest is decent, Banggood beats them on product selection, warehouse locations, ratings for support, and generally more satisfied customers according to reviews. Banggood seems to surpass GearBest in most aspects.

Banggood vs LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox focuses more on apparel, home goods, and wedding merchandise compared to Banggood’s technology and gadgets catalog.

LightInTheBox has better prices on some apparel, but service quality does not match Banggood. Reviews cite far more issues with orders never arriving and refunds not being honored in a timely fashion.

For anyone looking for great deals outside of clothing and accessories, Banggood easily surpasses LightInTheBox as the preferable choice.

Banggood vs Chinavasion

Chinavasion has operated even longer than Banggood, starting up in 2004. However, their reputation and customer sentiment has waned over the years. Complaints of not receiving orders have spiked more recently.

Banggood has surpassed Chinavasion in product selection, warehouse locations, shipping speed, and responsive customer service. There’s far less risks shopping through Banggood these days compared to Chinavasion based on buyer reviews.

Banggood vs DX

DX is another long-running Chinese ecommerce company focusing on toys, electronics, and hobby supplies. Their prices used to beat Banggood’s, but lately have fallen behind.

DX’s shipping and handling times have gotten slower as Banggood expanded warehouses. And Banggood’s support is far superior for resolving issues according to numerous customer accounts. Banggood pulls ahead for better service.

Banggood vs TomTop

TomTop originally started by reselling Banggood inventory at higher prices. Recently they have tried transitioning to their own store by cutting prices.

However, Banggood still has the original supplier relationships able to offer lower pricing in most cases. TomTop struggles to match their catalog depth as well. Sticking with Banggood directly remains the better choice over TomTop.

How Does Banggood Offer Such Low Prices?

Shoppers are often curious exactly how sites like Banggood are able to undercut pricing compared to other online and local retailers. There are several factors that allow Banggood to offer cheaper costs:

Direct from manufacturers

By purchasing inventory directly from Chinese and Asian factories and manufacturers, Banggood cuts out any middleman markups. This allows them to acquire products at much lower wholesale prices.

Lower labor costs

The labor wages paid in China are far lower than US standards, allowing factories to manufacture goods at extremely cheap costs. These savings get passed on to the consumer through sites like Banggood.

High order volumes

Banggood’s leading market position allows them to place large bulk orders that results in greater quantity discounts. Smaller purchases almost always result in higher per unit pricing.

Minimal overhead

Banggood’s overhead is low operating primarily online through a network of fulfillment centers. Traditional retailers have expensive storefront and personnel expenses that increase prices.

Avoiding licensing

Some products sold on Banggood infringe on patented features or licensed brands with impunity from Chinese factories, reducing costs. However, Banggood claims they will remove any reported problematic listings.

Shipping direct

Inventory ships direct from China to the customer. No need for costly import and distribution centers in each country. This allows substantial savings in logistics costs.

Lower margins

While Banggood surely operates on a profitable model, their margins are likely thinner than other retailers. Focusing on volume over profit per order helps keep prices low.

By leveraging all these approaches, Banggood stays extremely cost competitive compared to alternative online and brick-and-mortar retailers. They pass substantial savings down to shoppers willing to buy direct from Chinese sources.

Customer Opinions of Shopping on Banggood

Here are samples of actual customer reviews regarding their experience ordering from Banggood:

“I was hesitant to order from Banggood after some bad experiences with other Chinese sites, but I’m happy to say Banggood restored my faith. The packages arrived even faster than estimated and the products were quality just like described. Their follow up support was also polite and helpful. Will definitely be a return customer.”

“Banggood’s prices live up to the hype. I saved over 50% buying electronics and hobby gear compared to Amazon and other bigger brands. Delivery did take a few weeks but that’s expected direct from China. No issues whatsoever.”

“The selection Banggood offers is mind blowing! I never knew I needed half this stuff but now I want it all lol. Hard to find niche items like this anywhere else. Already placed 5 orders…oops.”

“Make sure to carefully check reviews before buying. Some items are cheap knockoffs while others are like official quality. When in doubt, spend a few bucks more for peace of mind. But I’ve gotten some killer deals on perfectly fine products here.”

“Support helped me successfully return an item with no fuss. Didn’t even need to ship it back just sent some pics. Definitely shop with confidence here versus other Chinese sites where you’re on your own if issues come up.”

Overall, you see the common themes around cheap prices, massive product variety, and generally reliable service from Banggood. There are some risks around shipping delays or product quality to be aware of. But following best practices can minimize most downsides.

Steps to Safely Buy from Banggood

While Banggood is considered a legitimate business, there are still techniques shoppers should follow to ensure a positive experience ordering from them:

  • Review seller ratings – Only purchase from stores with high ratings and order volumes. Avoid any new or unrated stores.
  • Check product reviews – Read feedback from previous buyers to identify quality concerns or inaccurate listings.
  • Use a credit card – Paying by credit card gives you protection to dispute any fraudulent transactions.
  • Confirm warranty – Make sure important products have a sufficient warranty period from Banggood or manufacturer.
  • Check customs policies – Know your country’s import laws including any taxes, duties, and restrictions before ordering.
  • Document unpacking – Take photos and video when unboxing to verify condition and function in case inspection is needed for returns.
  • Test electronics ASAP – Power on any devices promptly to confirm they work properly before the return period ends.
  • Insure valuables – Opt for insurance on more expensive items to cover loss or damage during shipping.

Following these best practices helps mitigate most risks when ordering from Banggood or other Chinese retailers. Being an informed buyer goes a long way towards a smooth ordering experience.

How Does Banggood’s Return Policy Work?

One of the top priorities when buying online from any retailer is making sure you can easily return defective, damaged, or wrong items. Here is an overview of how returns work at Banggood:

  • Return window – Eligible products can be returned between 15 to 60 days from the delivery date depending on product category. Special terms apply for some exclusions.
  • How to start return – Request a return authorization from customer support via email or live chat. Provide your order details and reason for returning.
  • Return shipping – Customers pay return shipping costs. Banggood provides an address to ship items back to. Returns are tracked for receipt.
  • Refund timeline – Once the returned order is received by the warehouse, Banggood processes refunds within approximately 3 business days. Refunds are issued to the original payment method.
  • Exceptions – Some categories like food, hygiene, toys, and apparel may have special return terms due to health or customs reasons.
  • Limited returns – Products marked as 50% discounted or more are not eligible for returns typically.

As long as you stay within the allowed return period and follow the proper procedures, Banggood aims to make returns hassle-free. Just make sure to review the specific return policy for your items before purchasing.

Can You Save Even More Money at Banggood?

Banggood already offers rock bottom prices upfront. But are there ways to save even more on your orders?

You can potentially get the price down further through stacking discounts from the following methods:

  • Look for coupon codes on the Banggood site or from third party coupon aggregators
  • Watch for site-wide discounts during seasonal sales events
  • Take advantage of special category discounts like electronics clearance
  • Check for extra bundled promos and free gifts with purchases
  • Pay attention to limited time flash deals and lightning sales
  • Buy in bulk quantities to reach higher order discount tiers
  • Join their rewards program to earn points towards future purchases
  • Follow influencers and brand partners who provide exclusive promo codes
  • Refer friends where available to receive a referral bonus

Combining these stacking strategies allows seasoned shoppers to routinely slash prices 30-50% below the already low list prices. Maximizing discounts takes a bit more work but pays off for hardcore bargain hunters.

A Guide to Banggood’s Customer Loyalty Program

To help reward returning customers, Banggood offers a loyalty rewards program. Here is an overview of how their program works:

  • Earning points – Get 1 reward point for each $1 USD spent on eligible purchases. More points are awarded for writing reviews.
  • Welcome bonus – New members get 200 points sign up bonus.
  • Birthday bonus – Receive gift points on your account birthday.
  • Point ladder – Collecting more total points over time unlocks higher tier benefits.
  • Redeeming points – 100 points is equivalent to $1 off purchases by applying points at checkout.
  • Elite levels – Higher tiers like VIP offer extra perks like dedicated support line.
  • Expiration – Points expire 1 year after being earned if there is no account activity.
  • Limitations – Points only apply to new purchases. Cannot use for orders already placed.

The loyalty program is straightforward and provides a nice perk for frequent shoppers at Banggood. The points translate into additional savings on future orders.

How Does Banggood Handle Shipping?

One of the most frequently asked questions for any online retailer is how fast will my purchase arrive after placing an order. Here is an overview of Banggood’s shipping process and speed:

  • Shipping origin – Orders are fulfilled from a network of global warehouses located in China, U.S, UK, and other countries.
  • Shipping carriers – Banggood primarily uses Cainiao, UPS, DHL, and national postal services for last mile delivery. Local couriers may also be used.
  • Delivery speed – Average delivery time worldwide is 15-25 days based on the shipping method selected at checkout. Expedited courier services can range from 3 days up to 2 weeks for final delivery.
  • Tracking – A tracking number is provided to check the shipping status through major stops to the final destination. Tracking on ePacket/Cainiao service can be unreliable.
  • Costs – Basic shipping fees are calculated at checkout based on weight. Faster Priority shipping options are available at added cost.
  • Customs – Import duties or taxes may be charged upon arrival by local authorities for international shipments.
  • Insurance – Optional shipping insurance can provide compensation in the event of lost or damaged parcels.
  • Logistics issues – Delays can occasionally occur at various transportation points. Banggood’s customer service can help resolve problems if shipments stall.

Overall Banggood has a very efficient logistics system considering the high volumes they process. Be prepared for a bit of a wait, but rest assured your order is on the way after shipping out.

What Payment Methods Does Banggood Accept?

Banggood offers a variety of payment methods to make checking out convenient for global shoppers. Here are the supported payment options:

  • Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Hipercard, Aura. Both credit and debit cards with the applicable logo.
  • PayPal – One of the most popular digital wallet services. Offers buyer protection policies.
  • Skrill – Alternative to PayPal, less frequently used.
  • Wire transfer – Direct bank transfer options for select countries.
  • Boleto – Invoice style payment popular in Latin America including Brazil.
  • iDEAL – Online bank transfer method for Netherlands.
  • Sofort – Similar online bank payment processor used in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy and other European countries.
  • Apple Pay – For iOS users to conveniently checkout with Apple devices and Touch ID.
  • Google Pay – Android alternative for mobile payments through Google’s service.
  • Bitpay – Leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency processor.
  • Klarna – Installment plans or pay later options for certain markets.
  • Zip – Paybright and Quadpay installment payment services in Canada.
  • OXXO – Printable payment voucher popular in Mexico that can be taken to convenience stores.
  • PagoFacil – Argentine online payment app allowing cash payments.

Along with standard options like cards and PayPal, Banggood tries to accommodate localized payment preferences across their served international markets.

How Does Banggood Customer Service Perform?

The responsiveness and effectiveness of customer service is pivotal for any ecommerce retailer. Here is an evaluation of how Banggood’s customer service stacks up:

Communication Channels

Banggood offers email support, web-based tickets, and live chat for contacting their customer service team. Response times are prompt within 24 hours in most cases. They do not provide direct phone support.

Order and Delivery Support

Agents are knowledgeable about order status, tracking, and resolving any delivery issues like lost packages. They actively work to research problems and provide prompt updates.

Returns Assistance

The team is generally accommodating with returns by providing labels and addressing defects. However, some non-defective returns are subject to restocking fees. Be sure to check return policy closely.

Product Expertise

Don’t expect phone support level product knowledge. But the agents can connect you with the right technical resources or documentation to address issues.

Language Support

English language support is offered. availability of support in other languages like Spanish is inconsistent. Expect an English-speaking experience.

Problem Resolution

Banggood support aims to resolve matters to a customer satisfactory conclusion, whether it be issuing refunds, replacements, or store credit. Persistence usually pays off for legitimate issues.

For a Chinese company, Banggood provides respectable customer service on par with other top ecommerce players. While imperfect, they are responsive and fair for resolving the inevitable hiccups that can happen.

How Does Banggood Handle Security and Privacy?

Shoppers rightfully have concerns about security and how their personal data is handled whenever shopping online. Here are some insights regarding Banggood’s approaches:

  • SSL encryption – The website and checkout process is encrypted for secure transactions and data transmission.
  • PCI compliance – Banggood complies with payment card industry standards for securely handling credit card data.
  • No account required – Creating an account is optional. Guest checkouts are available to avoid storing your data.
  • No credit card storage – Banggood does not store full credit card numbers following online commerce standards.
  • Privacy policy – They outline what visitor and order data is collected, stored, shared and protected. Affiliate links and Facebook Pixel for ads are two examples disclosed.
  • Right to be forgotten – Users can request for all stored personal information to be deleted from Banggood’s systems.
  • Can report security issues – Responsible disclosure policy allows public to report any discovered vulnerabilities.

While no company can guarantee 100% bulletproof security, Banggood follows better practice online data protection used across top worldwide ecommerce leaders.

Top Product Categories and Best Sellers on Banggood

Banggood boasts an incredibly diverse catalog spanning thousands of categories. Here is a spotlight on some of their most popular categories and frequently purchased best selling items:


  • Development boards like Raspberry Pi
  • Smart watches including Xiaomi and Amazfit models
  • Bluetooth speakers from brands like JBL and Sony
  • Wireless earbuds particularly Chinese brands
  • Home security IP cameras and Nvr recorder kits
  • Programmable LED lights and components
  • Laser engraving machines and 3D printers
  • PC gaming equipment including mechanical keyboards

Cell Phones

  • Unlocked Xiaomi phones
  • Accessories for major brands like phone cases
  • Retro legacy phones like old Nokia and Motorola
  • Cell phone parts like replacement batteries and screens

RC Toys & Models

Home & Garden

  • Smart home automation devices – sensors, lights, plugs, controllers
  • Power tools – wrenches, soldering irons, engravers
  • Unique kitchen gadgets not found elsewhere
  • Premium reusable straws and other eco-friendly items
  • Cooking accessories like silicone molds and oven mitts
Is Banggood Legit?


Is Banggood legit and safe?

Yes, Banggood is considered a legitimate and generally safe online retailer. They have been operating since 2006, have transparent contact info, and positive customer reviews confirming they deliver as described. There is still a small risk of counterfeits or shipping delays to consider.

How long does Banggood shipping take?

Most items ship directly from warehouses in China, so delivery times are typically 15-25 days by standard mail. Upgrading to expedited DHL delivery can reduce transit to under a week.

What payment methods does Banggood accept?

Banggood accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, bank transfers, Klarna, Zip pay later services, and other payment methods depending on your location.

Can I return items to Banggood?

Yes, Banggood offers 15 to 60 day money back guarantees depending on the product. You can initiate a return if the item is defective, damaged, or simply unsatisfactory. Shipping costs are not refunded.

Is Banggood cheaper than buying locally?

In most cases, yes. Banggood is able to offer lower prices by selling direct from Chinese warehouses with wholesale pricing. Even with long shipping times, the total cost is usually less than locally.

Does Banggood declare full value on customs forms?

No, Banggood will often put lower inflated values on customs declarations. This helps minimize the chance of incurring import fees or taxes. But it’s not guaranteed.

Is Banggood trustworthy?

While you should be careful of scams, Banggood as a company is considered generally trustworthy based on years in business, customer reviews, responsive support, and reasonable return policies. They deliver as advertised in most cases.

The Verdict: Banggood is a Legitimate Site Worth Buying From

In summary, while Banggood is not perfect, the vast majority of evidence points to it being a legitimate ecommerce business. The risks of non-delivery or counterfeit products are low. Customers that shop smart get a positive experience finding deals on Banggood’s massive selection of gadgets and other products.

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