How do I shop on USA?

How do I shop on USA? Banggood is one of the most popular online stores for buying gadgets, electronics, home products, clothing, accessories, and more at very affordable prices. They ship products from their China warehouses directly to customers worldwide, including USA.

Shopping on Banggood USA website or app offers several benefits compared to other ecommerce platforms:

Huge Range of Cool Products

Banggood has a massive inventory of over 5 million products across thousands of categories – far more than what you would find on Amazon or eBay.

On Banggood USA, you can find the latest and innovatively designed tech products like smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, drones, electric scooters, 3D printers, laptops etc. For home users, there is a great collection of smart home automation tools, kitchenware, home decor items, furniture, garden supplies and more.

Fashion lovers can shop from hundreds of trendy clothing styles, shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories specially curated for worldwide fashion tastes.

Other top categories on Banggood include sports equipment, outdoor gear, musical instruments, automotive accessories, beauty products, toys, art supplies and a lot more. They regularly add new products across all catalogs.

Super Cheap Prices

Products on Banggood are typically way cheaper than US retail prices – often up to 70-80% lower. This is because they cut down retailer margins and middlemen costs by directly shipping inventory from Chinese warehouses.

Most tech products and gadgets cost nearly half or one-third of their US online prices on Banggood. The savings extend across all other categories too.

To offer such low prices and free shipping worldwide, Banggood keeps very low profit margins. Still, all products are exactly the same quality, authenticity and packaging as you would find in American stores.

Banggood runs special deals, coupon codes, flash sales and seasonal mega offers allowing you to save even more money. It’s quite easy to find products available under $10-$20 with free shipping.

Worldwide Shipping, including USA

Banggood has over 20 warehouses located globally. There are dedicated warehouses stocking products just for shipping to USA customers.

Most items on the website, especially popular products, have the “US Warehouse” tag. This means shipping, import duties and final costs are included in the price you see. For such products, you can expect delivery within 7-15 days through USPS after order processing.

Some less popular items may take 15-25 days for delivery from China-based warehouses. Shipping is free for orders above $10.

Banggood also has expedited delivery options like DHL/UPS and Express Air Mail for faster shipping to USA, which come at reasonable rates.

Reliable After-Sales Service

For any issues post delivery, Banggood has a very responsive after-sales service team. You can reach them through live chat, email ( or submit a ticket on the Orders page.

In case a product is damaged, defective or different from its description, they quickly investigate and resolve matters. You can get a replacement product or full refund as applicable.

They also have a 45 day returns policy in USA for most products with free return shipping, which is quite generous.

How to Find the Best Deals on Banggood USA

The best way to save maximum money on Banggood App is to:

  • Browse Clearance Sales for heavily discounted products just to clear old inventories. Prices can be lower by over 90%.
  • Check Out Special Deals like flash deals, coupon specials etc. running almost daily with limited time discounts.
  • Sign up and check their USA Warehouse section for products already stocked locally for quick shipping.
  • Download Banggood app and enable notifications to get alerts on promotions, coupons, prizes etc.
  • Join the Banggood affiliate program to earn commission dollars on every purchase or referral. Money keeps getting added to your account.
  • During festive seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year etc. visit their Super Deals page for site-wide offers.

Now let me guide you through the easy process for shopping online at Banggood USA store…

Step 1: Sign Up or Login

Visit website and click on the “Sign In” button on the top right corner.

If you already have an account, simple enter your email ID and password to login.

For new users, click on “Join Free” to create an account with your Email address and set a password. You can also quickly signup using Google or Facebook.

Step 2: Search for Products

Banggood arranges products under different Categories and multiple Sub-Categories for easy discovery.

You can browse products by hovering over the All Categories menu. It has sub-sections like Electronics, Mobile Phones, Computers & Office, Home & Garden, Sports & Outdoor etc.

Alternatively, you can directly search for products using keywords on the top search bar. For example – smartphone, drone, scooter, furniture etc.

Use appropriate filters on the left side like Categories, Brands, Price Range to quickly find items matching your requirements.

While browsing, you can bookmark or add interesting products to your Wish List for reviewing later.

Step 3: View Product Details

When you find something you like, click on the product image or name to see its full specifications, images, pricing variations etc.

The Product Details page neatly arranges all key parameters like features, size dimensions, configuration variants, shipping policies and user reviews & ratings for that item.

You can look through the product images, read details, check shipping time and compare prices of variants to select your preferred configuration. Click on the variant images to see more angles and demos.

If a product has coupons or deals applicable, it shows up on this page. Reading through user reviews about the product quality, delivery etc. can further help make purchase decisions.

Step 4: Add to Shopping Cart

After deciding what to buy, choose the quantity from the variants section and click on the Add to Cart button.

The item immediately gets added to your virtual cart which keeps a running total payable amount on top.

You can continue browsing more products across Categories and keep adding items to cart before proceeding for final checkout.

Through the floating Cart menu, you can edit product quantities or delete items anytime. It also shows total savings, shipping fees etc. for all products in cart.

Once done, click on Checkout Securely button. This will redirect you to the Payments page.

Step 5: Shipping Address

On the Checkout page, enter your Shipping Address details like full name, address lines, zip code, phone number etc. so Banggood can ship products to your residence.

You also need to enter Email ID to get order confirmation and tracking updates from Banggood.

For faster checkout in future, you can save this as your default shipping address. Banggood keeps all user information fully encrypted and confidential.

Below this section, it shows selected Products, Shipping Method, and Order Summary detailing total payable amount including taxes and shipping charges.

Step 6: Select Payment Method

Banggood gives you flexibility to pay using multiple secure payment modes:

  • Credit Cards – Most preferred method. All major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB etc. can be used to directly pay on Banggood website.
  • Paypal – You can easily checkout with your Paypal ID, debit/credit cards linked to Paypal wallet or available balance.
  • Wire Transfer – Business customers can directly pay to their bank account through wire transfer.

You need to enter relevant payment details on the secure payment gateway to complete the transaction smoothly.

Banggood uses high level encryption and fraud protection technologies so your card details remain 100% safe on their servers. The site is Norton Secured and fully PCI DSS compliant.

Step 7: Complete Order!

That’s it! After making the payment, your Banggood order is successfully placed for processing.

You will receive an official Order Confirmation mail on your registered Email ID with complete order details and a unique Order ID for tracking.

Based on shipping method selected and product availability in local warehouses, your shipment will dispatch in next few working days.

You can track the processing and shipping status anytime by entering Order ID on Banggood website > My Orders section after login.

So visit Banggood’s online shopping site today and explore their massive range of cool products at hard-to-beat prices for users across USA!

Get the Best Prices on Banggood USA

Banggood tends to offer the most competitive prices online for its massive range of cutting-edge products sourced globally.

Still at times you may come across deals on some items that seem much lower on rival websites like Amazon, eBay etc. But are they really as cheap or worth it?

Here are tips to ensure you ultimately pay the minimum possible price on Banggood:

Use Coupons & Site-wide Discounts

Banggood runs frequent site-wide coupon codes, flash sales and seasonal offers allowing stacking additional discounts on already low-priced products.

Before buying any product, first check the available coupons applicable in their Coupons Sections or banner notifications on website.

You can easily total up 10-20% off or even higher savings by combining multiple promo codes, seasonal sales like Black Friday offers etc. with existing bundle deals of products.

Open Banggood App for Exclusive Deals

Banggood shopping app exclusively runs special app-only offers, new user joining bonus and surprise scratch cards for winning shopping vouchers.

App download link:

So don’t forget to download the app and enable notification alerts to keep getting special discounts.

Buy More, Save More Bundles

checkout the product’s Special Offer tab to find exiting bundle deals like “Buy 2 at $X price” or “Buy 3 to get additional discounts”.

These bundle offers effectively reduce per unit pricing as you buy multiple pieces allowing you to stock up on commonly used items at lowest costs.

Check Group & Early Bird Deals

Banggoods arranges buying groups for certain hot-selling products to negotiate bulk discounts from brands. You can join their buying groups through social media pages.

Similarly, newly launched items are available at heavily discounted introductory prices for early bird customers before official launch.

So keep checking group deals and new arrivals section.

Win Lucky Draws & Cashbacks

Banggood runs frequent lucky draw contests across its social media channels. Partaking in these contests allows you to win special coupons like 50-80% off or even free products as prizes.

Their affiliate program gives away site-wide cashbacks for referrals & reviews which keeps adding up to Banggood account balance automatically with every qualified activity through your shared links.

Price Match Guarantee

Banggood offers a price match guarantee if you find the exact same product available at a lower price elsewhere. To avail the price difference refund, you need to apply immediately after ordering by contacting the support team.

Use Banggood Coins

This is Banggood’s loyalty program allowing you to earn BG coins with every dollar spent on the platform. Higher the order value, more coins are rewarded.

These loyalty coins keep accumulating in your account wallet and can be redeemed to pay part of the amount for future purchases. It’s like free bonus savings each time.

Research and Compare Prices

With the above tips, shopping on Banggood USA store ensures you automatically get the fully optimized cheapest prices.

Still it helps cross-comparing Banggood’s pricing with same branded models sold on rival platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.

Sometimes external coupons and cashback sites may further reduce effective end pricing of certain items during holiday sales. So thorough research ensures paying absolute bottom dollar pricing.

How to Track Your Order on Banggood

Banggood offers reliable shipping globally through leading carriers and transportation partners.

USA customers can select USPS shipping for efficient deliveries in 12-20 business days for just $3-5 per order. Faster DHL, UPS or Fedex options cost slightly more.

They have dedicated USA warehouses with stock ready for fulfilling orders to local addresses smoothly.

Still international shipments can sometimes face unexpected delays with customs or during transits across long distances and changing geographies.

So Banggood provides multiple ways to track processing status and location of your orders:

Email & SMS Updates

Right from order placement to item dispatched from seller facility to out for delivery status – every key processing milestone is intimated through email and SMS notifications if you are registered user.

For guests without account, email notifications have detailed tracking links inside them to check latest transportation stage.

Banggood Website Order Tracker

Simple login to your account and go to My Orders section for real time tracking status.

It displays interactive Google Map showing current location along with critical dates like Estimated Delivery Date(EDD), when item left country of origin warehouse etc.

If order is delayed beyond promised timelines, you can submit support tickets for fast resolution.

Carrier Website Tracking

When your parcel leaves Banggood’s facility, the external shipping company assigned for transportation takes over further tracking process.

Banggood emails include embedded links of the carrier portal allowing to separately track transit checkpoints as per their local tracking codes.

So USPS orders can be tracked on site directly using item RR number. Similarly DHL, UPS and other carrier links allow tracking handoffs.

Banggood Shopping App

You can install Banggood app available for free on Android & iOS app stores.

Enter order details in the app to track latest updates. The app shows estimated delivery date countdowns, current location pinpoints & shipment travel route maps.

App download link:

So with these multiple parallel tracking options, you need not worry even if international shipments from Banggood get slightly delayed due to external factors. You will stay updated on where your product has reached and when to expect delivery.

How to Get Support on Banggood

Banggood invests heavily in customer support through their 250+ dedicated service agents offering assistance in 11 global languages including English, Spanish, German, French etc.

You can reach their customer care team through:

Some key areas where Banggood customer service can provide support are:

Account Management

Need any help with creating, logging in or resetting your Banggood online account? Reaching chat support resolves such issues instantly.

Order Modifications

Want to change shipping address or payment mode after order placement? Wish to cancel unpaid orders? Their staff assist quickly through back-endActions.

Queries on Products

Having any doubts or queries while browsing products details including shipping policies, import duties, usage concerns, size guides etc? Send an email for fastest clarifications before ordering itself.

Tech Troubleshooting

Bought a smartphone, laptop, camera drone or any electronics item facing some defect or usage difficulty? Submit your issue details for troubleshooting tips from tech experts.

Missing Packages

If tracking shows delivery completed but you haven’t received the parcel, the service agents promptly trace orders and expedite resending replacement item without delays.

Returns & Refunds

Need assistance on how to raise return/exchange requests in warranty period or process refunds for damaged/faulty items? Their staff helps resolve smoothly.

Order Disputes

In rare cases, if product received is not matching description or changes policy later, you can escalate dispute claim by submitting order-related evidence for arbitration.

Site Navigation Help

Couldn’t find how to apply coupons, leave reviews or had any difficulty in checkout process? Feel free to contact anytime for step-by-step guidance.

So for any issues big or small before sale or after it, Banggood’s responsive helpful support staff is available round the clock for resolution.

Choosing the Right Shipping Options

Banggood ships parcels to over 200 countries worldwide using various shipping modes integrated with reliable postal and courier partners.

For USA customers, choosing appropriate shipping method based on delivery urgency, item type and personal preferences ensures receiving your orders timely.

Let’s compare the popular shipping options from Banggood USA warehouses:

USPS Shipping

Banggood heavily relies on US postal services for cost-efficient medium speed delivery across USA within 12-20 business days. It has integrated API with USPS to display accurate state-level deadlines.

USPS Standard shipping costs just $3-5 per parcel depending upon weight slab. It offers basic tracking services without insurance. Shipments rarely go missing mid-transit so it works great for low-value everyday items.

UPS Shipping

UPS expedited deliveries reach in 5-8 business days with insured shipments, signature requirements and improved tracking. Costs between $10-20 per shipment based on locations and parcel dimensions.

Great for urgent deliveries or high value items needing additional safeguards during domestic transits within USA. Can directly track on portal using reference numbers.

Fedex Shipping

Fedex Home Delivery and Ground services ensure faster premium shipment from Banggood USA warehouses in just 2-7 days.

Rates are comparable to UPS but offer better customer service. Direct tracking on site. Extra services can be purchased like oversized parcel shipping, signature confirmation etc.

DHL eCommerce Shipping

Banggood has special contracts with DHL for managed deliveries from China to USA customers requiring 8-15 days in transit period.

Quite affordable and faster than regular air mail. Offers $100 insurance coverage with direct tracking on DHL site. But fewerUSAfacility options than USPS.

Express Air Mail

Cost-effective option for small packets below 2 kgs from China to USA in 15-25 days. Prices start under $5 based on weight. Limited tracking and no insurance. Customs clearance may require 3-5 days extra.

So weigh your priorities on budget, delivery deadlines and item type to pick the optimal Banggood shipping provider for fulfilling US orders.

Banggood Affiliate Program

Looking to earn some side income in commissions while shopping on Banggood? Join their lucrative Banggood affiliate program!

It allows to earn 8-15% sales commission when someone purchases products using your special referral link or checking promo codes shared by you resulting in attributable sales.

How Banggood Affiliate System Works

Visit and sign up using your existing account. Custom referral links get created.

Share these links across your personal blogs, Youtube channels, social posts, messaging apps etc.

When new users click your link and buy stuff, you make sales commission automatically!

Additional Ways to Earn

  • Write Product Reviews sharing your experience after buying items from Banggood. Earn up to $3 per review.
  • Create YouTube video showcasing products creating video description links
  • Participate in their affiliate contests to win big prizes
  • Special discounts if referrals complete social sharing or signups increasing potential of conversions

Why Become a Banggood Affiliate?

  • Globally popular platform with millions of visitors assures regular sales
  • 8-15% lifetime commission on referred user expenses very rewarding
  • No complex approval criteria like Amazon affiliates
  • Easy tracking through their portal to monitor conversions & payout status
  • On-time monthly payouts via Paypal
  • Dedicated support team for affiliates via Email/Skype

So become an affiliate partner even without a website and start referring products spreading word among friends across social media!

Shop Securely by Avoiding Banggood Scams

With rising popularity, fake sites and scam apps have emerged aiming to defraud Banggood customers. They try phishing tactics or sell counterfeit merchandise using the Banggood brand name.

Here’s how to scope out and avoid such Banggood scams:

Verify Website URL

The real portal is with an SSL secured https:// prefix and green padlock icon establishing authenticity of the ecommerce portal for safe browsing.

Check App Downloads

Download real Banggood apps from only Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store(iOS) featuring millions of downloads and publisher verified as Banggood Technology Co. Ltd.

Avoid Social Media Catalog Links

Many scam websites promote tempting offers across Facebook groups and Instagram. But the actual portal for transactions must be for guaranteed genuine products.

Do Not Share Payment Info Outside Portal

The secure Banggood payments page is powered by reputed providers like PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Norton etc. If any intermediary site asks card details directly, it’s a fraudster. Share no sensitive information.

Verify Seller Profiles

All third party seller accounts on the Banggood marketplace strictly need company licensing and verification before listing products. Still be cautious of newly launched sellers with no rating. Reliable seller profiles have certificates displayed along with years of positive buyer feedback.

By following these tips, you can enjoy safe and pleasant online shopping experience on the real Banggood platform offering genuine quality products at wholesale rates delivered to worldwide locations including USA.

How do I shop on USA


How do I create an account on USA?

To create an account on USA, click on the “Sign In/Register” button at the top right corner of the website. Then, select “Register” and fill in your details to create an account.

How can I search for products on USA?

To search for products on USA, you can use the search bar located at the top of the website. Simply enter the keyword or product name you’re looking for and press enter to see the results.

What payment methods are accepted on USA? USA accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other secure payment options. You can select your preferred payment method during the checkout process.

How do I track my order on USA?

To track your order on USA, log in to your account and go to the “My Orders” section. Click on the order you wish to track, and you’ll find a tracking number that you can use on the shipping carrier’s website to track your package.

What is the return policy for products purchased on USA? USA offers a 30-day return policy for most products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact customer service for assistance with returning the item and receiving a refund or replacement.

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