BEST TOP 10 workshop tools from BANGGOOD in 2024

BEST TOP 10 workshop tools from BANGGOOD in 2024 In the guide below, we’ve carefully picked out and reviewed what we think are the absolute best and most useful workshop accessories, power tools, and other gadgets available on Banggood as you go into 2024.

For each item, you’ll find:

  • A description of what the tool is and what it does
  • Key features and specifications
  • Benefits for your workshop
  • Banggood customer reviews
  • Our own pros and cons analysis

The tools on our best workshop tools list range from big power tools like angle grinders and presses, down to smaller helping hands like clamps and mats. We’ve based our picks on tool versatility, quality, customer reviews, and value/budget as the main factors.

Ready to find out the crème de la crème? Let’s get started!

1. WEN Benchtop Wood Lathe

Kicking off the list we have the WEN Benchtop Wood Lathe – an essential bit of kit for any workshop focusing on woodwork, especially for detailing, finishing, and polishing projects.


This wood lathe allows for variable speed control from 750 to 3200 RPM, providing versatility for working with different materials. The 36” bed length gives you decent capacity for spindle workpieces. It’s a benchtop design, making it really portable and space-saving in the shop.

Some other great features include:

  • 750W powerful motor
  • Digital reading headstock rotation display
  • 7.5 inch swing over bed
  • 2MT spindle
  • Indexing head and spur center plus live tailstock center
  • Knock out rod for easy center removal

In terms of size and footprint, the WEN Lathe measures in at 25 x 18 x 17 inches.


The power and precision offered by the WEN Benchtop Lathe provides so many creative benefits for small to medium sized wood turning and finishing tasks. From decorative spindles and candlesticks to bowls, chess pieces and tool handles, this lathe helps make the job easy.

It’s compact size also makes it super adaptable in any home workshop, garage, or makerspace.


With a near perfect rating across over 500 reviews, it’s clear the market loves this multipurpose wood lathe. Customers praise the smooth variable speed performance, sturdy construction, and space saving design. Many have used the product successfully for years without issue. Negative comments mostly focus on plastic parts feeling flimsy.


  • Powerful performance from a benchtop package
  • Huge range of wood turning capabilities
  • Digital display for precision speed control
  • Space saving for small workshops


  • Some plastic parts prone to damage
  • Limited capacity for very large workpieces

2. Orion Motor Tech Multifunction Electric Auto-darkening Welding Helmet

Welding projects are made so much simpler (and safer) with a quality helmet like this Orion Motor Tech multifunction electric auto-darkening model. Let’s check why it earns its place amongst the top Banggood workshop tools of 2024.


This helmet ticks all the boxes for practical welding protection paired with comfort. It meets strict CE safety standards whilst providing crystal clear viewing via the extra large 8.4 inch LCD screen. 4 auto-darkening sensors make the transition seamless when striking arcs of 1 amp and above.

With adjustable shade control from DIN9 to DIN13, it accommodates different amperages plus has grind mode for angle grinding visibility. The helmet shell design isolates against dust and spray too.

On the comfort front, an adjustable headstrap, cushioned interior, and lightweight feel at just 17 oz helps reduce neck strain from long periods of wear. It runs from either solar cell or battery pack (included) so you’ve always got power.


This auto-darkening helmet makes welding safer thanks to fast switching lenses and very clear viewing areas. Features like shade/sensitivity control, plus sweat-absorbent padding, also make it far more comfortable for extended welding jobs.

The helmet is also budget friendly for most home workshops and very beginner friendly to operate. So if you’re wanting to get into basic welding metal work, it’s a great match.


User reviews show excellent consistency in the 4 star range, with most customers finding it a very affordable yet high performing welding helmet. Many praise the easy adjustment, crisp visual clarity and light wearing comfort. Negative feedback focuses on battery replacement difficulties.


  • High visual clarity from extra large viewing screen
  • Smart auto-sensing arc brightness technology
  • Sweat absorbing comfort design
  • Excellent safety certifications for peace of mind


  • Battery replacement requires unscrewing awkwardly placed screws
  • Not ideal for very heavy duty/high amp welding

3. Display4top 4000D Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Glue guns may seem like an unexpected addition in a best workshop tools list, but this heavy duty hot melt model from Display4top is hugely useful for quick and versatile DIY jobs.


What sets this glue gun kit apart is how it caters for both high and low temp glue stick requirements in one package. You get 2 main glue guns (4000W for high temp and 1200W for low temp tasks), a 30 piece glue stick assortment, plus other accessories like a scraper and anti-hot nozzle protector.

Some awesome specs include:

  • 4000W fast heating up to 380°F in 6 minutes
  • Precise thumb trigger control for the pro-standard glue gun
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle for extended use comfort
  • Built-in stand and light which swivels for hands-free operation
  • Dual use 1200W glue gun great for kids crafts up to 250°F

This ensures you’ve got all bases covered for workshop glue jobs!


The main advantage of this glue gun kit from Display4top is versatility and convenience in one kit. You can stick dense materials like steel and glass with the professional 4000W gun, then easily switch to kid-safe mode for school projects too.

The stand, built-in light and precise trigger gives you superior handling also for fiddly glue tasks. It heats fast and has great safety features.


Customer reviews praise this gun kit’s versatility across all kinds of arts, crafts and home repairs with different glue types. Both novice and advanced crafters rate the ergonomic design highly. Issues mentioned are mainly around older glue sticks not feeding through correctly.


  • Multi glue gun kit saves money on separate models
  • Fast heating high powered pro glue gun for heavy materials
  • Handy light stand and trigger precision for fiddle projects
  • Kid safe low temp secondary glue gun


  • Feeding issues with generic low quality glue sticks
  • High temp gun gets very hot – caution needed

4. TECCPO 168-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Next on our top workshop tools list is this 168-piece magnetic screwdriver kit from TECCPO – perfect for professionals, handyfolk and hobbyists tackling endless DIY jobs.


You get an expansive range of meticulously crafted screwdrivers to suit virtually all applications – with chrome vanadium steel providing durability and magnetized tips for better retention.

68 PH, PZ, SL and HEX screwdrivers cover metric and imperial measurements between 0.35mm up to 10mm. There’s also 90 assorted bits for power drills and quick release ratchets too.

All screwdrivers feature ergonomic, anti-roll and anti-rust handles with finger molded designs that prevent hand fatigue over long use. Durable zipped storage cases keep things organized as well.

With so much variety packed in, it solves the problem of constantly borrowing, losing or breaking regular screwdrivers!


A premium magnetic screwdriver set like this makes light work of huge array of professional and household jobs. The specialty bits allow you to unscrew or dismantle virtually anything whilst lasting much longer than cheaper alternatives.

The set is nicely compact for at-home use too – and having such a complete assortment prevents constant trips to the hardware store. The lifetime warranty also promises very solid long term investment.


This 168-piece magnetic set scores a very decent 4+ stars across almost 3000 reviews at time of writing. Users highlight the magnetic grip, storage case, and versatility across mechanics, electronics, watches and appliances as winning features. Negative feedback focuses on poorly made ratchet and bits.


  • Massive assortment of 168 screwdrivers and bits
  • Durable chrome vanadium steel magnetic tips
  • Ergonomic anti-roll handles prevent hand strain
  • Zipped case keeps things organized


  • Some issues reported with drill bits quality
  • Ratchet mechanism feels weak

5. Crenova MS8233D Auto-Range Digital Multimeter

Now onto some vital electrical toolkit – no workshop is complete without a quality multimeter, and Crenova’s MS8233D auto-ranging model offers extremely accurate and reliable functionality for troubleshooting circuits and electronics.


This digital multimeter automatically changes measurement range (from 200 microamps up to 20 amps) based on electrical flow intensities. This removes manual dialing inaccuracy.

It also gives precise readings across AC/DC voltages, current, resistance, diodes, continuity and even ambient temperature. The large backlit LCD screen makes results easy to decipher too.

On top of the auto-smart features, you get protections like overload and low battery indicators, plus an included thermocouple probe for temperature jobs. The multimeter and attachments all fit nicely within the carry case – making it easy to bring your diagnostic tools on the go.


Having a digital auto-ranging multimeter like Crenova’s model makes testing, troubleshooting and measuring electronics incredibly straight forward even as a beginner. You don’t have to worry about complex setup or danger from wires overloading the device.

It caters for virtually every electrical testing scenario between auto repair, circuit building, appliance fault finding and more. So rather than buying multiple specialized meters – this one tool solves everything!


This meter scores a fantastic 4.5 out 5 stars from customers. They praise how user friendly and accurate the auto-ranging functionality in particular makes taking all kinds of measurements. Great LCD display visibility and overload protection also won favor. Negative comments mostly focus on clunky rotary dial setup.


  • Auto-ranging removes need to set measurement values manually
  • Massive functionality from current to temperature readings
  • Easy to read backlit digital LCD display
  • Carry case keeps everything together on the move


  • Setup dial feels awkward to turn and navigate
  • Included thermocouple probe could be better quality

6. Crenova 30W Soldering Iron Kit

Now for meticulous electronics work and perfect welds, a top quality soldering iron is essential – and Crenova’s feature packed kit doesn’t disappoint.


Offering adjustable temperature between 200 to 450°C, it handles the most delicate wiring as well as heavy duty soldering tasks. Rapid 3-5 minutes heat up gets you working quickly thanks to 30W power.

5 different soldering iron tips allow you to approach different joint types and materials. You also get helpful accessories like helping pliers, wire spool, cleaning sponge, tweezers and carrying case.

Extra perks like the iron stand, LED power indicator and automatic sleep/shut off function improves safety and convenience during all day use.


This Crenova soldering kit excels for electronics work and circuit board projects thanks to steady heat delivery and selection of precision tips. Capability across both large and small-scale tasks makes it very versatile too.

The included accessories ensure you’ve got all supporting tools on hand for quick jobs without added costs. And the safety shut off gives peace of mind if you accidentally leave it running.


Customers rate this soldering iron kit very well with 4+ star reviews on average. Many users speak highly of the range of temperatures for different materials, along with helpful tools included like the stand and extra tips. Some found issues with cheap plastic casing around the warmth-resistant handle areas.


  • Adjustable high temperature range suited to heavy duty work
  • Quick start up and multiple tip styles
  • Supporting toolkit included in carry case
  • Safety auto shut off function


  • Handle gets hot near tip with high heat use
  • Plastic melts if accidentally touching soldering end

7. SKIL 3302-02 120-Volt 120 Watt Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool

For tackling an endless array of workshop drill, sand and grind tasks with more comfort and control, this SKIL Multi-Function Oscillating Power Tool is a worthy addition for your kit.


As a compact, ergonomic and lightweight oscillating tool, its purpose designed to get into tight spaces at multiple angles whilst reducing vibration and user strain.

A powerful 120 watt motor drives speeds up to 20000 OPMs along with 3.2 degree oscillation movement for extremely precise cutting motion. You get a quick fit system for fast accessory changes too choosing from over 35 attachment heads (sold separately).

Onboard features like variable speed dial, accessory storage bay, and front facing dust port improves functionality further during intricate jobs. At just 3 pounds in weight, it reduces fatigue versus bulkier angle grinders. An 8 foot cord also allows easy movement around the work area.


This SKIL oscillating multi tool expands your sanding, grinding, cutting and detail work capabilities to the next level. Tackle the trickiest finish work in tight spaces thanks to great ergonomics and angled precision.

The wide range of attachments also means you can use it for virtually any material too – metal, wood, plastic and more. It’s a workhorse tool that reduces the load of having to buy several single use power tools.


This multifunction oscillator performs very well across hundreds of reviews, with the majority of customers awarding a 5 star rating. They praise the comfortable grip, smooth variable speed control and huge time savings using such a adaptable tool. Issues highlighted relate to plastic gear failures after repeated knocks.


  • Ergonomic, compact size gets into tricky corners
  • Oscillating action allows precise cut angles
  • Attachments available for all materials
  • Large variable speed range up to 20,000 OPMs


  • Internal plastic gears prone to breakage
  • Can vibrate excessively at top speeds

8.Hwagtech Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared (IR) thermometer guns have become a hugely useful workshop tool for identifying faults, testing electrical repairs, finding gas leaks and much more – which is why Hwagtech’s affordable model makes our top items list.


This thermometer provides instant temperature readings from -50°C to +380°C across two laser guided sighting points, giving a tight measurement spread of just 1.5”.

It works by detecting infrared energy emitted from objects, converting it digitally to either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings accurate to ±2% tolerance. The large LCD display and handy trigger operation ensures quick scans of equipment, wiring, pipes and more from a safe distance.

Integrated laser and backlight allows usage even in low ambient light work scenarios. The 9V battery also keeps it working for years before easy swaps. At 6 ounces, it’s featherlight and highly portable around different job sites.


Instant temperature troubleshooting capability helps trace faults in appliances, electronics or machinery quickly without touching anything live. You can check for loose wiring, bad insulation, blocked pipes and similar.

It’s safer than contact devices for very hot objects too – and the laser guide guarantees you hit the exact right test spot. Such a handy, durable tool really proves itself time after time.


Many buyers praise how useful and durable this IR thermometer has been for their workshop and home/auto repairs. The majority of ratings sit between 4 and 5 stars. Customers mention the convenient pocket size, accurate readings, and useful temp range for HVAC, cooking, automotive applications. Quite a few received defective units with laser or display issues however.


  • Safe non-contact infrared temperature sensing
  • Dual lasers precisely pinpoint target zones
  • Massive -50 to +380°C working range
  • Reliable accuracy within ±2% tolerance


  • Quality control issues noted with some units
  • 9V batteries drain quicker than expected

9. Cartman 39-Pocket Tool Bag

For organizing all your essential tools securely and neatly, a practical storage bag like this 39 pocket professional model from Cartman comes highly recommended by happy customers.


Built from 1680D ballistic poly fabric with hardened molded base, it stands upright whilst protecting your gear from knocks, drops and weather. Dual sturdy carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap cater for easy lifting and mobility.

Inside, 39 assorted sized pockets with built-in tool organizers allows customized storage solutions. The included tool mat seals the base neatly also.

External and internal zip pockets grant peace of mind over lost smaller items like screws or electronics accessories even when rummaging one handed during jobs.

At 13 x 10 x 9 inches in size, it strikes the right balance for portability without eating too much workshop floorspace or weight allowance when loaded.


This premium tool bag from Cartman makes staying organized effortless during projects or moving between work sites. External pockets provide instant access whilst internal dividers prevent jumbled tools that are hard to find.

The hardy wearing fabric and molded protection also ensures your valuable equipment lasts the distance after heavy use.

10. Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2″

We round off the list with the Yost LV-4 home vise – an essential bit of kit for securing items during close detail work across metal, wood and other materials.


Despite compact size at 5 x 3 x 3”, this workshop vice opens to 4.5” capacity with rugged durability from 45,000 PSI cast iron. Non-serrated steel jaws prevent surface damage to workpieces.

The 360 degree swivel base and 175 degree head rotation creates optimal positioning flexibility, along with quick release pull pin for removing/attaching to bench as needed.

Pre-drilled holes allow permanent mounting or using the strong clamp supplied. Weighing at a stable 10 pounds, it won’t shift or topple during grinding, sawing or planing either.


A high quality vise like Yost’s model offers immense stability for detailed cutting, drilling or finishing tasks that need items firmly anchored. The swivel function lets you orient parts easily to access tricky angles.

It’s also sized nicely for use on table edges or custom jigs without monopolizing workspace like large machinist vises. Great for jewelers, model makers, carvers and hardware hobbyists.


Hundreds of buyers rate this compact vise very highly for itsdurability, versatility and grip strength. Most reviews award between 4 and 5 stars. Customers praise smooth jaw winding action plus easy mounting capabilities. Issues raised connect to quality declines with overseas manufacturing.


  • Heavy duty 45,000 PSI cast iron body
  • Non-marring jaws prevent workpiece damage
  • Universal mounting options (clamp/drill)
  • Perfect size for home workshop jobs


  • Recent production quality not as robust
  • Jaw width barely suits larger stock

Final Thoughts

And there you have the top 10 best workshop tools we recommend from Banggood as you go into 2024.

With picks spanning essentials like soldering irons, digital calipers and infrared thermometers over to heavy duty kits for screwdrivers and magnetic drills – having these workshop gadgets and power tools to hand will make your projects far more enjoyable and trouble free.

Most options selected offer great all-round functionality for beginners and professionals alike too. And importantly – each delivers great value at affordable prices to suit modest DIY budgets.


Where is Banggood based?

Banggood is a Chinese based online retailer specializing in tools and hobby equipment. They ship worldwide from various warehouses globally.

Does Banggood sell authentic branded workshop tools?

Whilst some items on Banggood are unbranded or “replicas” – all tools featured in our top 10 list are genuine items from reputable manufacturers. Always check reviews closely.

What payment methods does Banggood accept?

Banggood accepts all major credit cards, plus secure payment platforms like PayPal. Just remember currency will be converted to your local money if paying in a foreign tender.

How long does Banggood shipping take?

This depends on your location, chosen shipping speed and warehouse inventory. On average allow 2-4 weeks for airmail delivery worldwide. Banggood does have faster shipping options from as little as 7 days.

Can I return tools to Banggood if faulty or damaged?

Yes, Banggood does have a return/refund policy on unused items returned within a specified time frame, usually 14 or 30 days from delivery. Confirm directly with their support for specifics.

Does Banggood offer discounts or coupon codes?

Their website regularly advertises sitewide discounts and coupon codes, especially around holiday sales events. It’s always worth checking before ordering as prices fluctuate.

Are the tools easy to use for beginners?

We’ve mostly recommended starter friendly options perfect for home enthusiasts. A few tools like the soldering iron or angle grinder do require safety knowledge before operating – check tutorials.

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